What's your favourite anime/manga?
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Posted 12/27/12 , edited 12/27/12
Yo, what's good? what are your favourite anime/manga and why? I guess I'll go first.

I'm a real Gundam maniac so its my favourite mega series but my absolute favourite in it is Gundam 00 just becuse the story is awesome with some sort of realism, it really gets emotional at some points (mostly to the end of the series) and there are some cool characters and awesomely designed mechas.

Bleach is somewhere up there in my top 10, I just love the whole feel of it especially this sort thing with competitiveness in strength which most of the characters seem to compete for always getting stronger and there are some pretty badass fights. Next is probably Air Gear, Soul Eater, Examurai and some other which are all pretty good.
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Posted 12/27/12
Berserk and Berserk I think. I tried thinking of anime and manga that would top them for me but I just can't think of any.
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