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Anime You've Cried Man-tears to or Lady-tears as well! *Spoilers
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18 / F / Hinamizawa
Posted 10/7/13
Clannad. No, not the ending or anything. The Fuko Arc. Literally started sobbing when it got to the scene where Fuko looks forlorn with the party decorations all around her and she looks a bit washed out with orange and yellow. I felt so bad for her.
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24 / M / England
Posted 10/7/13 , edited 10/7/13
Clannad didn't necessarily make me bawl out in tears, I welled up for sure, but didn't all out cry.

The only anime to really made me cry was Grave of the Fireflies.
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M / HI
Posted 10/7/13
Clannad Afterstory and AngelBeats.
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34 / M / Colorado
Posted 10/9/13
Haven't cried yet but a few made me a little teary and some serious lumps in my throat

I watched an AMV on Clannad before seeing the show so Nagisa and her family while sad wasn't as sad to me as Fuko's arc and Kotomi's, plus getting to the end and finding no Another World: Kotomi Chapter and I watched Kanon 2006 and Air right after Clannad so I didn't find either as sad as I might if I had time to recover first lol
Sword Art Online - I will never hear Rudolph again w/o thinking of this show
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood - This was the only show I've ever stopped watching because of how sad it was (Nina). If I hadn't been able to finish it later I probably never would have watched Another or Attack on Titan
My-HiME - lol funny thing about this one, it was the deaths of characters I didn't initially like that got me choked up the most
A Bridge to the Starry Skies - When Kazuma goes back to Ibuki in the park
The Chronicles of the Going Home Club - Nat-chan's "surprise" birthday party, most heartwarming scene I can remember in years.

It's nice to see Gosick and Fantantic Children getting some love here.
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19 / M / Location
Posted 10/9/13 , edited 10/9/13
-Guilty Crown (Hare's death)
-Angel Beats (Obviously the end)
-K Project (Just the entire end part during the final episode)
-Corpse Party (When Naomi learns that SHE killed Seiko)<---Mainly from the atmosphere and music.
-The Future Diary (Yuno's death at the end) Although the OVA made me feel better
-Kids on the Slope (Tears of joy at the end!)

Corpse Party technically doesn't count as an anime but I DON'T GIVE A FU--

So, yeah. There are a lot more, like the end of Shiki, but I'd have a long list if I listed EVERY one of them
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