Ipad app video problems
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Posted 12/29/12
I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem but, a lot of animes are not showing up In my ipad which is weird since in my phone they are able to be watched.
The animes that I am having problems with are
Student councils discretion
The pet girl of sakurasou
Medaka box
These are the only ones that i can't get in my ipad, and I do hope that the new animes that are coming out I am able to watch them.
But other than that I have no problems and I thank you for your time, and thanks for making such an awesome site so I can watch a lot of new animes that I enjoy.
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Posted 12/29/12
Same here. There are a lot of shows on my queue that say "Coming Soon" when they used to show. Like Astarotte's Toy or School Days. I think it's not the app's problem but maybe a site problem because when I search for the anime missing on my queue on Crunchyroll.com, it doesn't show on the site either.
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Posted 12/30/12 , edited 12/30/12
Go here and enable mature content. Also, make sure you set your birthday.
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