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What is your personality type?
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28 / United States
Posted 4/7/13

kritter09 wrote:

ISTJ... Whatever that means.

Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging
Posted 4/7/13
INFP master race.

Not too hardworking or passionate, though.
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29 / M / Massachusetts
Posted 4/7/13
Your personality type: ISTP.

Strength of individual traits: I - 82%, S - 30%, T - 38%, P - 2%.

ISTP strengths and weaknesses

Kind of freaked out a little at this test, they seem to have nailed it.
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31 / M / USA
Posted 4/7/13
Your personality type: INTJ.

Strength of individual traits: I - 18%, N - 36%, T - 18%, J - 6%.

The INTJ personality type is one of the rarest and most interesting types – comprising only about 2% of the U.S. population (INTJ females are especially rare – just 0.8%), INTJs are often seen as highly intelligent and perplexingly mysterious. INTJ personalities radiate self-confidence, relying on their huge archive of knowledge spanning many different topics and areas. INTJs usually begin to develop that knowledge in early childhood (the “bookworm” nickname is quite common among INTJs) and keep on doing that later on in life.

this part makes perfect sense.
INTJs know what they know and more importantly – they are confident in that knowledge. Unsurprisingly, this personality type can be labelled as the most independent of all types. INTJs are very decisive, original and insightful – these traits push other people to accept the INTJ’s ideas simply because of that sheer willpower and self-confidence. However, INTJ personalities do not seek nor enjoy the spotlight and may often decide to keep their opinions to themselves if the topic of discussion does not interest them that much.

As INTJs are naturally curious
they always try to remain in the rational territory no matter how attractive the end goal is
INTJ personalities also have an unusual combination of both decisiveness and vivid imagination.
Ironically, INTJs are most likely to attract a partner when they stop looking for them – this is when their self-confidence starts shining again. There are few things that are more attractive than the unrelenting self-confidence that INTJs are known for.
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27 / M
Posted 4/7/13
INFP personality.

Totally agree with the assessment. Pretty interesting information!
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20 / M / Canada
Posted 4/7/13
Strength of individual traits: E - 14%, N - 16%, F - 30%, P - 28%.
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30 / M / United States
Posted 4/7/13
INTJ for myself.

I noticed a preponderance of similar responses, which is logical. The proportion of internet users interested in anime from a primarily western audience are bound to be from personality types that are open to very different/unorthodox forms of entertainment. It is interesting to see this play out in reality with a over-representation of intuitive thinker/feelers.
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19 / M / California
Posted 4/7/13
I - 36%, S - 34%, T - 32%, P - 54%.

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28 / F / Just keep pinning...
Posted 4/7/13
Your personality type: INFJ.

Strength of individual traits: I - 94%, N - 26%, F - 18%, J - 5%.

Introverted (I)
Reserved, listen carefully, prefer solitary activities, more comfortable when alone than when around other people, get exhausted by social interaction

Intuitive (N)
Introspective, rely on their imagination, absorbed in ideas, focus on what might happen

Feeling (F)
Sensitive, follow their hearts, keep feelings close to the surface, focus on harmony and cooperation

Judging (J)
Decisive, prefer clear rules and guidelines, eager to commit, see deadlines as sacred, seek closure

I can relate to pretty much the whole thing.

Except I prefer really long periods of time to myself. As long as possible.
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23 / F / San Carlos city
Posted 4/7/13 , edited 4/7/13
I don't think I'm of this type but this came out as a result...

I - 10%, N - 38%, F - 4%, P - 22%.

INFP strengths

Passionate and energetic.
Very creative.
Open-minded and flexible.
Seek and value harmony.

INFP weaknesses

Too altruistic.
Dislike dealing with data.
Take many things personally.
May be too idealistic.
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20 / M / Australia
Posted 4/7/13
I - 38% S - 6% T - 10% P- 2%

Boy, I am one selfish guy.
Posted 4/7/13

I - 86% N - 50% T - 70% P - 14%
Posted 4/7/13
Posted 4/8/13

lordseth23 wrote:

ISTJ with an extreme emphasis on Introversion.

Wow, we are the same.

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