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What is your personality type?
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68 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 1/6/13
dependent on the alcoholic content percentage in the drink
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37 / M / one mile from a d...
Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/6/13
Ummm I answered honestly, and gave me an ESFP

E-1%, S-8%, F-8%, P-22%

If you've read this type, then know this. IT IS TOTAL B.S. it got me all wrong.

Ok ok I read more of it gambling drinking smoking maybe it isn't total b.s. after all
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34 / M / Central Texas
Posted 1/7/13
Also INTJ. It doesn't seem that rare to me especially around here and I'm definitely no genius.
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27 / M / Other
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
Still an INTJ although as the years have passed the percentages have shifted slightly, as of now they're at:
I - 68%, N - 2%, T - 68%, J - 8%.
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29 / M / Birmingham, Ala
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
Your personality type: INTJ.

Strength of individual traits: I - 16%, N - 32%, T - 26%, J - 2%.

INTJ strengths:

Immune to conflict, criticism and emotional manipulation
Confident in their abilities and knowledge
Very strong drive and determination
Serious attitude towards relationships and responsibilities
Excellent ability to listen
Usually very talented and insightful
Able to swiftly terminate the relationship when necessary (INTJ will devote a lot of time to analysing the situation before and after)
Desire to constantly improve relations
INTJ weaknesses, on the other hand, mostly focus on their lower emotional sensitivity and a sense of intellectual superiority. If you are an INTJ, you are probably thinking that there is nothing negative about these “weaknesses” – however, they should be recognised and addressed because the INTJ personality tends to be quite “black and white”, which is not always beneficial.

INTJ weaknesses:

Poor understanding of emotions – INTJ can sometimes be insensitive
Preferred reaction to any conflict – cold logic and rationality rather than the emotional support, which may be more desirable
Tendency to believe that they are always right
Unwillingness or inability to accept blame
Constant urge to improve everything could complicate relations
Tendency to be fixated about the privacy and personal space

This is some what accurate but not completely, or maybe I don't know myself as well as I thought and didn't realize these traits in me
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26 / World Wide Web
Posted 1/7/13
I've taken the MBTI test several times and pendle between INTJ and INTP.
With this specific test I got:

Your personality type: INTJ.
Strength of individual traits: I - 100%, N - 14%, T - 50%, J - 36%.

It's not completely accurate but close, maybe that's why I step over into INTP every once in while.
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34 / M / MN
Posted 1/7/13
I'm an INTX. I've taken the MBTI several times and always come up as a hardcore INT and very lightly split between P and J.

This is interesting that there are so many INTJs who haunt this forum.

Why are we drawn to Anime? Or is it that we just over represent anime viewers because we're the only ones who use this forum.
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25 / F
Posted 1/7/13
I'm an INFJ

The INFJ type is believed to be very rare (less than 1 percent of the population) and it is distinguished by an unusual set of characteristics. Even though their presence can be described as very quiet, INFJ personalities usually have many strong convictions, especially when it comes to issues they consider really important in life. If an INFJ is fighting for something, this is because they believe in the idea itself. It would be highly unusual for INFJs to do something like this because of personal glory or power.

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27 / M
Posted 1/7/13

Strength of individual traits: I - 12%, N - 22%, T - 58%, P - 18%.

...Well not much to say, it was pretty well spot on to the point a friend saw it and burst out laughing at how accurate it was.

Except for the money thing I'm actually pretty good with money if a bit uncaring.
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24 / M / rotterdam
Posted 1/7/13
INTP personality

Strength of individual traits: I - 40%, N - 4%, T - 18%, P - 10

wow it's scary how much you recognize yourself in this
not in everything but almost everything

i glad i stumbled unto this topic it was a very fun and self reflecting test
i recommend this test to every one who has some free time to take this test
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35 / M / The Void.
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
I am all of the IN types.
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M / 20.0167° N, 155.6...
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
I'm a INFJ.... AKA Smooth operator!!!!!

Edit: I noticed a lot of INFJ or just IN types in general looking through this thread. I guess the 1% is all in Crunchy roll lol!
Posted 1/7/13 , edited 1/7/13
Pretty different from what I scored in college as an: ESTJ


ENFP personality

Your personality type: ENFP.

Strength of individual traits: E - 58%, N - 10%, F - 6%, P - 33%.

According to ENFPs, there are no meaningless events – every action, every little step we take, are supposed to mean something. Due to their inborn talent to sense other people’s motives, ENFPs prefer to see life as an exciting drama story, full of various opportunities for both good and evil. Only 5 percent of all people are believed to belong to the ENFP personality type; however, they are usually very influential. ENFPs do their best to stay approachable and genuine, sometimes even consciously choosing to act spontaneously for this reason. This personality trait is easily noticeable and contributes to the overall “likeability” of ENFPs.

On the other hand, this can also be a disadvantage as the ENFP is likely to worry about not being sufficiently original or spontaneous. If they are not careful, this personality trait can lower their self-esteem.

ENFP personalities see intense emotions as an essential part of their life – however, they may also feel uncomfortable expressing them as this inevitably entails losing some control over their inner feelings.

ENFPs constantly monitor their environment and it is unlikely that even a slightly unusual thing will slip through their eyes. They are great observers, able to focus on listening to another person without losing the ability to observe their environment. It is worth noting that ENFPs prefer directing all their attention to one person or event rather than observing them passively or randomly.

One potential danger for people with the ENFP personality type is their tendency to analyse past events through the prism of other people’s motives, trying to find hidden meaning behind their words and actions. As this usually results in negative conclusions, ENFPs can make serious mistakes in evaluating some things. An ENFP may unconsciously seek data that would support their initial opinion – this trait should be recognised and avoided.

Being very sensitive and constantly slightly stressed, ENFPs can often get bored if their environment remains the same for a long time. They love the creative part of almost every process, but are not so interested in the actual implementation of new ideas.

ENFP personalities are usually characterised by high levels of enthusiasm, which can be very contagious. Unfortunately, this often becomes a weakness – ENFPs often find themselves surrounded by people who admire their wisdom, inspiration, courage and leadership; however, this puts a considerable burden on the shoulders of that particular ENFP. Still, ENFPs defend their independence very fiercely, fighting any signs of subordination.

One of the most problematic areas for an ENFP personality is the need to focus on their work. Unlike other extroverts, ENFPs need some “alone time” periodically in order to be able to stop and think whether they are actually moving in the direction compatible with their values. Those ENFPs who manage to do this are usually very successful; the rest may be prone to abandoning various projects as soon as they see a new and exciting opportunity. This is another personality trait that people belonging to this type should be aware of.

ENFP also dislike bureaucracy, both in principle and from a practical point of view.

Finally, ENFPs have one more trait that makes them a truly unique personality type – the “nonsense button”. ENFPs can be very intelligent, serious, focused on the pursuit of a clear goal – but if they have an opportunity and wish to use it, they are able to instantly switch to the “nonsense mode”, for example, letting off the steam in a wild party. Once in this mode, an ENFP may even look as if they are intoxicated or under influence of other things.
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28 / M / Canada
Posted 1/7/13
Mine's an ISFJ.

the description is too large for me to want to copy over so here's the link:
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25 / M / CA/Napa Valley
Posted 1/7/13
My personality type: ISFJ.

Strength of individual traits: I - 46%, S - 4%, F - 4%, J - 20%

Mainly since im the quiet person up close face to face but in websites i just type freely.
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