for one piece fans we saw episode 504 of OP and it has caused a lot of contoversy but the question remains is Sabo alive
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Posted 1/3/13
well what do you guys think...based of what i saw i say that he is most definately alive some people say that databook green confirmed hi death (which is false) data book green was a book that contained information on one piece about what has already happened

also oda was interviewed and he was asked is sabo alive nd he stated "ill let the fans decide if heis dead or alive"

you can also copy and paste this link in your browser for more proof :
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Posted 1/4/13
In One Piece, a character is never dead unless you see actually see him die with your own eyes.

for example, everyone thought of as 100% disintegrated, is in fact still alive with but a limp.

I have full confidence that Sabo is still alive - Oda never disappoints when it comes to epic reveals and this will be up there with the greats!

More than likely he's with Dragon's crew, as they were about at the time & would have had the power to heal him + train him up.
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Posted 1/4/13

He is. And he looks hot.

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Posted 6/5/13
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