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Post Reply Wost way to die
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Posted 5 days ago
Sucked into Meat grinder, Sucked into wood chipper, torture, disemboweled. air compressor death. Razor blades, swallowed. sewing needles broken off and going straight for heart. slowly crushed by a steam roller, eyes gouged out, skinned alive, eaten alive, hot molten lead poured into and onto body. limbs ripped off, ripped in half by horses, impaled, car crash, tongue cut out, bleeding to death,
extreme food poisoning via extreme vomiting, slowly cut in half via band saw from crotch to head at an inch per minute,
stomach cut and guts being torn slowly from body. falling under a lawnmower, ribs slowly crushed. acid thrown on face, getting guts sucked out via commercial suction machine, body imploding via space. half skinned and bleeding to death, drowning in own blood via mustard gas.

well most if that stuff in the list is human invented and test via humans.
humans sure can be worse than demons in the blink of an eye.
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19 / M / Beyond the Grave
Posted 17 hours ago
I think the most painful way to die would be torture.

I think the worst way to die is by embarrassment. Yes you can actually die from embarrassment. Whilst undergoing high levels of stress and anxiety, a certain adrenaline is released into your blood, potentially killing you. I think it's the worst because it's preventable, and remains on your conscience (whilst your alive.. Obviously).
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17 / F / The Infinite Noth...
Posted 14 hours ago , edited 14 hours ago
Being ever so slowly crushed to death. Just the thought of feeling your organs exploding under the pressure, bones snapping, ugh.
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16 / F / Sublunary world
Posted 14 hours ago
Brazen Bull
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