One Piece Should Be On Crunchyroll!
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Posted 1/6/13
My favorite anime/manga is One Piece and it's just one of those animes that should be on here, since Naruto and Bleach are on here (especially Bleach). I would love to see the episodes in high quality and a pretty fast release on each episode. It's the highest selling manga of all time and a great anime, the characters, the story, even the music is amazing! So just imo One Piece would be a great addition to the series on here if possible...

What do you guys think?
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Posted 1/6/13 , edited 1/6/13

FUNimation currently owns the exclusive online streaming rights for One Piece so we most likely will not be able to offer One Piece on our site any time soon, if ever. Crunchyroll and FUNimation have competing video streaming services so direct collaboration wouldn't be likely.

it's not a matter of "they should..." it's a matter of licensing. obviously CR cannot get the license to host OP so it can't be done...
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