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Illegal links for anime
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Posted 10/13/13 , edited 10/13/13

YuSooKey wrote: After all folks, CR itself was comprised of unlicensed, fan-subbed anime up until 2009. Best for us not to forget that.

Yes. When they were doing that, it was wrong. When they went to Japan and said, "we'll shut down if you want us to, but we'd like to work out a way to do this as a legit business and pay the creators", and then went legit, it stopped being wrong.

DetectiveAlex wrote: Here's your evidence. This elaborate greatly on my original contention; you can pirate a show while it's airing, buy it when it's over, and will be giving more to the industry than someone who just streams (nothing wrong with streaming).

And the fact is that if everyone who used that as an excuse were actually acting that way, the sales of anime DVDs and Blu Rays in the US would be massively more than they actually are.

And remember: someone who watches legit streams and buys the series they want to collect gives even more than someone who watches bootlegs and buys the series they want to collect.

And remember that legit streaming gives revenue to series that do not get licensed for home video distribution. After all, the sales of Attack in Titan DVD's doesn't help pay for the budget to make Polar Bear Cafe.

GambitVII wrote: The number #1 reason I decided to go legit with CR was because our views count and the industry overseas will have a better idea of whos watching their shows and how many.

Excellent point. Crunchyroll shares the demographics of its shows, and that is used by home video distributors to decide what to license. That is especially important for series that are just on the edge of being picked up, because the "safe" call is always to just pass on those series.

And that's not just Crunchyroll ~ Funimation decided to pick up Princes Jellyfish because of its streaming performance on their stream.
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Posted 11/6/13
I wanted to mention that there are things you can do if you see a series that's licensed for release in your country that's being illegally streamed by some other website --- go to the licensor's website and contact them directly, telling them the URL of the site that's illegally streaming or offering for download the anime they're releasing. There are mechanisms in place for a lot of these online services (such as YouTube and Google) to help take down or limit public access to these sites, and the licensor's can place violation complaints so that the content can be removed from search results or taken down altogether. I've helped a few licensor's with this in the past, and they do take action (often to the surprise of the offenders) and greatly appreciate the help, since they don't have the resources to constantly police the Internet themselves.
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