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the disordered
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Posted 1/18/13
I used to suffer from depression, but thankfully I beat it. Here are the things that worked for me:

I would highly suggest anyone who has a mental disorder of any kind start meditating. Its a small thing that creates big changes in overall mood, and you immediately feel better after you are done. The whole key to beating a mental disorder is to be honest with yourself and deal with all the demons as they come. Don't suppress anything. This is where meditation comes in, it helps you explore yourself by reteaching you how to get in touch with your feelings.

Pills are not the end all be all. They won't cure the problem, just some of the symptoms. They also come with a long list of side effects. If you can avoid taking them you will be better off. Some people need them to feel good enough to fight back though, so I always viewed them as a last resort.(I never ended up taking any)

Never stop fighting. View it as a lifelong battle because it will take a lot longer to beat it then you think it will.

The only thing you should grade yourself on is effort. If your still trying than your still earning an A. Don't beat yourself up if you slip into old habits, because it will happen, you are human afterall.

If you have someone you trust to talk to, talk to them. I never had anyone like this since everyone else in my family has some mental disorder of some kind(whether it is diagnosed or not), so this is not an absolute necessity, but I always felt it would have been much easier if I had someone I could have relied on during the tough stretches.

Do your homework. Knowing what your going up against is half the battle. Willpower alone is not going to cut it here, you have to fight smart in order to stand a chance.

Lastly, believe in yourself. Believe that one day you will wake up a happy individual once again. Believe that you are doing the right thing. Believe that it will all be worth it in the end, because it is.

Good luck.
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Posted 1/18/13
Yes. In my case, I had to do some serious self-analysis. I realized I could choose to keep doing what I was doing, and have no life, or do something about facing my underlying issues. Which would hurt, but at least I'd be able to move forward.

It takes some maintenance sometimes. Life never gets to the point of perfect. View things that come up as potential adventures, not obstacles.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 6/19/13
Summer forum cleaning! To keep the forums neat and tidy we only keep 6 months worth of threads since its June 19, 2013 [6/19/13] we will keep only keep posts open from January 19, 2013 [1/19/13]. Please feel free to recreate any thread closed, as long as someone else didn't open another similar one before you.
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