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Crunchyroll.ca links on crunchyroll.com
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Posted 1/8/13 , edited 1/8/13
Ok, will keep this short, but:

- On the homepage various links redirect to crunchyroll.ca in the "What's Being Released Next/Now?" section (whilst on crunchyroll.com).
- This is a problem because logins aren't handled by a shared redirection domain (as for example google uses), thus logins aren't carried over (and it's really bad programming either way).
- And on top of that login_facebook doesn't work on crunchyroll.ca because you guys didn't add it to the allowed url's in your facebook application settings (error message: "Invalid redirect_uri: Given URL is not allowed by the Application configuration.").

I would advise you guys to dismantle any secondary domains you currently have and make them all redirect to crunchyroll.com, as having various top level domains will only cause you this kind of trouble and it's not adding any value, but at the very least please do a quick fix for the links on the homepage.

Btw, let me add to that that those links don't seem to be always broken... no clue how that's possible, but a few minutes ago they were for sure for me.
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Posted 1/8/13

Gonna have the engineers look into this. :3
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