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Posted 1/8/13 , edited 1/9/13

Kay~ so my name is jenny, im 17, im viet-chinese, im short, im bisexual, im female (duh). i love kpop, singing, eating, camwhoring (lmao), and watching anime and go out with friends.
i want a relationship and ive had a few on here... obv. it didnt work out -3- if you add me, be sure to pm me so we can get to know each other. im looking for a serious relationship. no la-di-da crap. i want someone to love me even though we may be far from each other. i will tell you more about me if you pm me and add me.

so here is what im looking for, and if you happen to fit into this, then add and pm me.

idc if youre male or female.
age has to be 16 at the least and 19 at the most.
dont expect me to fall in love with you straight away just coz you happen to pm me.
no cheating in our relationship. i want someone loyal to me. as i will be to them.
someone who teases alot but only means it to be funny. to me humor and being happy is a big bonus.
no downers. i cant stand being upset.
nationality/ethnicity: i dont actually mind but i do prefer asian~ just me i guess....
no perverts who mess around and play stupid mind games.
i dont want someone who gets jealous alot. maybe sometimes but not all the time.
someone romantic but not some lame cheesy person who uses the crappest pick up lines and shit -.-''

please, if you see this, quote this whole thing and tell me that what im looking for is like you~ coz i dont want a random pm out of no where. i want to know who will be doing so.

if i can think of anything~ ill edit.

thank you~

jenny xoxo

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