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Post Reply Pansexuality
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60 / USA
Posted 12/14/13
Understood. I have a daughter and an ex wife that are too.I never saw a need to explain sexuality either.
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26 / M / Norway
Posted 12/22/13 , edited 12/22/13
Why do you people keep saying the phrase ''I am a'' Be it sexual orientation, religion or anything that defines you as an individual as well as risking yourself to be a part of the branded people. Well maybe you have other thoughts about this than I but personally I don't want to say what I am or is because of that. I am me. Human like everyone else. Good parts and bad parts. I'm kinda glad I'm outside the society for that but the result is a complete isolated state with only subjective views of the world. I am not criticizing any of you. No, I'm trying to give you a hint of how much the society and people around you influences you in many ways. I'm naive. That's what I can say. Only by saying that I might be stereotyped between naive people. Then bring it folks! I cannot speak for people who are feeling sexual arusal to both sexes but my opinion on this is that it shouldn't be like this. Originally term of sexuality is straight. So how much is caused by genes or other biological means and how much is what people start believing in because a group of people say what you are and you accept it. Instead of asking questions around it. Okay I think this is a long enough reply. This post is not suppose to offend anyone. This is just my rational thinking.
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16 / F / Earth
Posted 1/6/14
I'm pansexual and it means that I can be attracted to anyone. Gender doesn't matter to me in the slightest, I don't care of a person is male, female, or transsexual.
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15 / M / [Insert Reference...
Posted 1/7/14
Pansexuality- I used to think that it applied to everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything. Males, Females, dogs, chickens, elephants, grass, trees, the sky, clouds, the moon, the sun, the stars. And then I used to think how awkward it'd be to constantly have a boner throughout your entire life. I did a bit of researching (AKA: Google) and then I realized that it's pretty much people who can be attracted to nearly anyone- the opposite end of asexuality.

My personal opinion is the same way I treat homosexuality, asexuality, and shoe-sexuality- it's just the way the person is. Some people can cry out degeneracy or reference religion, but we all die anyways. So what if you want to shove a tree up your butt Evil Dead style- go ahead! You and everyone else are going to end up six feet under, so who cares about social stigma and other shit? Just do what you want to do.
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