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Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/15/13
1. name
2. a/s/l
3. something interesting/weird about you
4. what got you into anime/music videos/games
5. Fave type of chocolate?
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22 / F / Santa Barbara, CA
Posted 2/1/13 , edited 9/29/15
1. Anastasia.
2. 21/Female/CA
3. A lot of people think I'm 14, 13 sometimes 12 years old, my mom said it's my baby face.
4. When I was little (about 2-3) I got in to watching Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon.
5. White, and Dark chocolate.
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18 / F / La Chez Cravin wi...
Posted 2/7/13
1: Miki
2: a/s/l.. (What's that)
3: I'm popular at school. I draw alot..
4: I was just searching for Vocaloid and then... crunchyroll popped up in the suggestions..
5: Milk Chocolate
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F / Texas
Posted 5/20/13
1. Lauren
2. 25/Female/Sugarland,TX
3. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother in 3 different Families.
4. Friends and my mom
5.Milk Chocolate with toffee bits
Posted 6/8/13
1. Michelle
2. 15/Female/SAA, ON
3. I'm popular at SAA and I have a cyber twin
4. Friends.
5. Dark Chocolate
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Posted 8/6/13
1. Madeline
2. 15/female/GA
3. Im those type of girls that are popular but nobody know them/i dont socialize alot
4.I have been watching anime ever since i was 5. The first anime i saw was Sailor Moon
5. Milk Chocolate
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M / Norway
Posted 8/19/13
1. Rye
2. 18/Male/Norway
3. When talking to strangers on the internet, I find myself imagining them with a giant moustache.
4. The magical girl anime series my sister used to buy when we were little, charmed me so utterly I fell in love with anime. Music and games have always been here for me as I grew up.
5. Snickers. Omnomnomnomnom
Posted 11/14/13
1. Ducky-Chuu
2. 20/Female/No where
3. There isn't anything interesting about me ~
4. Just pictures on Tumblr xD
5. I don't have a favourite! :3 I like lots of chocolate lol
Posted 11/29/13
1. Danny
2. 33/F/NY
3. Formerly a doctor. Now, I have free time.
4. DBZ, FF.
5. All of them.
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Posted 11/6/15
1. Miranda
2. 23/ Female/SD
3. I was born a red head, no one told my hair T_T
4. Growing up when Toonami would come on I'd sit and watch it, so I've always liked it.
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25 / Destination Unknown
Posted 3/3/16
1. Natasha & Randy (duo account)
2. 24/Female&Male/FL
3. I love math and I like to draw aliens
4. Well, when I joined the 'rocker' group in middle school, they introduced me to the madness of anime.
5. Regular chocolate. I (Natasha) especially love fresh from the oven chocolate or hot chocolate. Randy loves all chocolate.
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