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28 / M / Waterloo, Ontario
Posted 1/24/14 , edited 1/24/14
How do I create a group?
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32 / M / ANimA HQ
Posted 1/25/14 , edited 1/25/14
Sup people

I wanna do a shout out to my group i like to call


Basically its a Choose your own FATE type of group.
You can call it like you want to: a game, a strategy group, or Role Play
Really what the group is about is that you have to survive throughout the Creator made stories as you would in the real world.
You have to make certain choices to determine if you live or not.
You have to work together with the other members in the group or else the whole thing will fall apart.

For Example:
My first story was about you and your team (other Crunchyrollers) scattered across the world mystically, by a race of aliens planning to destroy the world as we know it. Your job is to try to survive on instinct, and find the rest of the team as will everyone else in the goup will do the same.

The whole point is to see how well YOU can handle a situations that most likely will never happen. How well can you use your mind to solve situations that can turn out either good or bad?

No ones forcing you, but you'd be having fun every step of the way!

If you really like to make up things and like to be in control, this is the group for you!

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20 / M / new york
Posted 1/28/14 , edited 1/29/14
just out of curiosity, would there happen to be an LGBT group?
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36 / M / Maine (U.S)
Posted 1/29/14 , edited 1/30/14
Hey guys, posting about my newer group Xbox fan hub, i m looking for some members that are interested in helping me add content and expanding the group a bit, as it stands right now I'm the only member and its mostly a news related group with updates to the recently announced Xbox 360 and Xbox one stuff along with free avatar stuff updates and the games with gold thread, basically looking for some members to add more threads and what not.
Its open so feel free to join, we can discuss mod privileges after a short trial if anyone is interested.
Posted 1/30/14 , edited 1/30/14

Hello and welcome to

AM is rated for everyone, a group where people can find friends and enjoy themselves here. Contests and activities with prizes/awards will be held when we once reach a good amount of members. Also, planning to arrange trips IRL for persons 18+ where all anime & manga fans can gather and go to vacations, and other anime&manga related activities together (anime con, comic con, Japan trips).

● ● ●
Chat ● Games ● Contests ● Prizes ● Events ● Trips
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Posted 2/1/14 , edited 2/1/14
Do you like to draw your favorite anime/manga characters? Well I might have the place for you. Join my group at: and see what others are drawing. We need members it is a new group
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27 / F / Florida
Posted 2/12/14 , edited 2/13/14

If you have natural curly hair, come join my group
Tell your friends
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23 / F / ヽ(´▽`)ノ
Posted 2/19/14 , edited 2/20/14
For HiruMamo Fanatics and Shiori Kutsuna Lovers Come and join us.
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24 / M
Posted 3/13/14 , edited 3/13/14
For people who do anime related youtube videos join here :
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22 / M / Ft Wainwright Alaska
Posted 3/15/14 , edited 3/16/14
Everyone should check out this cool group! We need more anime lovers in here! Come on and see what we are about :)
Posted 3/20/14 , edited 3/21/14
[Come check out, to Help futher the community of Social Freedom and Authentic Sedcution for both men and women, Break social norms and be independent, self accepting and adventerious! Message me for more information!
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21 / Its a secret
Posted 3/24/14 , edited 3/25/14
Join my group maybe? "NewWorldProspers"
Posted 4/1/14 , edited 4/2/14

Utter chaos followed by a lot of nothing happening.
We're a closed group, but pretty flexible on that.
So, if you're bored, or just nuts, hit us up yo.
I promise it'll be .... something.
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27 / M / In the Dark Realm...
Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/10/14
Hi everyone! Please feel free to join my group!
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F / ஐ R e a d i n g ....
Posted 4/10/14 , edited 4/10/14
The After School Anime Club

The After School Anime Club is club where you can meet new people and make friends through talking about anime, video games, and basically anything. So come join and have fun!
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