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Dat Place.
Posted 6/27/14
^ I don't know if you'd think this is cute but if so, don't hesitate to come over! :DD

Anyway, if you're looking for some good fanservice, Sweet and Sour just might be up your shady alley! We have cute and sexy fanservice images and fun games to play that'll be sure to make you go 'wow'.
But we also have the sour and bitter side of fanservice that can also make you laugh and be entertained-be it if you like fanservice or not. We have games in this area of the group that pick fun at this topic and will make you laugh.
So if you're interested in fanservice-which has been said 5 times now-or laughing at stuff or even both, come on over to Sweet and Sour
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23 / F / United States
Posted 7/2/14
Group name: We Can Change It Petition
Purpose: To bring awareness to the CR community about usernames and having an option to change it!
Goal 1: Get as many members as we can to join the group.
Goal 2: Have people reply on the group's forums about the pros and cons about changing usernames AND check out the poll ;)

Quick Description:
So I've been thinking about why we can't change our usernames on crunchyroll so I made a group for a petition. I'm basically wanting to get as many members for the group as I can. In the group, I set up some forums for debating the pros and cons about being able to change our usernames here. I would appreciate it if you checked out the page and read the description there! You don't have to join, but at least read the description. Thanks so much! Have a wonderful day.

Link to group:

Picture of what it would look like if we could change our usernames:
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Posted 7/3/14 , edited 7/3/14



AKUTOHIME is a library-concept RP FORUM where we do not have one rp world only!
As of current, we have two RP forums: ║ The E-Half Life

And you can open your own rp forum to create your own ideal rp world!

Active rolepayers needed

Also, if you love reading story - hummingkkumaxhyukiko are currently working on a project to write and publish our very own story!


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25 / M / NY
Posted 7/3/14
Go apply for Mars.
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F / Y o u r H e a r t
Posted 7/6/14 , edited 8/15/14
edited on page 10
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M / Holland
Posted 7/6/14 , edited 7/6/14
Does you guys know of a fun, cozy & active chat group with nice people?
Posted 7/6/14
Well it's not my group but it's my big brother's group called the Welcome Committee! I want everyone to join because its a place for both new and experienced users on CR! Not a lot of people have joined and its become pretty dead. So I hope that this post will get some people to join and bring my brother's group back to life! Thank you everyone!

Become a committee member today!
@ Welcome Committee group

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25 / M / Apple Valley, CA
Posted 7/7/14
Does anyone have an active music group I can join?
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M / Maryland
Posted 7/7/14 , edited 7/7/14

"This is a group mainly for josei anime but is also open to any anime with a female protagonist."

Also open to casual chats and making friends with similar interests. It's still brand new essentially so there are no members yet.
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Posted 7/16/14
I got a Black Butler group.
Feel free to join...
so... yeah...
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24 / M / the great canadia...
Posted 7/17/14 , edited 8/16/14
Super Secret Halli Club. You can't join though.
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19 / F / Basketball Court
Posted 7/21/14

check it out. it's pretty rad.
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25 / M / Limbo, My Dreams.
Posted 7/31/14!

Check out our Hitman reborn group, running several years strong
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25 / M / Limbo, My Dreams.
Posted 7/31/14
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61 / M / Earth
Posted 8/3/14
Did you ever wish that CR had better tags to help you find a show you may have missed out on?

Rotten Sushi (A pun on "Rotten Tomatoes", Crunchyroll is a type of Sushi, gettit?) can be declared officially open. Please report bugs in the forum. You needn't become a member to visit the pages, or post in the forum if you don't want to; the group is open to all visitors.

Is a given show "Worth a watch" or so good that it is "Recommended and rewatchable" or neither of those? A way to put a number on how many people rated it as average, good enough, or great, without getting into scales and decimal point precision.

Here is the Index. If you want to be methodological in rating multiple shows, going through the alpha index would cover everything. But you can just explore the expanded tag pages if you wish.

What the intent of this group is: As the saying goes, everyone talks about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it... Well, instead of talking about certain additional features I'd like to see, I've done something about it.

  • A simple rating for shows on (only) Crunchyroll.
  • CR tags have been expanded, so exploration to find similar shows will be easier.
  • Depending on whether I get feedback, possibly provide combo tag pages for listing the shows by multiple type, genre, and other combinations that make sense, so that users can explore for other shows they may not have known about.
  • There is a poll for every show, using CR's own objects. Please vote on any show you have seen, if you would... once established, the number of positive votes may encourage new viewers to become fans of the shows. But note with CR polls, you can't change your mind later, so vote carefully (if that matters to you).
  • Future polls will only be included after shows have been aired for at least one full cour, but tags and other info will get populated
  • Forum discussion links (that I can find) have also been provided next to each show so you can see what others have said, but do beware that there are very likely spoilers contained there.
  • I have added alternate show disply names where they exist. I need to work on making them searchable somehow, though.
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