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Post Reply CR's English Dubbed Anime
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21 / F / Cedar Hill, TX
Posted 1/24/14
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Posted 1/30/14
I would love to haves dubs, so that I can watch them on my big TV, or do other things while I watch. But the Acting, and Voices are so bad on the English dubs that it ruins the show. A good anime will turn absolutely corny when you watch the Dubbed version.

With that said, go ahead in put the dubs, some people like the corny acting.
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28 / singapore
Posted 2/1/14
shouldnt there be cardfight vanguard too?
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F / Australia
Posted 2/2/14
I still prefer the dubs over subs any day, it's too distracting having to read it and i miss out on alot of what's happening. That and the Japanese voices are a little odd to me, so I prefer listening so dubs anyday.
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23 / F / Somewhere
Posted 2/9/14
I wish crunchyroll would add more dubs. I love subs and find the VAs very good, but sometimes, if they are well voiced I just prefer dubs. Puella Magi Madoka Magica being an example. That dub was excellent.
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18 / M / Sweden, Stockholm
Posted 2/12/14
I used to be against dubbed anime however I've seen so many anime whit better VO in the ENG dubb compared to the original JAP VO. I would never enjoy watching a show such as Black Lagoon in subs, as well as I would never watch Elfen Lied dubbed.

If I'm gonna be completely honest then I would most likely enjoy whatever version of said anime I watch first meaning that if I watch the ENG dubb of said anime before I watch the Jap version, then I'll most likely enjoy the dubb more then the Jap version.
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40 / M
Posted 2/23/14
For me it totally depends on the voice talent level. Some English turns out good while others make you think the actors just did not care to be in the studio at the time they made it.

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Posted 2/28/14
I'd probably love dubs if:
1. They bothered to fix the animation, so the people didn't have to say awkward lines in awkward manners
(Plus, there's a lot of idiots out there that keep complaining about the mouth movements not matching)

2. Dragon Ball Z was actually, okay, they bothered to replace the opening with an English OP.
(I'd prefer all English or all Japanese(though they do have all that Engrish, but that's just another part of Japanese nowadays))

3. Get some better voice actors... Okay, how come American TV shows like Spongebob, Avatar the Last Airbender, Regular show, and all that messed up random cartoons (not that they're bad... well, I'm just not a big fan :p ) are nicely done in the voice acting compartment, but...anime is just done weirdly???
I wonder if they're trying to make themselves sound Japanese,'s in English all they gotta do is get the freaking pronounciation correct...and it's easier than pronouncing things in English actually...the more they do that, the more it hurts my ears and I'm American--English first language...and I sometimes understand the subs 10x better than the dubs out there...
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21 / M / Kentucky
Posted 3/2/14
Are they going to dub Naruto
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19 / M
Posted 3/4/14
PLEASE add naruto shippuden eng dubs that would be so sick!! and you should put "high school of the dead" on here (if u dudes are aloud). just putting those out there :).
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17 / M
Posted 3/9/14
Who voices over the characters?
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Korin Tower, Sacr...
Posted 3/13/14
Dubbed animes Crunchy roll should have that I don't own is Fairy Tail, Cowboy Beep, One Piece and Naruto shippuden.
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M / Wyoming
Posted 3/16/14
Dub vs Subs It don't matter to me, I like having the subs as I am trying to pick up Japanese language. Plus the translation to English is at time funny.

Posted 3/17/14
I don't mind dubs! But sometimes the voice overs get their names wrong like the person who voiced Yuki from Vampire Knight. Actually stopped watching the dub ver VK because of her.
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23 / M / United States
Posted 3/19/14

jazzy663 wrote:

I have no quarrel with dubs, however I believe Japanese voice actors put so much more feeling into their work.

I also think dubs kinda take some part of what makes it anime, the Japanese language.
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