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Music Sales are a mere 6% of the average musician's income.
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Posted 1/22/13
I'm not surprised. And I bet most of that 6% is from singles.
Touring and endorsements is where artists make most of their money. I know a lot of people that laugh at the idea of buying music or only purchase about 2 or 3 albums a year.
Posted 1/22/13 , edited 1/22/13
Well think about it, if you pirate music instead of buying it, that artist's music won't be high on the chart... which could lead to the Record Company dropping his/her ass from their label.

Which would lead to the artist now earns 0% income instead of the 6%. And if an artist sells 1 million copies, 6% of $20 million isn't a small number (considering each album is worth $20).

And you don't think Record Companies have to pay the musicians who play the instruments? The songwriters, the producers, the mixers, the coffee bringers, the people who produce the CD, the CD covers and booklet. The money from the sale of the music gives these people their jobs. Not all of it go to the boss's pocket.
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Posted 6/23/13
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