Poetry war round 2!!!
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Posted 1/18/13 , edited 1/18/13
because the old one got locked for some reason i've started a new one,
so just write a poem as a response to the poem above you, or if you have a poem that
you just wanna let out go right on ahead ^ ^

what is left of our love?
secret words whispered in french,
a kiss with out a feeling,
how meaningless the touch.

words dance round a honeyed tongue,
so easily you lie.
love i can not give so freely,
it is more than the words you spill.

lol i tried XD
Posted 1/18/13
I was thinking of making over the thread myself, but nice to see someone else did it.

Love is a platter, sometimes served hot or cold.
Don't get full on it, or you just might burst.
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Posted 1/18/13
I will help you out.

Words dance around a honeyed tongue
an organ was strung
from an angel holding a harp
as she started to sung

a tune that was birthed in the past and was lost in the brass
people started to cheer like a new year past
all in all nobody knew that the song was about sorrow
the angel drew her last tear as the earth started to crumble
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Posted 1/18/13
I want to burst ^

The blood freezing wind from the
far land of the dead
please blow up some skirts
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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13

i do not understand your mind,
your thoughts, the way you felt my dear,
but i am one not to be played,
of men like you i stay well clear.

was i but one lost in a moment?
what is this thing i seek,
i did not find it on your lips,
nor in the lies of your deceit.

you tricked me once,
not so now twice,
for girls like me don't tarry,
i wish you all the best in life,
go wander at her gladly.

ha i've become a bitter woman oh well
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