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How to get over the person you love, and how to find some one new?
Posted 3/21/13
stay depress for like a week or two. remembering everything you two did together, and then acknowledge that those days will not come again. accept reality and then move on from there.
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M / Oregon
Posted 3/21/13

Chronomana wrote:

creightonja wrote:

What are you, a wannabe psychologist? A valiant attempt at dissecting me with presumptuous pity.
I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but love is nothing more than an emotion like any other which is brought about by a chemical reaction in the brain. So yes, it is as simple as a switch you turn on and off. If you have control over your emotions, love is included in there. So unless you are just weak, it is as simple as turning it off.

Nothing I do is ever a risk, as nothing can hurt me. I simply push aside those emotions that would allow it to 'hurt' me. It is something called self control, not being some weak panzy that cries over some bitch that keeps hurting him. That isn't love, that's just stupidity and being irrational. They say love is irrational and love is blind though... not really an emotion worth having to begin with from the sound of that now is it? Find something that's actually worth the pain and effort. Like getting rich, or conquering the world.

You've already been hurt is what is ironic about that statement. No healthy, well-adjusted person is so uncomfortable with their emotional state that they seek to repress it in all forms. I am no psychologist, only an observer who believes in causality. If you really believe the fantasy that you are some gifted, superhuman anomaly who is emotionless, I find that fiction disturbing. Your overtly controlling tendency is certainly a reactive event and it doesn't take a phd to see that. Attachment is not a fundamental weakness. It is the same emotion that kept your mother from smothering you with a pillow when you cried as a baby. If your relationships with others aren't worth the stress, that's a shame. Good luck to you.
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Posted 9/19/13
Old, inactive, personal thread.

locked and closed
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