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Bigoted Muslims Bully Homosexual in London, UK
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Posted 1/21/13
so you declare people who belive in a children stories from over 2000 years ago sane? i heard of people in mental institutions more sane.
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Posted 1/21/13

Well the world certainly would be a better place without religions. Look at how many wars and how much fighting is caused by different beliefs. But even so i respect what other people believe in, and i know its only a minority of the people in a religion that actually causes harm.


Those wars are in the name of religion, but ultimately it's not religion, but the people using religion that are intolerant of other people.

Even if religion were gone they would just do it in the name of something else.

Remember, the holocaust was done in the name of science.
Posted 1/21/13

thepeaguy wrote:

Tekrelious wrote:

Religion isn't to blame. Idiots are to blame and idiots exist whether they're religious or not. Stop targeting religion as the problem.

Utah, likely Christian. Probably thinks America is founded upon Christianity. Republican.

I can attack religion because these faiths state that sodomy (anal and oral) is wrong and shit in their holy books. Also the fact that they never back anything up unlike science which is tried and tested.

Until the middle east become secular, they all got major ass problems. Living in Europe and the US is much, much better for promiscuous people and homosexuals.

actually islam does not state oral is forbidden only anal but i guess you need to do research properly, also another thing, i don't agree with the way religions are potrayed now days at all - this is not religion but a few idiots in power making it the way they want it to be, rest follow like sheep, just like the fuckin goverment cunts and scientist too, but you say science backs it up lol, you need to learn what is really science. anal is actually harmful medically, i guess you need to go look at the problems cause when damage the spinchter and the resulting infections too and secondly, the evidence is not proof, science is all models, one era we say idea is fantastic, next era we say is wrong, look at newton and einstein laws, science is far from perfect. secondly evolution can't work, why the evidence, oh big wow u found a few fossils but the idiots are so thick they have forgotten the rock cycle, also the carbon dating is not accurate and secondly they not looked at the mathmatics behind the probability of forming the first cell or the genetic possibility and the matmatical chance of actually getting 10 generations never mind evolution. you change chromosome numbers you end up aborted or infertile in the womb, in rare cases you get the abnromal one who can resproduce but their child is guranteed to be infertile.
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Posted 6/21/13
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