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Post Reply Get Cozy with 41 Simulcast Titles for Winter 2013!
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Posted 1/22/13 , edited 1/22/13
Hey guys, it's been a crazy licensing season here at Crunchyroll this winter! With 41 simulcast titles this season, we hope you've all been enjoying our Winter 2013 Lineup so far!

In case you're still on the fence about what to watch this season, we've got some recommendations for you!


The surprise sleeper hit of this season, Kotoura-San tells the story of Kotoura Haruka, a girl with the ability to hear the thoughts of those around here. However, this power has caused her nothing but grief and alienation from the people around her, from friends to family, until she transfers to a new school and meets Manabe Yoshihisa, the first person who is unafraid of her. Although described as a "romantic comedy", Kotoura-San goes much deeper, ranging from drama to comedy all within the span of one episode. For a show that can make you cry one scene and then laugh out loud the next, definitely add Kotoura-San to your watch list this season!

Chihayafuru 2

Chihayafuru 2 is the much-anticipated sequel to the first Chihayafuru, an anime about Chihaya Ayase, a girl who is fascinated by the world of competitive karuta, a card game based on Japanese poetry. Now in her second year of high school, Chihaya has taken the reins of the karuta club and recruits new members to join. However, the characters and their relationships with each other take just as much of a center stage as do the challenges of competitive karuta. The characters' passion and enthusiasm for the game comes across so genuinely that you may find yourself wanting to learn karuta too!


For those of you who just want a good dose of fighting and explosions, look no further than THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke this season! Although it takes place in the same universe as Psychic Squad (Zettai Karen Children in Japanese), it bears very little relation to its cuter, less intense predecessor, mainly due to the fact that the protagonist of THE UNLIMITED was the antagonist in the original series. A powerful psychic, Hyobu Kyosuke's ongoing goal is to wage war against the "normals", those without ESP. Hyobu's overwhelming arrogance and devil-may-care attitude is a refreshing tone from most other protagonist, and he certainly has the power and skills to back it up. In fact, Hyobu seems to have no visible weakness, and it is this seeming invincibility that will have you wanting to see just who will be able to take him on.

Of course, that's only the tip of the iceberg of this massive season! Along with our continuing titles, there's still over 25 new simulcasts for you to check out!

7:00am - Da Capo III
10:35am - THE UNLIMITED Hyobu Kyosuke

2:00am - NARUTO Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals
7:30am - AMNESIA
8:00am - Love Live! School Idol Project
10:00am - Senyu
10:00am - Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life
12:40pm - Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)

10:00am - Magi
10:00am - Mangirl!
10:00am - Student Council's Discretion Level 2
10:00am - Encouragement of Climb
10:40am - gdgd Fairies 2
12:00pm - Saint Seiya Omega
12:00pm - The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

2:00am - Polar Bear Cafe
3:00am - Gintama
3:00am - Naruto Shippuden
10:30am - Kotoura-San
10:35am - Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
12:00pm - Blast of Tempest

10:00am - Maoyu
10:30am - Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren't they?
12:00pm - Chihayafuru 2
7:00pm - Fairy Tail
7:00pm - Cuticle Detective Inaba
8:00pm - Boku-no-imoutowa"Osaka-okan"

9:00am - Oreshura
4:40pm - Bottom Biting Bug
5:30pm - Folktales From Japan
6:00pm - Little Busters!
6:30pm - Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker
8:00pm - Space Brothers
8:30pm - Hunter x Hunter

7:00am - Ishida & Asakura
7:00am - Vividred Operation
7:30am - AKB0048: next stage
10:00am - Ixion Saga DT

*Please note that all times are in Pacific Time

And don't forget about our OVA titles as well!

Saki Episode of Side A
Aoi Sekai no Chushin de
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Posted 1/22/13
Very happy with Crunchyroll's lineup this season. I am wondering when the TBD catalog title on the Lineup page is due to be announced however. Any hints or word on that?
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Posted 1/22/13
Yay 41 titles!!
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Posted 1/22/13

Posted 1/22/13
COOL !!!
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Posted 1/22/13
THe unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke is about the main evil group in zettai karen children it has a little girl in it but the girls aren't the stars here hyobu is.
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Posted 1/22/13
Good stuff, CR! Hope you get even more licenses!
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Posted 1/22/13
TOO MUCH anime in this world!
the anime bubble is going to pop again!

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Posted 1/22/13
Winter 2013 has been great so far
here's to hoping that CR gets even more amazing shows for the Spring 2013 season
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Posted 1/22/13
I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the shows I thought I would not like. I particularly like Maoyu and Kotoura-San.

Maoyu is smart and funny. It's a refreshing view of the Hero/Demon king story. Now I have to go check out Spice and Wolf because that is what its being compared to.

I thought Kotoura-San was going to be cutesy, but the beginning of the first episode was deliciously dark.
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Posted 1/22/13
Ahh amazing!~ ♥
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Posted 1/22/13
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Posted 1/22/13
Great lineup! Thanks again Crunchyroll!!
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Posted 1/22/13
So proud CR keep um' coming!!! XD
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Posted 1/22/13
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