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Would you rather live in Japan or where you live now? If so why?
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20 / M / Nashville, TN
Posted 5/15/13
Personally I think their culture is much more so bound by honor than where I live. It would be nice to live somewhere where you don't have people rolling down their windows and randomly yelling "what's up, b***h*" every 30 min. (and I'm a guy, a very manly ginger guy).
I'm a major manga guy (going to SCAD university soon so that I can study sequential art and hopefully get a manga published) and so that alone would be a reason for me to love to live in Japan, but I also appreciate the fact that they, in general (not absolutely), have a more solid code of ethic than compared to here in the U.S.
Oh, and it's popular to eat healthy and make good grades, so that would be a plus!!! ^_^
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Posted 5/19/13
The question says, "Now," which means that in the future I may be able to move back to where I am now (home). So, I have to say that I would rather live in Japan now than where I am now!
One Punch Mod
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 11/19/13
Just tidying up by closing threads that have been inactive for six months or more.

locked and closed
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