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Post Reply What's your favorite Final Fantasy entry in the series?
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Posted 1/8/14 , edited 1/8/14
VII was also the first I played, got me into the series and jRPGs in general.

I can't play V anymore without doing a four job fiesta. Just like nuzlocke

Never played X, XI or the various spinoff games/sequels. Finished V, VII, IX, XII, XIII and Tactics.

Tactics is my favorite, even with some odd translation, just a fantastic core game, story and soundtrack.

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Posted 2/19/14
Final Fantasy 9.

Especially at disc 2 when I won reflect rings at the auction house and go to the grand dragon valley to grind out lvls back when i was 10 yrs old with my korean friends at the time.

has alot of nostalgia value to it
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Posted 3/16/14
For me, Tactics is the best of the series IMO. I have great memories of staying up way late at night with a buddy, trying to beat a Zodiac charged Wiegraf.

2nd is VI, for its awesome story and memorable characters (Love Shadow!)
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