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Angel, Akuma, and Kurai's Story
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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 4/22/14
(Puni Puni Poemy storyline - Start of The Story of the Troll)

Angel sat down in her room and sighed as she looked threw her mail. It was just a cold and rainy day in Oregon and there was nothing much to do besides doing some more reviews... not like she really did anything else but reviews (She had no job and a small social group that really only came out at night...).

A small box caught her attention and she reached out, picking it up and looked for a name. There was no return address but the name 'Kurai Rinkusu' was sprawled out in a rather decorative manner. Smiling, she opened the box thinking it was from a admirer of her work and then jumped, throwing the package to the wall. Inside was the most annoying anime she had ever heard of before... Puni Puni Poemy. She growled a bit in hatred of the DVD that now lay on the floor and then reluctantly picked it up and put it within her computer as though she was picking up a man's dirty underwear. Whoever this Kurai guy (or girl) was... she believed she was not going to hear the end of them. Might as well get this over with...
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Posted 1/26/13
After Angel's rather hateful experience of having to review Puni Puni Poemy, she called up MAK and asked him to meet her in the coffee shop between their homes. When he finally agreed (After a lot of talking him into it) she flew off to it.
She sat down in the corner of the shop, sipping her White Chocolate Mocha and waiting for him.

On one day when MAK was just finished his review of CANAAN, the phone was ringing and it was fellow reviewer Angel and she seemed really pissed off of reviewing Puni Puni Poemy and she wanted me to meet her in a coffee shop but I told her I had another plans for today and after minutes of her persuading me, I decided to take up her offer and meet her there. On his way, he noticed a walking lynx following him on the way there.

When he got there, she motioned over to him to sit and then started explaining all about the strange box she had gotten in the mail. When she was done, she sighed and leaned back in her seat, not noticing the Lynx-boy sitting behind her. He didn't seem like he was fully interested in there conversation but yet, he was still listening.

MAK got over there and Angel starts to explaining about this box she gotten recently and although it seems nothing weird going and MAK thought it was just somebody wanting her to review schlocky anime just to mess with her and I told her to that somebody people will send the dumbest shit they can find.

"Oh? I didn't think it was so bad..." The Lynx piped up as he got up and joined them at the table, "So... what did you think of my little gift?" he asked Angel in a rather playful voice.
Angel glared over at him, growling, "Oh..... so Your Kurai.... I remember you from art school..." she lifted her nose up in the air (well, what could be considered a nose when she's a chibi) in the snobby look, "It was dreadful but nothing that would break me..."

So I heard a voice and there he was and it was that lynx that was following me earlier. From the ways of it, he really seem like some smug little punk and noticing the look of Angel's face, she is really not happy to see him. I heard part of his name.....Kurai something and from the looks of it, he seems like a very creepy stalker.

Angel turned her head away, "Nothing you can do could break me so quit the stupid trolling..."
"Oh I'm not done yet... I'll be able to break you down and begging me to stop sending you things...." he chuckled a bit, then turned to MAK, "And you as well I think. Since your such a good friend of hers... I think you would like to review this new one along with her..."

As Angel pretty much give him the proverbial middle finger and told him to quit the trolling, he went to block her and said that he will break her down and she will beg for his mercy.....and then he looks at me for some reason with that shit-eating grin of his and he basically wanted me to review whatever anime he picks alongside her. I thought he was bullshitting at first but he looked serious. That worries me.

He chuckled as he placed a finger to the side of his cheek, almost as though he was thinking, "Now..... I have been in the back allies a long time..."
"Doing what? Blow jobs for a bunch of men?" Angel asked under her breath to try and mess him up but it did no good.
"...And I have heard someone was running from the Anime Gods for quite a while. I wonder what they would do if they ever found out where he was...." He said without breaking the beat and threatening MAK.

So as he was giving his monologue and looking at me with his devilish grin, he mentioned the one group I have been running from. What he didn't know was that I would be able to get away faster then he could call them.

"Now... Both of you will review this show...." he said putting a DVD in front of Angel and MAK.
Angel looked down at it and hissed, "MONSTER RANCHER?"
Kurai smiled, "Of course... and now I want you to do the English version... not Monster Farm, the Japanese version..."

And so he said that show du jour.....is Monster Rancher. Angel looked in disguist at the cover and he also said that to review the English version of that show (instead of the original version Monster Farm) and I first thought "This guy....this clown can't be serious."

Kurai looked over at MAK as though he knew exactly what he was thinking, "And I mean all of it..." He gave a almost to cute smile which looked wrong on his face. Angel got up and glared at him, "Fine... I will play your little game... but I have a present for you as well...." she said and punched him hard enough to give him a shinner, then walked off.

So me and Angel agreed to do his deal and he means to finish all of the series....all 72 episodes and then after we agreed, Angel decked him out and give him a black eye. I walked over there and said, "Kurai means dark, right? Black eye? Dark eye? It works for you", and then I walked over his body and then said, "Asshole!" and walked out of there.

Kurai looked over to them, and then chuckled just a bit as he got up, "Ah... cute as ever, that Angel. Lets see just how long it will take for me to break her."
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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 4/22/14
A week had passed since Kurai had forced Angel and MAK into reviewing 'Monster Rancher'.
Angel smiled as she walked into a museum near her home town. She had always wanted to see the place as she was a very big history buff. She luckily won a ticket at a store she often went to so was going to make the most of it.
Walking threw all of the exhibits was wonderful until she came to the Dinosaur exhibit. As she looked up at the T-Rex skeleton, she heard a familiar voice, "He really is rather big, isn't he?"
She glared over at the Lynx sitting on the railing, "You know, I can get a restraining order if you keep following me around like this...."
"So, how you like my little gift?" he asked, ignoring what she said.
"It didn't break me if that's what you hope."
"Ah... but your close..." he said smiling a bit as he got off the rail and stood next to her.
"Not even close... now please leave me alone..." she said as she started walking away.
"Tell me something... do you know the names of Dinosaurs?"
"Not much...." she said, "But I probably know more then you......"
"Ah but with this you can know so much more... I have another review for you...." he said sweetly and held up a strange card.
"Oh now come on... You already gave me one about a game. Can't you be a little more original..." she chuckled.
"Oh? And do you know who dubbed it?"
She smacked her head with her hand, "Oh for the love of... please tell me its not..."
"I challenge you to review Dinosaur King... the 4kids version of course...."
"I hate you..." Angel glared at him, "Lets get this over with...."
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Posted 1/26/13
Angel chuckled a bit as she walked into the game shop near her house. She loved to go every Thursday to play Magic the Gathering with the other well to do players. She sat down at her normal table, playing any person who sat near her. Sometimes she lost, but other times she won, no matter what though, she had a lot of fun learning more. Then... Rurai showed up. She glared as he sat down and suffled his deck, placing it down, "Come now, let us dual," he smiled.
She rolled her eyes, and then sighed, "I win and you leave me alone?"
"Well, at least for today..." he said smiling.
"Fine then.... lets do this...." Angel placed her first card out and made sure her point system was set.
He did as well but the first card he placed onto the field was not a Magic the Gathering Card...
"OH COME ON!" she shouted out as she threw her dice at him, "That is such a old game. I don't play Yugioh anymore!"
He rubbed the spot the dice hit, "That hurt you know... and this is actually more complicated then Magic you should know... so is the Anime..." he smiled a bit, "Of course, you probably haven't seen it, hmm?"
Angel rolled her eyes, "I have, and you know what, I was actually thinking of reviewing it."
"Huh? W...wait a minute. I didn't say I wanted you to review it yet---"
"But you were going to. Now sit back and listen to my little review," she smiled, "But we are playing Magic the Gathering as you listen..."
"Well now, does that answer your question?" she smiled gently, winning the Magic the Gathering game.
"Fine.... you win...." Rurai smiled, "For now at least...."
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Posted 1/26/13
It was new years' eve and MAK was in the mood to celebrate the end of the year after all the work he had to endure that year and man, did he needed a break and that's when he found a flyer for this NYE party that was close to him and then he calls up Angel if she wanted to go and luckily she was getting over a cold and felt energized to go since it's been about 2 1/2 months since we hung out..

Angel went with him, shrugging at the thought of going to a party. She wasn't a really party person but she could always go for a drink, especially when its free. As the two sat talking with a couple other people, she felt rather strong arms wrap around her shoulders. She quickly turned and slapped Kurai with a glare, "What the hell are you doing here?" she asked him.
He smiled at her and then chuckled, "I know the owner of course... he has had a bit of a deal with me for a while now," he said rather satanically, though he was only doing it to tick her off.
"Stupid fucken devil of a anime creep..." she growled.
"Why do you think my name means Dark in Japanese?" he chimed in, teasing a little more, then turned to MAK, "And how has the running been lately? Anime Gods being nice now?" he asked as though he knew the answer.

As it turns out to me, Kurai happens to know the owner of the place, although he should've researched more and then he asked him about the Anime Gods and then MAK retorted, "Oh, I haven't heard a word from them in a while. Something about the world police searching their HQ for illicit reasons. How's things with you being an asshole and harassing people been doing? I heard about Angel one-upping you last time."

"Ah... that was a fluke...." he commented dastardly, chuckling, "This time, I have something better to see the new year with...." "Don't you fucken ruin our year," Angel warned. "And why would I ever do that?" he smiled.

He made a comeback saying it was a fluke -yeah,right- and once again Kurai made some threat about seeing a terrible anime, which looks obvious from his smirk. Then MAK really started to looked pissed and said, "Look, fool, it's a fucking NYE party. We just came to have a good time, relax among other people, get a drink or two and really, you decided to do this shit right here, right now? Who the fuck you think you are?"

Kurai smiled, "A troll of course. That was what I was made for."
"That and getting a black eye it seems....." she growled.
Kurai shrugged and said gently, "Well, lets hope you don't have to see a nurse yourself after watching /this/ show..."

Then MAK looked at Angel and said, "Wait, what did he mean by 'seeing a nurse yourself after watching this?" Then MAK really started to look worried and then said, "Angel, do you know what show he's talking about?"

She sighed and looked at MAK threw her fingers, "Do you remember the anime I have been slowly reviewing... SoulTaker?"
Kurai smiled, "I heard about you looking at that one. How long have you been doing that one now?"
She glared at Kurai, "None of your buisne---"
"About two or three months now?" he asked, smiling.

"Okay", MAK said, "But you said SoulTaker was an alright anime and it's not like there is some spinoff of some character from that show that you really hated and......" Then MAK realized what he said could be tip Kurai off and he did a facepalm going, "Ah, shit!".

Kurai smiled, "Ah.... but there is a spin off.... and another and another...."
"They ACTUALLY DID THREE FROM THAT CRAP!" Angel's eyes widened a little.
"Of course, but I will save two for later... much later, my little nurse witch," he cooed.
Angel growled, "Don't fucken call me that!"

"Oh yeah?", MAK questioned boldly, "And what happens when we don't? Another vague threat with the Anime Gods added in? What are you going to do about that, motherfucker?" Apparently, with enough drinks in his system, MAK will get pissed off very easily.

"Because you wouldn't want this cute little angel to have to review it on her own for New Years, would you?" he asked as he put his hands on her shoulders and then got slapped again with claws.

Then MAK walked up to him on the ground with bloody claw marks on him and said, "Alright. Fine. I'll do it.....for two reasons.1) I'm not gonna let my friend suffer this alone and I don't want to abandon my friends, especially to a creep like you. 2)Because you really need your ass kicked."

Kurai smiled as he jumped back a bit, "Ah, what a perfect friend you are... and now for the challange... Review Nurse Witch Komugi, the 5 episode one."

After that, MAK goes to Kurai and said to him, "Look, I don't know about you and your sick kicks and all that, but what is with you harassing Angel all the time with these shit anime? Why do you have the need to keep doing this? Do you have it in for her or something?"

He smiled slightly at MAK, and chuckled slightly, "I wouldn't say have it in for her... more like, I know she's to strong to be overpowered by just one crappy anime..." his voice was actually soft for once, more gentle and slightly sad in a way, "Besides, its what I was made for, destiny and all that. You should know about destiny."

That last thing Kurai said did have MAK thinking of his destiny and yet made MAK feel almost sorry for him. "I get the feeling of destiny, too. I do know that Angel can handle whatever you throw but sometimes destiny can mislead you to something that can make you miserable and can I ask you a question? Are you actually happy now, Kurai?"

Kurai chuckled as he looked over at him, "Do I look like I would do it if I wouldn't be happy? Take a look at me for crying out loud, I scream bad boy, don't I?" Then his voice lowered even more, almost to low for MAK to hear although he could just make out him mumbling, "Besides... It means that I can actually stay around... her..."
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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 5/2/14
As Angel sat in the bar one evening, a group of men nearby were telling the worst jokes imaginable. Well, to be far, some of them were somewhat funny but others were all together gross. As she sipped her Irish Coffee and tried to concentrate more on the manuscript of a book she had been trying to write instead of hearing the rather gross talk, someone came up behind her and gently tapped her on the shoulder. She was trying so hard to blot out what the other men were saying that she didn't notice until she was touched, making her swing around and smack Kurai hard in the stomach, "Oh! I'm sorr..... Oh its you..." she said in a rather dark voice, "Then forget what I was about to say and get lost, stupid Lynx!" she turned back to the bar.
Kurai chuckled as he sat down right next to her, nursing his small bruise she just gave him and ordered a beer, "Now now.... you shouldn't act like that to me, doll," he said in a rather twisted way, giving her a awkward smile, "I see you been rather busy. Have you been ease dropping on the boys conversations?"
"For your information, its just gross humor most boys don't seem to grow out of..."
"Says the girl who actually liked things like FLCL and Panty and Stocking..." he interrupted, chuckling, "Come now sweetheart, we know your just as perverted as them."
"Shut it, devil hound...." she growled.
"Lynx actually," he corrected her, "With hands on your contract if you remember correctly. And it does say you have to review whatever is asked of you or..."
"Don't fucken remind me of that damn contract! I know what it says and why I have it...." she snapped at him, trying to keep him quiet.
"So, your going to review what I have planned today," he smiled, "Dead Leaves...."
She blinked, glancing at him, "With pleasure....." she said trying to throw him off but it didn't work.
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Posted 1/26/13 , edited 6/15/14
Angel sat in the library, reading a book she had been wanting for a while when a dark shadow blocked out the light. She looked up to find Kurai staring at her in the face. She sighed, not jumping for she pretty much expected to see the troll after all the other times he had shown up, "What do you want now?" she asked, frowning, "Is there a strange pantie shot anime you want me to look at?"
"Ah..." he smiled, "You do read manga, right?"
"And what is the point?" She asked.
"Have you heard of Dojinshi?"
"Of course I have heard of that... most of them are not really that good...." she said, then glared at him, "Don't tell me......"
"You haven't looked at many of them, in fact, you pretty much only looked at one."
"Because I ended up reviewing the anime for it so figured I should at least see the damn manga..." she frowned.
"I got a couple for you.... but your first is this...." he slipped her a small doujinshi with 'Megamix Gravitation' written on the front. She eyed it, then she noticed a word under it, "Oh come on!" she snapped, then lowered her voice, "This is a..."
"Ah yes, it is of course one of those.... but your contract...."
"Shut up..... the sooner I'm done with this the better........." she growled.
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Posted 1/26/13
Angel sat back in her seat at the coffee shop, closing her eyes. She had a rough time with some work she was doing but now she could relax a little. No Kurai around to bug her for a bit, she had heard he had gotten on a bus that was going pretty far. Well, actually she had tricked him after the hentai manga review so she could have some rest but lets not get into that at this point.

MAK went to the coffee shop today to treat himself to a break after all the reviews he has done lately and then he notices Angel in the background just relaxing and he thought to say a quick 'hello', considering he heard of what she has been through lately, especially with you-know-who.

She didn't notice him as she sighed, laying back, her book slipping from her hands and falling to the ground, a picture falling out of it.

MAK then went to help Angel and he noticed the picture on the ground and said, "Hey, who is this in this picture?"

She jumped and looked down, picking up the picture quickly, "It's.... my sister and me...." she said gently. The picture was of two young girls smiling, one with white wolf ears and tail, the other with black. Also, only one wing was showing of each of the girls, one with an angel's wing and the other had ones that looked a lot like Kurai's.

"Huh.....I never knew you had a sister.", MAK said, but then he has gotten a little curious about that picture, "Is she your twin or something? Because it looks like you got these angel wings and she....well, maybe it's me, my nearsightedness or she almost has the exact resemblance of Kurai."

"She is my twin....." she said in a low, sad voice, "And she does have wings like him......"

"What?", MAK said as he didn't quite heard that last part clearly. "Angel, does Kurai something to do with this?"

She sighed and nodded, "Yes..... he does. It's a very long story.... and I'm sorry that you have gotten involved...." she got up to leave, looking a little uncomfortable.

MAK run out of the shop to catch up with her, "Angel, what do you mean I'm involved in this? What's going on around here? Angel, I'm your friend!! If I'm involved, I need to know the whole deal!! Why is Kurai and whoever involved wants me, too?!?" MAK kept chasing up to her and then he grabbed her arm and said, "ANGEL!! You need to tell me everything and I mean every last detail."

She cringed at how he was yelling at her, and looked away, "They don't fucken want you.... they want me. They want me like they wanted my sister before. You only got into this because it seems Kurai likes to make people around me have to deal with the same bull crap."

"They holding your sister hostage?", MAK questioned her. "And yet Kurai wants to fuck with me just because he wants to? Then he said in a hushed voice, "That dirty motherfucker."

"They..... kind of arn't holding her hostage in a sence.... they..... bought her..."


She closed her eyes and sighed, "Maybe... we better go somewhere else to discuss this...." she said noticing a bunch of people staring at them.

"Yeah, maybe we should keep this from the public", as MAK agreed with her and went along to a more secretive location.

She followed slowly, not really wanting to do this but she seemed to have no other choice, he would chase after her if she left. When they got to his place, she plopped down on the couch, closing her eyes in what looked like shame.

MAK looked at her and since she was feeling must regret about today and in her past, "Angel, now you know you can tell me anything, right? This may not be easy to you but please tell me, what happened with your sister? Who bought her?"

"They call themselves Hono no Oni....." she said gently, then when noticing that MAK didn't understand, she said, "It means 'Demon's of Flame'...."

"Demons of Flame?", MAK said, "Already that group sounds more of a hassle than what I've been through. So demons bought your sister?"

"They aren't all demons.... but most of them are including the boss... Kurai's Dad if I remember correctly," searched her mind for more information, "They are rather secretive, but I know they are not unopposed to killing someone who doesn't do as they wish."

"So, basically, you made a deal with the devil and if you cross that deal, he won't hesitate to end your life, does that include your sister, too?", MAK questioned.

"Well, my contract said that he won't kill me or her.... but... that's because they want us both alive...."

"That.......that is just.....I mean, this is fucked up.", MAK couldn't even make a complete sentence response to what he just heard. "You can't buy her freedom back or anything like that? What about your parents? Do they know about this?"

"They died before all this happened...." she said in a very low voice, "It's just me and my sister...."

MAK just let out a suffice, "Damn." and then he said to her, "Then you really had a fucked-up life between then and now....and as much as this situation troubles me, there has to be a way to get your sister back."

"Not really.... she has been locked up there for about 13 years now... ever since we were 10. I don't know if she is even the same person anymore since I am never aloud to meet her."

"Wait, there's one thing I don't get? If she's locked in there, how come Kurai didn't go after her instead of bugging you every other day?"

"He was probably ordered to give me those reviews...." she said shrugging, "Last I heard, she and him are supposed to be engaged... Though that was a long time ago that I heard this."

"ENGAGED!?!?!?", MAK shouted, "Did him begging you about the reviews stop it?"

She shook her head, "No... not that I know of. I know that it was his boss's decision though, not theirs. Because I have the contract, they can't get married either unless Sis wishes it."

"And I'm guessing like you, your sister must really is annoyed with Kurai, too? Also what's her name?"

"I don't know if she is or not. Like I said, I haven't seen her in 13 years. Her name is Akuma."

"Well, I don't know any more options to this, Angel. If we try to break Akuma out and chances we're caught, the punishment is gonna get worse for you and her. I really want to help you but what can you and/or me do?"

She looked down, sighing, "The only thing I can do is keep reviewing whatever Kurai throws my way... Akuma is safe, and that's all that matters. I would give my own sanity to keep her that way. She is the younger of us anyway."

MAK tried to console her and said, "Well, you gotta go what you gotta do....even if it means you suffering to keep someone you love safe and I may not know your full life, but up until Akuma was bought, I'm sure you was a good sister to her."

Angel sighed, "As good as I could be.... then we were separated and she was bought.... the rest is what I told you."

"Alright, do you need anything right now or do you feel like you need to go home? It's your choice, I'm not begging you to stay."

"I'm fine until Kurai shows up again..." she said getting up, "Thanks, but its something I should work on myself."

Then MAK went to give Angel a hug and said, "Look, if you ever need me for anything, just give me a call and be safe out there, Angel."

She pulled away from the hug and said in a low voice, "If you helped me, you would be in danger too.... It would probably be more then just the reviews."

"Alright, alright, alright," He said, "But still, just be safe."

She nodded, "Thanks..." and left.
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Posted 1/27/13
Angel smiled as she walked through the park one day, minding her own business. It had been a little while since her talk with MAK and luckily even longer since she saw Kurai around. As she got to a small stage set up in the corner of the park, she could see they were starting to put on a play. Since she loved seeing plays and had a bit of a Drama bug about her, she watched from the side lines. It was about a girl doing all she could to get the affections of a man.

The play was actually rather touching and heartwarming and as the curtains closed, she turned and found herself staring straight into Kurai's face. It was only inches from her and so she headbutted him hard. He yelped and jumped back a little, then chuckled, "Well, you like the little play?" he asked, a sly smile on his face.

"Like the headbutt I just gave you? My foot is going to meet your groan next if you do that again...." she answered back.

"Well, it was such a lovely play, but you know what would be better? If the girl was very hyperactive," he sneered.

"Let me guess, Excel Saga?" She rolled her eyes.

"Ah, am I that easy to read?"

"It's one I watched before I was a reviewer...." she commented, "Fine, I'll do the fucken job."


As Angel finished the Review, Kurai smiled and leaned in close to her, though not to close and said, "Very good, and your little sister says hi by the way..." and then pulled back and left quickly.

She blinked for a moment surprised he had said that, then ran after him but was unable to catch up to him. She felt a little odd after he said that for he didn't say it rather meanly like she thought he might, but more gentle, as though he understood how she felt.

After a bit, she shook her head, "Must of been my imagination. There isn't any way he would be nice to me...." and walked off, not noticing that Kurai was in one of the trees nearby watching her, his golden eyes glowing slightly.
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Posted 1/28/13 , edited 1/28/13
MAK2.0 - $6 Million bounty Story (molds into mine a bit)

A few minutes after being stopped, MAK was being questioned by every police officer of any whereabouts about himself and the bounty of him being $6 million. Remember that MAK is wearing a unrecognizable disguise so no one will know his true identity. After a lot of questioning that left the officers baffled, it seems like he was home-free until one certain freelancer came here.....one who would say came from the pits of hell or just hell to deal with.

Kurai smiled as he watched the Police leave, and then came out of the shadows, seeing to have a strange power to be able to do that, "Interesting.... having a little trouble again?" he asked, seeming to have a the same teasing voice he normally uses for Angel.

"Oh, it's you again." MAK snapped at Kurai, "Don't you have any other people that's not me or Angel to stalk and then get slapped by them? Oh wait, that sounds like your normal self on a Friday night."

"Oh? And do you really need to be saying this to someone who actually could tell them who you are?" he asked, pointing to the one way window that looked like a mirror from this side. He didn't have a reflection in it right now.

MAK looks at the same one-way window and says, "Hmmm, that's funny. You have no reflection, you're ridiculously emo-ish and much like anybody from Twilight as in you don't fuckin' scare me. Now what the fuck do you want?" He sounded irritated.

Kurai shrugged, "You know, I hate that stupid movie and book combo as much as the next person.... I'm.... a shadow right now as it were... I just thought it would be interesting to see you locked up," he smiled a bit, "Of course...... if you do as I say, maybe I'll get you and your friends out of here."

MAK thought about what he said and that might've came out as racist (I don't think it did) but he really needed to get out of here to find more of the crew. He sighs and said, "Fine. What do I gotta do to get me and my two friends out of here?"

He smiled a bit, "Well now, you will owe me a favor.... but I don't think its time yet for you to do it yet....." he chuckled, then slipped into the shadows.

"WAIT! WAIT! What favor do I gotta do? Kurai? KURAI?!? You fucking bastard! What's the favor?" He shouted almost loud enough for others to hear.

There was no answer for a while, and then the door of the interrogation room unlocked and opened, Kurai standing there with a key he threw up and down in the air, "There ya go. Now you owe me...."

"Fine", MAK said silently as we silently escaped and got his friends Ani and GSXR out of there quick before anybody caught them in the act. Then MAK did the one thing he vowed never to do again.....he used his power to transport them out of the building.

Kurai chuckled as they got to where he transported them, "Thats a rather interesting power you got there...." he said leaning against a tree, "Why you never use that?"

MAK explained, "I don't use it as much because I'm trying to keep a low profile since they have detectors of the source I'm using called Blue Leaf. That and I need to save it for important things, which I guess this is." Then Ani walked up to him and said, "Excuse me, Hybrid, but who are you talking to?"

Kurai smiled, "I got something like that.... though don't use it for good reason. Anyway, its about time to get back to the little Angel...." he stretched his back out a bit, his little demon wings flapping a bit.

Then GSXR intervene and said, "Oh, this is the guy that you been talking about, Hybrid, the asshole stalker." and then MAK said, "Really? You can't go without a few minutes sniffing Angel about? I guess you are crazy for her...*in hushed voice* Just like you being engaged to her sister."

Kurai froze for a moment, then glared at him, "And how did you hear of that little bit of information?"

"Let's just say when they told me, I had a heavenly feeling inside my mind." MAK said as the girls watched.

"Ah.... so Angel herself told ya....." he said, shrugging, "It's not my choice about that...."

"Like it's not your choice to have her sister locked up for 13 years?", MAK retorted and Ani said, "Wait, so you have a crush on Angel and yet her sister that you are engaged to is locked up? Wow, you make a horrible husband!" and she ended with a unpleasant look towards him.

Kurai rolled his eyes, "Did I ask for your half-assed opinion of me?" he asked, "I'm out of here...." he said and walked away from them.

"Wow, I think you really pissed him off there." Ani said, "Me?", MAK said, "Aren't you the one that said he make a horrible husband? Anyway, forget about him. We gotta find a way to move to the next town, a car with gas and hopefully a heater, and find more of our crew."
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Angel glared at a Genius book that she had in her hands, more specifically, the page where the world record holder of the largest breasts was. It grossed her out.

And that's when MAK came into the scene and ask Angel what she was reading and she showed him the picture and MAK let out a huge "DAMN!! Who the hell is that and why is her breasts larger than my head?"

"She goes by 'Maxi Mounds..... and she fucken had them done in surgery just to be called the women with the largest breasts......" she said, shivering, "Fucken going to break in half if you ask me!"

"OK, look, I know breasts appeal to some guys, including myself, but NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE needs that size of breasts!!! I mean, really? It just........Oi."

"Ah.... then why are there so many anime with them in it?" a familiar voice came from behind him, "In fact, I can think of one that's pretty heavy with it...." he reached over and actually grabbed Angel's own breasts, "You would know of that style, right little Angel?"
Angel tried to smack him but he jumped out of the way in time, "I'm natural first off!" she snapped, "And your seriously going to die!"
"Now now...." he chuckled, "I didn't mean much by it."

Then MAK came to slap Kurai and said, "Dude, if you pretty much grabbed a woman's breasts like that, don't be shocked if you're gonna get slapped and I know what title you're talking about and here's what I got to say about that." He gave Kurai the finger.

Kurai chuckled, "Oh?Well I'm sure the police would like to have a word with you then......" he smiled, "And I have a another title for you to do as well..." he said, rubbing his face, "Ikki Tousen ring a bell?"

MAK groaned at the name of those titles, "Oh, you sick fuck!!" And then MAK added, "Wait, the Ikki Tousen review? Was that the favor you asked me of?"

Angel jumped when she heard MAL say that, "You actually have to give him a favor?" she glared over at him, "Seriously! You actually LET him make you have to do a favor of you?"
Kurai ignored that and said, "No.... the favor is something else..... again, its not time yet for that."

MAK said, "It's a long, long, and grating story and like you, I'm just not as proud for this." Then MAK banged his head in the wall several times for the humiliation that's about to come.

Kurai chuckled, "Eiken should be a good watch for you, you did say you liked large breasts...." he said, putting his hands behind his head.
Angel groaned and started her own review.


"HAHAHAHA!! Very fucking funny there!", MAK said in a irritated mood. "Look, what favor is you talking about if it's not reviewing this two shit titles? I mean, really, Eiken and Ikki Tousen, where it's just fuck logic, let there be breasts and ripped clothes?"

"Well, I bet you actually did like it a little...." he smiled as he walked away, not really answering him about the favor.

MAK ran out to follow Kurai, "Look, you dick, just because I'm a guy and I like seeing female nudity, doesn't mean I'm one of those lonely otaku who just fap to pantie shots and fan service. That's the one thing I will never be."

"Good thing I'm considered a troll then, hmmm?" he smiled, and then chuckled a bit at him.

"Really? What's so funny now?", MAK said, "Let me guess? I must be a bitch for turning it down?"

"Oh no... of course, I'll ask for that favor at some point," he chuckled a little, "So catch ya later...."

"HOLD UP!!!" MAK shouted, "I wanna know about the deal with Akuma and the engagement!! And why Angel can't see her!"

Kurai turned and shrugged, "Don't know much about that... All I know is my Pop did the engagement thing..... and that my orders were to just keep giving Angel the reviews."

"So you're just his lackey, doing the dirty work for him. But why is she the one? What made her their pick?" MAK questioned and added, "And you better not lie to me." He stared Kurai dead in the eye.

Kurai backed up a little, "Look, I don't know exactly but she and her sister got some power...." he said, shrugging, "I don't know what."

"Power? You don't know what power? Does your father know?", MAK questioned Kurai.

"Probably... he's the one that bought her...."

After hearing that, MAK was left speechless after knowing that fact and thinking of nothing but unfortunate consequences.

Kurai shrugged, "Well, now you know.... I doubt Angel knows to much of it, and I don't think she should know about it."

"Is that a threat, Kurai, another bluff?"

"No, It's more of a warning... I have a small feeling that if she knew about her power.... something bad might happen...."

MAK then said, "I swear, if you harm her, I will guarantee that I will PERSONALLY FUCK YOU UP!! And that's a promise."

He looked a bit sad there, and said in a more gentle voice, "I wouldn't harm her.... and I'm not threatening her... I think something might happen.... by her hands...."

MAK thought about it and then he responded, "Fine. I won't threaten your life."

Kurai shrugged, "Doesn't matter, I wouldn't die anyway..." he said and left.
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So, in the middle of the night, MAK was too wired to sleep after learning all this new info about Angel and the fact he doesn't know what favor he owes Kurai and that Angel was pissed that he owe him something and then he heard some strange noise outside his room.

A dark figure slipped over to his door, dressed in a black cape that covered his body. Even with that, people could barely make out some strange bumps where his ears were poking the head cover.

After hearing that noise, MAK went to find a blunt object and went into his stealth mode and transport himself behind the dark figure and he grab him or her from behind. "Hey, GET OVER HERE!!" and starts choking and slapping him and finally reveal the figure and it was Kurai and MAK then sighed in relief, "Oh, it's only you." and then slaps him again and said, "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU BREAKING IN MY HOUSE?"

"I WASN'T!" Kurai yelled in a hushed voice and covered his head again, "I was trying to get your attention.... can we talk inside?" he asked, looking around as though he thought he was followed.

"OK, fine." So Kurai went inside for a little talk with MAK. "Kurai, is this about the favor that I owe you? If so, can you just tell me what it is. It wasn't the Ikki Tousen review, so what could be left?"

Kurai sat down, looking a little figity, definant then what he normally was like, "It is.... the favor. I want you to take Angel out of this town..... and somewhere safe...." he said, gulping.

MAK then started to realize that Kurai's isn't joking around. "Oh shit, You're not just fucking with me, are you? You're serious." And then MAK also started to remember all about his dad and asked "Is your Dad coming here for Angel?"

Kurai nodded, "He found a loophole..... in the contract that makes Angel have to join us. I don't want her to be caged up like her sister.... my Dad, er.... I should say Step-Dad actually.... wants them both...."

"Oh no." MAK said silently but enough to hear Kurai. "Shit. Well, I know a few underground places that I can hide her in but I don't know if he might find---wait a minute, Step-Dad?"

Kurai seemed to kind of blush slightly at this, "Um.... ya..... Step-Dad.... he married my mom.... then she died and now he's the only damn parent I got..."

MAK then said, "OK. Not as sad as Angel's story but anyway, I need to get to her house and explain all of this.....and you have to come with me, Kurai, to confess to her that you don't want this for her."

Kurai blinked, then shook his head quickly, "I.....I can't! She won't believe me!"

He grabbed Kurai and said, "Look.....OK, you may have a point but how am I gonna explain this without mentioning that you told me? She'll think I'm just fucking around with her."

"She.... She trusts you... and though thats hard for me to say, she would listen to you better then me," he seemed a bit sad at that, and looked away from him in one of those strange blushing looks.

MAK grabbed the keys to his car as he gets ready to go to Angel's place, "Look, I'm taking you with me to her and I'll explain everything to her right away. Plus, I know in your heart you don't want this for her and you knowing all of this and do nothing? That's actually worse than what your stepdad is doing."

Kurai sighed, "There is a reason..... because... the way everything was going, she wouldn't get hurt. She would be safe and sound if my Dad just didn't notice whatever he did...." he got up and followed MAK.

So MAK and Kurai got into his car and head their way into Angel's place, and Kurai wasn't looking too hot about this. "Look, man, you just gotta confess to her about everything you know about your step-dad, also what do I call him again?"

"Kiba..... his names Kiba...." he whispered, "And I don't know much of him.... we aren't actually close in all. I only know the buisness because he won't let me leave... he wants me to marry Angel's sister and then become just like him."

"The father always wants to groom his son to be like him....even if the son isn't his biological one." MAK said to Kurai and soon after that ride, they arrived at Angel's just in the nick of time to see the early morning sun. MAK and Kurai got out of the car and then he said, "Alright, she might be up at this time. I'll explain some of the details and you gotta help, too, don't pussyfoot around with this."

"Although its so hard not to tease that cute little face...." he chuckled, sounding slightly more like himself. As they walked up to the door, they could see that only one light was on in the apartment complex.

"Wait, why is there only one light on?" MAK asked, "I have this ominous feeling right now. Fuck it, i'm going in." MAK transported himself and Kurai into her apartment and started to look for her.

Angel was drying her hair as she walked out of her shower with just a towel around her body. When she saw the boys, she screamed and threw something rather heavy at them, "PERVERTS! PANTIE THIEVES!" she screamed not recognizing the two in the dark.

Both guys had to dodge whatever Angel threw, "ANGEL!! Stop throwing shit at us!! It's me. MAK!! And Kurai, too. *he said in a low voice* We're not doing a damn panty raid!! This isn't a '80s college movie!"

She glared at them, then said, "I wouldn't of put it past Kurai..... but you MAK.... I thought better of you..." she went back into the bathroom to hide her body.

MAK tries to explain everything to Angel, "Oi!! ANGEL!! We came here to warn you that the people that Lynx-boy is associated with...the Hono no Oni...they are after you and....damn it, Kurai, just tell her the damn info."

Kurai was just staring at the door, gulping a bit. He was stunned a little seeing her like that.
Angel glared through the crack of the door, "Turn around and talk to me while I'm changing then.... and if I dare catch you two peaking, your going to be dead and in pieces...."

"OK, fine." MAK and Kurai with their backs turned told her "Kurai's step-dad, Kiba found a loophole in the contract and he wants you to join him and from the looks of it, you have no other options unless you want to end up like your sister."

"No other option what? I am only hearing one option here and that's end up like my sister...." she was dressing behind them, some of the sounds of her dressing going to Kurai's ears and making him blush brighter, his face visible to MAK.

MAK then recognized Kurai's horny expression, "You horny motherfucker. Don't you even think about what you're thinking." MAK also has the need to tell Angel about his power he kept hidden from her.

Kurai frowned, "Hard not to when you have as good a fucken hearing as I do jack ass...... your not the one with the animal genes....."
"AND I also have those animal genes that can hear just as well as you, Kurai...." Angel growled as she started packing a couple things in a bag.
Kurai cringed slightly at this.

"Hey, um, Angel?" MAK said to her, "I also have something else to get off my chest lately. If you're dressed yet, I'll tell you all about it.

"You mean about that stupid power of yours..... I don't know how but I sensed it when you zapped in here tonight...." she said, shrugging, "To each their own as long as you haven't used it to be a pervert...."

Then she looked back at them, "Unless it was Kurai that did that."

"Well, actually...." MAK showed everyone his transportation stage as he glows blue around him and then stop the process. "...I wasn't exactly born with this power. I actually wanted this inside me......and, no, I don't use it for being a pervert, Angel."

She blinked, "So.... your like the naked blue man in the Watchers.... huh? Just without the nakedness."

"Basically, yeah, I'm Dr. Manhattan." MAK said, "I just don't use the powers for cheap thrills and frivolous things....at least, not that much. It was always in handy when I fought with the Anime Gods...although it didn't make up that I wasn't that good of a fighter back then."

"Well, you got enough fighting power to help me out with something?" she asked, grabbing her knife and putting it into her belt, then grabbing something out of her dresser that looked similar to a gun.

"I can be of very good assistance to you." MAK said, "After all, this is the perfect time to showcase my power to you. Also, is that a gun or something similar I see before my eyes?"

She nodded, "It's a modded Blacktail handgun. And then your coming with me...."
Kurai blinked, "Ang.... I think I know that look.... what the hell are you planning?" he looked nervous like he thought she was going to shoot him.
"I'm fucken getting my sister back from you scum...." she said glaring at Kurai, then pointed the gun at him, "And your not stopping me."

MAK then looked at Angel, looking like she's ready to waste Kurai, "Angel.....the Lynx boy isn't actually our target. He's basically a shrimp while his step-dad and the others are the mighty prawns we need to go after. Plus, that favor he asked me.....it was to get you in safety and out of their hands. He's basically harmless."

She blinked, putting the gun down and looking at Kurai oddly, "You... were trying to.... help me?" she asked.
Kurai nodded, not looking at her in the face.
"And why the hell would you help me? You.... your going against your own Dad..... so.... w..."
Kurai stayed silent.

Then MAK opened his mouth and guessed, "I don't know if it's me or maybe the guy must have a crush on you.......oh yeah, and he's not really that close to his dad so......." That's all MAK could say to them.

Kurai looked over to him with a small glare on his face, "Dude.... shut up!" he snapped as his face was bright red.
Angel actually blushed as well, and sighed, "Alright...he may actually help us out here..... Here's the plan...." she started telling them in a hushed voice.

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After hearing the plan Angel laid out for MAK and Kurai, MAK had some concerning reasons and doubts of it, "I don't know about this plan, guys, this seems very risky and the stakes are at an all-time high. Are you sure I won't get caught by those guys?"

Kurai frowned as well, "I don't see problems with me bringing her in.... but..."
Angel sighed, "Stop the crap. It will work out."
"It's not enough leeway in case something happens, Ang...."

"Do you really this facade would work? I'm not that pessimistic but won't they have cameras everywhere detecting everywhere I go?", said MAK as he's concerned with his phase of the plan. "And I haven't even try my stealth mode yet, I'm not sure if it will work."

Kurai turned to him, "You wouldn't have to worry about that if you dress in a buisness suit. Thats what they all wear. But as for this plan..... I really have no clue about...."
Angel interupted, "Just go with the damn plan! I want to get my sister out of there fast! If you don't want to do the plan... then I guess I have no choice but to go myself!" she said standing up.

After that response from Angel, MAK had to teleport in front of her, "Look, I'm willing to go with the plan, alright? We just can't screw up and the plan's gone to shit! I'm worried about this for a reason, ANGEL!"

"It's not your butt on the line.... its mine! You can teleport out of there if it gets rough. As for Kurai, his Dad wouldn't hurt him.... I'm the only one that had my life on the line and I would do anything for my sister."

While Angel explained to MAK that she got everything on the line, he also had to say, "OK, I know I can teleport out of there and I know you would do anything for your sister. I know this but if I leave you while something happens to you, I don't know what I'll do if shit like that happens and yet I still will help you out."

Kurai closed his eyes, "I do have to say..... I know she won't be killed..... I guess we just.... have to do this....." he got up and the group got ready to do the plan.

So we head off to do the plan and ride off and I had to ask Kurai, "Ummm....Lynx-b--, I mean, Kurai, do you know where the Hono no Oni HQ is located at? Is it somewhere underground? A cave or something?"

"Actually, a buisness building... the main fasility is underneath but its pretty much like the mafia in that they have a rather alright buisness on top while they do shady things underneath...." he was looking really nervous.

"Oh damn." MAK responded as Kurai's words might give him a early warning and then MAK decided to inject enough Blue Leaf into his system, in case of dire needs. "OW! Son of a bitch!" he said as he felt the usual stick of a needle as he administers the stuff.

Kurai quickly turned to him, "What the..... what are you doing?"

"This is how the Blue Leaf is to be taken. Remember, that stuff that fuels my power and all that? I didn't say this process was a walk in the park. Yes, it may looks like I'm doing heroin but I'm not." MAK said to a weirded out Kurai and possibly an wondering Angel.

Angel shrugged a bit at him, "Do as you need......"

When they got to the place, Kurai brought her inside and they went to see his father.
Kiba was a rather strange man, horns growing on his head and a rather odd smile on his face, "Ah...... my dear little angel...." he said walking over to the two, "Kurai, you have done well in bringing her to me...."
"What the hell do you want," she growled at him, glaring.
"Ah.... I think you should be quiet now, or there will be problems with your sister.... I have found that you have not been doing a satifactory job in your reviews and so you to now stay here."
"And what if I say no?"
Kiba just chuckled and turned to Kurai, "Now.... take her to the special 'room'....."
Kurai's eyes widened a bit, "Wait a minute! Why are you placing her there? Why not put her near where we have her sister!"
"Ah.... if you will not, then I guess someone else shall...." he said and snapped his fingers. A couple guys came in and manhandled Angel away.

Meanwhile, MAK was getting dressed in a business suit to blend in with the guards of the place and he's meeting Kurai somewhere in a camera-free zone, "So how do I look? Convincing enough?" Kurai kept looking worried as if something has gone wrong. "Wait, what happened?"

"We got a problem... my Dad's placed her in a room thats really difficult to get to...." he said, then cringed when he heard a women's voice nearby, "Oh CRAP! You need to hide!" he said as he forced MAK to get behind some boxes.

So MAK had to keep quiet while he's hiding and had to keep his mouth shut from doing something stupid. "OK.", he said in a very, very quiet voice.

Kurai leaned against the boxes in a rather smartass way he would normally do and frowned, "What the hell you want?" he asked the women that came over to him. She was pretty and had a striking resemblance to Angel.
She smiled a bit at him, "You haven't been back in a while.... thought we could hang out for a bit..." she said and then studied his face, "Oh... your hiding something from me, eh?" she asked, getting closer to him.
"Akuma.... your sister's around you know...." he said frowning, "How about you go see her or get Dad to let her go....."
"Sister?" she asked blinking, "What sister?"
"Oh god..... did they really do it again?" Kurai asked in a low voice, covering his face a bit in almost a defeated way.

While he is in one of those boxes, MAK was wondering who in the hell is that woman that was approaching Kurai and after hearing their conversation, the name 'Akuma' was mentioned. "AKUMA!?!?!", MAK thought in his head, "I thought she was a prisoner in here. Dammit, Kurai better not lie to me about this!"
Then MAK took another glimpse at Akuma and mentions, "Hmmm....she does have similar features to Angel."

She saw MAK and stepped back, glaring at him, "A intruder....." she said as she reached for the gun on her hip.

"NO! NO! I'm not an intruder. I.....happen to work here. I'm the new guy." MAK had to make up a fake name in order to fit his disguise. "My name is....Carter. I'm a trainee here." Not sure if Akuma would fall for that, MAK looked kinda nervous.

She chuckled, "Oh really? What's your clearance number then?" she asked but before she could do anything, Kurai grabbed her gun and pulled her close, kissing her as he threw the gun to MAK. He was only doing this to get her attention of MAK though it was a rather odd way of doing so. She wrapped her arms around his waist as he did, seeming to get into it.

So MAK decided to do the smart thing and get the hell out of dodge before his cover is blown and as he run to a safe spot, he thought, "Well, Kurai is quite the ladies' man, isn't he? Doesn't explain Akuma though and why she is like this and not remembering Angel? They must've wiped out her memory or something like that."

Kurai finished with Akuma and then went to where he believed where MAK was, frowning as he walked around the corner and not seeing MAK behind him.

Then out of nowhere, MAK was hiding in a corner and had to throw a empty soda can at him and said, "HEY!! JACKASS!! I thought you said Akuma was locked up and yet she's running around free. Why does she have a gun in her person and why doesn't she remember Angel?"

He rubbed the spot that MAK hit him, turning around and looking a little pissed himself, "Look, they keep wiping her memory..... I keep trying to have her remember and they keep stopping that. She's around freely though not as free as you think..... she can't leave the building...."

"OK. Fine. But it would have help, if you TOLD ME ABOUT THIS EARLIER, DAMMIT!!", MAK quietly screamed at Kurai. "Now how are we gonna work this plan out?"

Kurai sighed, "I didn't tell you because I didn't think we needed to worry about that.... now I have no clue. The room they put her in is in the lab area where they are working on a couple high classifide items...."

"So she's nothing to them but a test subject?" Then MAK thought of the worst. "Great. Just fucking great. Now if Angel ever finds her, Akuma can't remember her and this might break her heart."

"Hey, I know we can remind Akuma of Angel.... the mind wipe isn't as good as you think. I have been able to break it before so don't worry about that part.... what we need to worry about is getting Angel out of there....."

"Alright, what I need now is keys to her cell that she's in." MAK said to Kurai, "Do you know where they are?"

"There are no keys..... its all for hand print Identification."

MAK groaned at that answer and then he guessed that Kurai can't do it himself because they never gave him authorization of a key. "Do I need to find a guard to get access."

"The head scientist..... he's probably in the lab already doing what he needs....." he said sighing, "Damnit.... I wish this all was just over with.... I'm not really free myself..." he mumbled the last part.

"Well, in that case......" He then just transported in the head scientist's room but he had to sneak incognito and figure out a way to get access into one of the those cells. Then MAK thought, "Should I just knock him out or force him to make a duplicate hand print ID?"

The scientist was working at a lab table nearby, looking at a blood sample that the bottle had 'Ak-478' on it. It seemed to be part of a larger experiment and he was to into it to even notice MAK.

While the scientist is too busy to notice MAK, he decided to go with the stealth mode and cloaked himself into finding duplicate hand print IDs but then again, just copies of a hand won't work, so he had to knock him out unconsciously and drag him out of there.

As he dragged him to the place Angel was, he could see a couple dead bodies on a table looking as though they were dissect. The only thing that seemed to look like it wasn't touched were angel wings that looked a lot like Angel's. Other then that, it was unrecognizable.

As he passed through the room of dissect bodies, MAK felt like he had the urge to throw up due to the smell and worried that was Angel, but it wasn't. So later then, he finally got into the cells and had to locate Angel, "Yo, Angel, you there? What cell are you in?"

She blinked, looking up, "Over here!" she called out from one of the cells in the back, "MAK! Be careful!"

"Don't worry, I'm getting you out soon." MAK dragged the unconscious body of the scientist, lift him up, and put his hand on hand print ID and so how it goes.

The door unlocked and Angel walked out, looking a bit beat up, "Thanks..... lets get my sister now..." she said, walking past him.

So MAK then cloaked him and Angel as they escape, just before the scientist waking up wondering how he get from his room to here and notice the unlocked door but see no prisoner in there.

He pressed the alarm and the sound went off saying a prisoner had escaped. Kurai was running to the door of the lab, looking for the two as he did.

"Hey Kurai!" MAK said while he was invisible, "We're right here!" as he made him and Angel visible for a brief second. "OK. Got her out, but where did Akuma aka that girl that tried to shoot me go?"

"Tried to shoot you?" Angel asked, unsure what the hell he was talking about.
Kurai gulped, "She headed off near my father....."

MAK thought of his swift plan as this,"You know what? We gotta go follow your dad but as soon as we get Akuma, I'm gonna make us invisible, transport us out of here fast and leave without a trace for them to follow."

Kurai nodded, "I..... I know he will want to go after us though....." he said as he took the group to where his father was.

They soon spotted Kiba and Akuma as Angel and MAK were cloaked, and Kurai was getting ready to distract Kiba with some explanation and then both Angel and MAK grabbed Akuma from behind. "Ready.....Set.....GO!"

Angel ran, pulling Akuma away but as she did, Kiba took out his gun and shot at her. Kurai got in the way and took the bullet for her but lay there almost lifeless. Angel screamed seeing him like that and fell to his side, eyes wide at the fact he had saved her.

After seeing Kiba attempting to shoot Angel but ended up shooting Kurai, MAK grabbed Kiba's neck and slammed him against the ground, "You son of a bitch!!" And then MAK preceeded to punch him several times, but the punches pack more of one than usual.

Kiba threw him off, and growled as his eyes started to glow a demented looking color, "Stupid child...." he said standing up, "You think you can kill me? I believe you will regret your actions....."

MAK got up from being thrown to the ground and said, "Motherfucker, please! The only thing I gonna regret is which way to not kick your ass and believe me......I got no sympathy for the devil." Then soon, he managed to grab a pistol from the ground and just took a shot at him. "Your move, Kiba."

Kiba suddenly seemed to teleport out of the way, chuckling as he grabbed him and threw him again, closer to Angel and chuckled as he picked up his own gun, "You know.... I have heard there was a bounty on your head...... I think our organization would love to use that money....."

MAK breathed and breathed from the beating as he went along and said, "Oh really and how's that? I threw people like that off before and I'll do it again....and you, gutless prick.....shooting your own son like that, even if you're not blood related.....you're a bluff."

"He has outlived his usefulness..... he and his rather stupid mother..... she was a rather interesting Angel I believe...... but she did not like that he was only a genetic mishap...." he shrugged, "As is a lab child....."

"Oh, stop it!", MAK yelled, "You despicable bastard!! You killed two innocent people while separating two sisters from each other, while making the other one forget all about her!! Don't you fucking give me a lecture about this shit!!" The sight of MAK appears to be really pissed off. "And to think, I give your son shit when he didn't deserve it. I'm glad Kurai's not like you. He has more heart than you would ever be!!" His anger is progressing more and more and then the Blue Leaf went into overdrive and snatched Kiba to only throw and throttle him over and over.

Kiba just lay there, and soon it seemed that his body was smoking and suddenly exploded. What they were fighting was nothing but a robot, not the real Kiba.
Angel closed her eyes and was shaking as she tried to stop the bleeding, "MAK! WE GOT TO LEAVE NOW!"
Akuma was walking back, frightened of MAK now and was shaking a little as she tried to escape.

Then MAK uses what little power he has gotten left and transported out of there in a minute flat.

They landed in Angel's room, and Akuma fainted from the scare.
Angel kept holding the spot on Kurai, shaking as she tried to stop the bleeding. Then, she started to glow a strange light blue light covering her body, and golden sparks flew from her hands. After, she fainted, laying on top of Kurai, the wound now healed.

"Wait. Angel......" MAK slightly noticed that moment, "What just happened there? What's with the glow and the blue light and......What power is that?"

She didn't answer, now, asleep from all that had happened and her using the power she didn't even know that she had.

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Kurai woke the next morning, putting his hand to his head with the small headache he had. /Was it all a dream?/ he asked himself as he tried to sit up, stopping when he felt something a bit heavy on his chest. He looked down and his face turned red seeing Angel laying there, asleep.

Then we see MAK beginning to wake up and he suffers from a headache, a few bruises, and nausea that day and as he woke up, he saw the sight of Angel laying down on Kurai. "Oh....Kurai, you're not dead. That's a relief."

"W.....what the hell is all this about?" he asked, trying to sit up again, a arm around Angel's body to not have her fall over and bump her head.

MAK then explained it all to Kurai, "Well, for a second there, after you ended up taking a bullet for Angel, who was almost shot by your stepdad, I ended up beating his ass just like that......only to find out that a robot masquerade as him." Then he tried to piece together what happened after. "Then something was glowing from Angel's hands, possibly curing you from that wound and then she fainted.....also Akuma's here and she's passed out as well. But, seriously, I'm glad you aren't dead."

"I would think you would of wanted me to die..." he mumbled as he gently lay Angel down and stood up, looking over to where Akuma was and sighing.

He thought that quote from Kurai and said, "OK. Maybe at first.....but then again I didn't trust you while back. But then, compared to your stepfather, you're a fucking boy scout. That and I wanted to apologize for thinking you would turn on us .Plus,taking a bullet for Angel was the most noble thing I have ever seen you done. You should've seen Angel worrying about you."

He blushed even more, and looked over to Angel again, "She..... was worried about me?" he asked, looking a little surprised. Then he turned to MAK, "And I'm no boy scout....." he seemed a bit annoyed at that.

"I'm serious about that. She tried to stop the bleeding and then suddenly.....you're good as new." Then MAK suddenly gazed at a passed out Akuma, "But what are we gonna do about her?"

Kurai sighed looking over to her, "I'll deal with her..... don't worry about it..." he said walking over to Akuma and gentlyly pulling her up into his arms a bit, "How about you help Ang...... I... don't think she would want me to do that...." he said, looking like he was stand off-ish.

"Alright", MAK said as he got Angel into the bed without pulling an awkward "harem anime" moment. "But really, Kurai, she's gotten real easy with you."

"What do you mean 'real easy with me?" he asked, as he placed Akuma on the couch and was about to wake her.

"I mean, she no longer hates you or detest you. Isn't that getting through your head now, Kurai?!?!" MAK had to reiterate that again.

Kurai couldn't help but blush brighter, "Th.....thats not going ot happen....." he said, turning his head away, "She probably only sees me as a friend...." he reached up and gripped hold of the dogtag around his neck, "There really isn't any way we could....."

"Well, I ran out of advice to say.....", MAK casually said, "Well, we better wake Akuma up fast and pronto."

Kurai nodded, still figiting with his dogtags as he turned to wake her up.

Then MAK noticed the figiting on the neck, "OK, um...Kurai? What's with the dog tags on your neck?"

Kurai looked over to him, "Oh.... these? Um....." he sighed and took them off, handing them to MAK to see. On them, there was a rather strange code 'KK8329' and then his name.

"So to them, you're just a prisoner yourself but with special privileges." MAK continued to glaze at the dog tags, "Does Akuma have one of these, too? If so, we need to get rid of them. Immediately."

"So that makes you a Hybrid or something? Because if so, then that's the beauty of being that." Maybe it's that MAK was trying to make Kurai feel better about that.

"I guess I'm a hybrid..... but... more like a clone of someone my mother lost...... you see..... Kiba had the lab.... and let her make me though something went strange and I didn't turn out like him...." he seemed a bit confused as to how to explain, "I'm... pretty much a reject....."

"Well......I know how being called a reject feels. I may not be like you or Angel or Akuma when it comes to being half angel, demon, wolf or lynx but I have been treated like nobody wanted me for anything." He glazed at himself in the mirror remembering remnants of his own past. "But, Kurai, I could say any generic motivational speech but if you're a hybrid, then you are all pow--", then MAK notices Akuma beginning to wake up.

Akuma moaned out a little as she woke, and looked around a bit. When she saw MAK, she got up and hid herself behind Kurai, "W.....What the hell are we doing here?" she asked, shaking a little as she gripped Kurai tightly.
Kurai yelped a bit, "A....Akuma.... that hurts...." he said, his voice gentle and almost sweet. He was doing so more as a friendship then anything else.

MAK then explained to her, "Look, I'm not going to hurt you in any way or form. I'm a friend of Kurai, you know, the guy you're gripping to dear life to? You clearly have amnesia or Stockholm's Syndrome from hanging around with Kiba for all of 13 years. Oh yeah, did I forgot to mention you have an older sister who risked her life to save your ass?" Then he sat down and feels the pain from his ribs due to being thrown too much from that fight.

She shook her head, "Your lieing!" she screamed out, growling a bit, "You just want us for your own sick reasons!"
Kurai frowned to MAK whispering, "Not a good move......" then turned to Akuma, "He is a... friend in a sense and he didn't kidnap us. We are going to be ok.... just calm down and sit down. It is going to be alright...." he was being a rather smooth talker as he sat her down, her griping to his hand tightly.

"No offense, but I think she's still crazy after all these years." MAK whispered to Kurai, "Do you have something to make her remember Angel?" But unknown to MAK, Akuma might have heard that.

Akuma growled at him, "GO AWAY!" she shouted at him, "STAY AWAY FROM ME AND KURAI!"
Kurai tried to calm her down, then took MAK into the other room for a moment, "Look, shut the fuck up around her right now. Your just making things worse for her and I was able to have her remember before.... I can do it again but I need you to stop this."

MAK then have to give in to Kurai's wishes but he wasn't happy about it, "Fine. I'll shut up for now. Just make sure she remembers her."

"I know how to..... But I can't promise how fast... you can't rush this stuff...." Kurai turned and went back to Akuma who jumped up and suddenly kissed him deeply on the lips, wrapping her arms around him.

MAK would have said something to say but he decided to keep his mouth shut considering the circumstances and also Akuma was getting on his nerves.

Kurai was able to pull away finally, sighing, "Akuma... please don't. Listen, remember the picture in your room?" he asked, sitting her down, "The one of the two girls?"
Akuma nodded, frowning, "So?"
"One was you..... and the other was her...." he said pointing to Angel, "Alright? Please understand.... its going to be alright... I'll stay with you here but you have to trust me...."
She gulped, starting to look scared.

While Kurai was getting Akuma to remember, MAK was still wondering about Angel's new found power she gained and how she came accustomed to it. "I hope this shit works out in the end." He thought. "And hopefully Akuma won't have the need to curse me out."

Kurai worked with Akuma for a short time, then walked over to MAK, sighing, "I have to take a break with her right now.... how's Angel doing?"

MAK said, "Well, she is still asleep but I think any minute now, she should wake up. It's been over 9 hours since the Kiba fight. She should be resting up by now." And so both of them went into Angel's room.

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Angel was stiring as she started to wake, gently sitting up in her bed. She reached up and placed her hand to her head with the headache she had much the same way Kurai had done.

"Well, we all had a hell of a time yesterday.", MAK said to her as she got up, "Hey, you doing okay, Angel?"

"Just..... a headache I guess...." she said, then looked up, panicking a bit when she didn't see her sister, "W....Wait! Where the hell is Akuma?" she asked trying to get up rather fast and fell onto her bed again, moaning slightly at getting up to fast.

MAK explained the situation about Akuma without being too annoyed with her, "Well, you see, she woke up after me and Kurai did and we tried to bring back her memory. Problem is.......I can't be in there." As he ended that with an awkward chuckle, Angel looked confused at him.

"Um.... alright..." then she glared over at Kurai, "You have lipstick on your neck....." she said to him.
He blushed brightly and started to whip it off looking a little embarrassed.

"OK......" MAK was just about to leave the room, "I'll let Kurai explained that. I'm gonna just check on---well, get some water and bandages."

Kurai chuckled a little looking a bit uncomfortable and tried to motion MAK to stay and help him out but it didn't work.
Angel glared more at him, "Start talking before I kill you...."
"Well..... um... your sister is really... and when I say really, I mean extremely... in love with me," then he gulped and stepped back when Angel looked like she was going to smack him one, "Wait wait wait!" he yelped putting his hands up, "Its because of what my Pop's done to her! I never touched her!!" Then was a little surprised when Angel only turned away from him looking out the window instead of hitting him.

MAK then come back into the room with water, "Yeah, that part is true. She is in love with him and he just brush it off like it was a rerun." He took a large gulp of his water and also said, "Oh yeah, your sister thinks I kidnapped her and Casanova over there because apparently because she finds me threatening. Then again, I smashed a robot replica of Kiba to Kingdom Come, so I know why." Then all three of them heard a mysterious noise from the next room.

Akuma had made a plant fall near the door and was now running to the door, crying a little. She thought that Kurai had loved her, she thought that he was going to be with her to the end but now she felt betrayed.

As Akuma was about to rush out of there, MAK just appeared in front of her, "Look, I know you're not too fond of me but you can't just leave yet. Something is really wrong with you."

She screamed and tried to fight to get around him as Kurai and Angel walked in. Then she turned to Kurai, "You..... you traitor! How could you say all that stuff after our passionate night together?!" she cried out.
Angel's jaw dropped a bit, noticing what she was implying. Then she glared at Kurai, "Nothing happened between you two?" she asked again.

"Wait....wuh...I thought....the fuck?..Wait, WHAT!?!?", MAK stammered with his eyes widened, "Kurai, don't tell me that you and Akuma actually had sex once and you neglected to tell Angel about it?" All eyes are glaring at everyone in the room.

Kurai shook his head, his eyes equally wide, "I NEVER DID THAT!" he yelped, shaking, "I SWEAR!"
Akuma screamed out as she was still crying, falling to the ground and covering her head, "You.... you big meany! After all we have done together...... you.... you say.... we didn't....."

MAK really wanted to leave from the room while Angel focusing more on Kurai and Akuma but he thought, /Well, this girl may have the mindset of a teenage girl but I can't leave them hangin./ Then he went back there and continued watching the whole "sorta" truth come out.

Kurai sighed, "I think..... they gave her that memory....." he said going and sitting down on the sofa, "I didn't do it.... I promise you....." He tried to be heard over the crying.

"Um, Kurai......you still got something to bring back her memory? Or at least do something before your douche of a stepdad finds us eventually," MAK said with a serious grin on his face.

Kurai gulped, "But.... but I can't rush the damn thing! If I do, she may freak even worse!"

"HOW IS IT WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS!?!?!?" MAK had to scream at Kurai's ear. "Hell, I'm sure Angel would feel differently about this."

He yelped and covered his poor lynx like ears, "Dude! Don't fucken yell! I have the hearing of a Lynx, not a old man.... you can blow my eardrums!"
Angel was just standing there next to Akuma, unsure what to think about all this. She gently placed a hand on Akuma's shoulder and said gently, "Ya..... he's really a douchebag...."
Kurai looked over at them sadly, "Ang.... you can't really be believing that, can you?" And then cringed back at the look Angel gave him.

When MAK saw the look Angel gave to Kurai, he said quietly, "Well, I think you need to be focused on them because...uh, they really can't stand to look at your face now."

He covered his face, looking a little defeated, "I should of just stayed at the building....."

So MAK randonly spout out this to Kurai,"So Akuma can't get her memory back and is now crying her eyes now because of you fucking up, Angel is pretty much is back to square one with you, Kurai, and I'm still wanted dead or alive for 6 mil. What else can go wrong?" As MAK ended with that remark sarcastically.

Kurai sighed and was about to say something when a bomb blew up nearby and shook the building. He helped falling off the bed with the jerk of the room and then said, "T.....That...." he frowned, "They must of tried.... to blow up Angel's place.... though luckily, I told them the wrong place...."

MAK then dropped his jaw at the sight of that house going ablaze. "We should probably hide out at my place." Then MAK thought of what if the Hono no Oni knows his address of leisure and then asked Kurai the same question.

"I wouldn't know about that.... I only know what was going on with Ang' and Akuma. I don't know anything more then that..."
Angel was still trying to calm Akuma down when Akuma pushed her away, and tried to get out, "Kiba...... please... come and get me!" she yelled and Kurai stood up to try and stop her.

MAK then tried to talk to Angel about the whole bomb thing, "Angel, you know these guys are still trying to find and/or kill you. We need to think of a plan to escape outta here."

She nodded, "But I have no clue where to go.... wait a minute.... the forest...." she told him, "There is a forest nearby and a old house where me and Akuma used to live. I don't think they would think we would go there."

"That's a good idea, the forest, nothing like the.......Wait, the forest?.....Wow, you really are part wolf." He nodded and agreed with her. "I just need to inject some Blue Leaf enough to teleport there." Soon, he went into his case of Blue Leaf and needle to gather what he needed.

Kurai was dragging Akuma back, a rather large bruise on his cheek from where she smacked him, "Got sedatives or something?" he asked, trying to stop her from fighting.

MAK checked his case, "No. I don't. Just the blue leaf, needles, a sawed-off shotgun and Robitussin." All three of them looked at him weirdly, "WHAT? I get sick sometimes."

Angel rolled her eyes, then went to her cabinet and got some sleeping pills, gently forcing Akuma to take them. Then as Akuma started to fall asleep, she forced Kurai to help her pack.

MAK got everything pack and ready,"OK, now that she's fast asleep, we need to jet out of here. FAST!!!"

Angel nodded, bringing along a rather large bag of items, Kurai with another bag. They stood waiting for MAK to take them to the forest.

MAK then got into his Blue Leaf stage and then transported all of them into the former forest home of Angel & Akuma.

When they got there, the place was a mess, and Angel looked around at the rather large house, smiling lovingly at it, "Alright.... time to get to work..... To work on Our Review headquarters....." she smiled.

She smiled, "I never said I didn't have fun reviewing I really want to keep going and Kurai is going to help me....."
Kurai looked up at her, "I'm what?"
"I said.... Your going to help me...." her smile was rather scary as she looked over at him, chuckling a bit.
Kurai shivered slightly at that.

"Hmmmm......All right. Do you still need my assistance in the future then?", MAK asked her.

She turned to him, and handed him a broom, "Get cleaning.... your getting a room here too but your working for it.... this place is big enough for a lot of people to get a home here if they need a place to hide so we need to get this all fixed up."

He shrugs at the deal, "OK. I can handle a little work around the house. It's nothing that I haven't done before." Then he stares at the windows and said, "You think we might last it here and not be founded out?"

Angel smiled, "I have to work a bit at the inside, but there is a special stone inside that once activated, will hide this place from anyone we don't want here."

"Hmmm.....Cool." As MAK sounds relieved at that, he was reluctant to find his bedroom, so he can sleep all day from the running around and almost getting beat up.

"Now, start cleaning or your not getting that room...." she said and started pulling away the weeds from the door.
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