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Psychology anime
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Posted 1/27/13
So here is the deal, the types of anime i enjoy the most are psychology anime but they seem hard to find. Can someone give some examples of psychology anime that they liked.

Apart from these:
Death note,
Mirai Nikki,
Code geass,
One outs,
Liar game(manga)

Thanks in advance!
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Posted 1/27/13
I don't get what "Psychology" anime you're talking about
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Posted 1/27/13
Umm also Elfen Lied.
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Posted 1/27/13
I think he means psychological (thriller, mind-fucks). Of which, some of the listed aren't even in that category... like Code Geass, Mirai Nikki kinda is... but its more action oriented I think.

If you want a good mind-fuck watch Paranoia Agent. Amnesia is "good" - used very very loosely - if you want to sit there the whole time and go 'huh?' ...and not in the good way either. lol

Ingo is also pretty good.

Best of all psychological/scifi series is the ever-popular Steins;Gate.
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Posted 1/27/13
Personal Threads are not allowed. It'll be best if you posted your Favorite Animes on the link below:

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Also....you're asking for recommendations, use the link below as well:

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And for future references, if you need help finding any other animes:

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