Which one do you like (or love) more Animation or Comics?
Posted 1/27/13 , edited 1/27/13
(me personally) I like Comics more b/c it usually have it own original characters well in animated series it have characters from other media. [purple]That and Comic Books have alot of history. ^^ (y)
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Posted 1/30/13
Have never liked comics, have never been able to figure out what draws people to them. Japan just freaks me out on this issue. Everyone is carrying manga with them, from eighty year old women to corporate execs down to every form of minor. I occasionally will get hooked into manga a friend or colleague is reading but i haven't ever gotten any further than about 30 episodes. I think it has something to do with speed, i like dialog to move a lot faster and scanning around a page for dialog is bothersome. Animation works much better for me. Plus i hate comic's art.
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Posted 1/30/13
It's hard to choose because a manga will tend to have a deeper story or character description, however,
an anime brings it all to life.

I vote anime, though it sometimes succeeds or fails with the original story.
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Posted 1/31/13
I like to read a lot and manga and american comics cause ive always been able to explain my imagination a lot. Plus i feel like i can pass down my books down to the next generation cause you dont need a dvd player or blu-player.
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Posted 7/14/13
A lot of anime(and blockbuster American movies) comes from comics. If you live long enough, "The book was better" is something you'll hear often when a movie comes out.

I believe the same way with manga vs anime for the most part. Although sometimes they'll complement each other. Case in point, in the anime Orange Road it had better character designs than the manga.
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Posted 9/22/13
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