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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
Thirteen reasons to watch Bleach? I think I can rise above the usual "hollow ichigo soooooooooo awsum!!!!!!!!1!!!!!" for this one.

1. It's Bleach
Seriously, it's one of the "Big Three". You really ought to watch it, if for no other reason than it's damn fun to watch and it's so much a part of contemporary anime. What more can I say?

2. Music
Know who does the music for Bleach? A man named Shiro Sagisu. Does that name sound familiar? If it does, GET HELP, because you've been spending too much time on the Internet. Shiro Sagisu was also the composer for that omnipresent legend, Neon Genesis Evangelion, so the guy's not exactly an amateur. Each arc goes through distinctive musical styles, from the experimental/techno/there-are-words-to-describe-this-but-I-don't-know-what-they-are during the beginning to reflect Bleach's musical roots, to the Spanish and Mexican-influenced tunes of the Arrancar arcs, to the all-out orchestral onslaught of the movies. No matter what you like, Bleach has a song for you.

Love it.

3. The Soul Society Arc
So shounen shows like Bleach, Naruto, One Piece and the like get a bad rap, and for legitimate reasons. But man oh man, if you can't enjoy the Soul Society arc there must be something wrong with you. It's simply so powerful on so many levels. It's all hinged on an execution no one seems to approve but all seem powerless to stop. Why is Rukia's brother not only willing but determined to ensure her execution is carried out?

Who murdered Captain Aizen and why? The Soul Society arc spins not only the emotional tale of Ichigo trying to save Rukia, but at the same time it tells a plot-driven narrative while simultaneously fleshing out the Soul Reapers, Ichigo's enemies. And in the end, it brings them all together...

4. Symbolism
Would you believe me if I told you the Soul Society arc is about cultural revolution? Yeah, that's right, you thought you were watching a show about guys with magic swords and it was actually getting all literary on you. How 'bout dat? What's that? You don't believe me? Well let me explain...

The Soul Society arc is all about old Japan vs. new Japan. The Soul Society is a sterile, stagnant society run by powerful aristocrats who can't even be bothered to care about the human world. Byakuya embodies everything that Soul Society is. An inflexible, cruel aristocrat more concerned with the pride of his family and the Soul Society than the life of his family. And what's his sword?

Senbonzakura..."One thousand cherry blossoms". Perhaps nothing is more iconic of traditional Japan than cherry petals drifting on the wind. That is Byakuya Kuchiki.

And our protagonist?

Ichigo is Byakuya's opposite. He's young, inexperienced, loud, rude, and operates only by his own morals, not anyone else's. His hair (although apparently natural) is the color associated with delinquents and gangsters. Even his weapon, Zangetsu, is more of a meat cleaver than a sword. Compare that to the perfect of grace of Byakuya, who can kill without his opponent even knowing he's drawn his sword. And what about Tensa Zangetsu, Ichigo's Bankai and the ultimate expression of his heart?

An slender sword. An ordinary sword for an ordinary person. This is no "Vibrant Display of 1,000 Cherry Blossoms". It's a mockery of Byakuya's pride, the pride of Soul Society.

"Our pride’, you said? So that pride you're saying to be so precious, is that connected to killing Rukia? Is it? Then I should stomp on it as you said. 'Cause that's why I obtained this Bankai!"

5. This scene

You weren't expecting me to be all serious, were you? But how awesome is that? He stops Ichigo's sword...with his finger! And then...booooooom!!!

6. Ulquiorra Cifer

Many people, including myself, feel the Soul Society arc was Bleach's highest point, but there's quite a bit of amazing material afterwards as well, a lot of it centered around Marilyn, I mean Ulquiorra. The gap in strength between him and Ichigo is insurmountable. His outlook, logical yet mysterious. Truly a worthy rival. Oh, and of course...

"I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?"

7. Tite Kubo knows how to raise the goddamn stakes
Anyone else remember this moment?

Oh I'm sorry, did you think Ulquiorra was the strongest Espada? NOEP. He's not even second, but fourth.

8. Aizen taking off his glasses

"It looks like my murderer...*glasses*...just got caught."

9. Tite Kubo is a hack writer and should be **** **** **** in a **** **** with **** **** **** **** and stain remover
What, does that not sound like a reason to watch Bleach? Just because Tite Kubo, the manga's author, doesn't think more than half a chapter ahead, thus turning the plot into a ridiculous mess, doesn't mean you shouldn't watch it. It's like watching a giant explosion in slow-motion. And then gradually realizing it's your house that's exploding and for a moment you're horrified, but then you realize your family's right next to you and everything's fine. I'm not sure if the house represents Bleach or Kubo himself.

10. Coyote Starrk
all you kids wanted a guy with a gun bankai here he is now shut up

Starring the Sundance Kid as "Coyote Starrk"!

11. Uh...Zaraki Kenpachi?

People seem to like this guy. He's pretty cool. He's a psychotic murderer and doesn't afraid of anything. And he doesn't die when killed, contrary to the claims of certain Internet memes. He's also the cause of this rather dramatic scene...

12. 366 episodes
366 episodes x 20 minutes = 7320 minutes = 122 hours = about 5 full days
You know those times in your life where you're like "I have 40 minutes, but nothing to do". Say goodbye to those times.

13. The show has a strong, nuanced female character

The Internet's all up about sexism recently (and by "recently" I mean for the past year at least, and into the foreseeable future), so I thought I'd throw this one in to wrap things up. Okay, so for the first arc she's lost her powers and for the second arc she's...kidnapped...but after that she can fight alongside everyone else. And her sword is pretty awesome. On top of that, she has an extraordinary and very moving battle during the Arrancar arc.

Jesus Christ. No punches pulled there.

And that's 13 reasons why Bleach, for all its flows, is damn awesome and you should watch it. Peace.

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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
I will only list one reason because one reason is all you need. The fillers are actually GOOD. I'm done.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. great story lines
2. fun characters

3. a hollow named Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

4. hollow Ichigo

5. Ulquiorra

6. Zaraki Kenpachi

7. comedy
8. imaginative
9. cool fight scenes
10. bankai

11. Yachiru

12. Yoruichi Shihōin

13. when the head captain cuts loose
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 Reasons to watch Bleach

1. To see Kisuke Urahara play the entire cast like pawns in his plan, all while looking like he's too stoned to get up.
2. To see how much ultra violence Kenpachi Zaraki is going to use in any given time to solve any given situation.
3. Byakuya Kuchiki, he's better than you and you should be honored to watch him.
4. To see ho many time Momo Hinamori can get stabbed in the chest and survive. (I know Mean, but seriously how many times)
5. Because Yoruichi is a hot dark skinned ninja girl who turns into a cat and fights bare handed.
6. To see what the hell is up with Soi Fon, the tsunder ninja assasin with a special relationship with Yoruichi who brings a missile Launcher to a sword fight.
7. To figuere out if Ichigo is so dedicated to protecting everyone he can't see he has two hot girls ready to die for him, or if he's just so good a player he won't stop till Bleach is a full on harem.
8. I think we have gone far enough without mentioning Rangiku Matsumoto, yea she drinks a lot, is lazy, and a freeloader, but she carries around that talent for you and you know what type of back problems talent like that causes.
9. Aizen, man is he a villain you want to root for, even though he is pretty evil.
10. All the side relationships that fuel fanfiction, Gin and Rangiku, Momo and Hitsugaya, Youruichi/Urahara/Soi Fon, Ikkaku and Yumichika(bromance made epic).
11. To hear Orihime's epic confession of love in the Halcion Days episode, " if I had five lives,...
12. For all the other epic speaches trhought the series, from Rukia's I'll be hear to listen when you're ready to tell me to Ichigo, to Mayuri Kurotsuchi epic f u to Szayelaporro Granz.
13. Bankai, really it's the one word that turns an ok episode to an epic episode when you hear a character say that word for the first time, you know shit is a bout to go down.

not from bleach, but captures the epicness of bankai.

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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1)Having more episode=better anime marathon
3)Ichigo uses bankai in every battle
4)Ichigo's hollow form is awesome
5)It's on crunchyroll
6)Kon is an awesome pervert
6)Rukia has awesome bunny drawing
7)bankai is awesome
8)Zangetsu is boss
9)Bleach movies are badass
10)Filler=more episodes!
11)bad guys looks cool
12)Ichigo is pathetic when fighting badass boss
13)Ichigo's dad is a former captain!!!
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13 Reasons Why i like

1. A Supernatural Anime
2. The Main Character is a [email protected]@
3. Goes onto the darker side of anime
4. It is Well Drawn
5. The main Character does not have a IQ of 5 like Naruto
6. The Battles are Epic.
7. The Background's for the character's are Well Written
8. Very Unique
9. The Superpowers
10. Hollows Are Epic
11. Kenpatchi Is just awesome
12. Entertaining to watch Ichigo's Abilities Progress
13. Hollow Ichigo, Urahara , Byakuya, Nel, Uryuu, Yamamoto, Ulquiorra, Rangiku, Rukia. Alot more characters also these are just a few

Bonus Waiting for Kenpatchi's Bankai
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
13. Kon's quirkiness
12. Renji's attitude
11. Rukia's drawings
10. Nell's slobber
9. Kenpachi's strength
8. Yachiru's cuteness
7. Kurotsuchi's mad science
6. Urahara's hat
5. Aizen's desire
4. Orihime's kindness
3. Chad's loyality
2. Ishida's will
1. Ichigo's resolve
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from the South Bay
Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13

I am already premium .Always been a big fan of Bleach and all the seiyuu and Morita san
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
the most important things to me for any anime series is that it has to be fun, second is a good story, third is character developement, and my final criteria is some form of awesomeness.

bleach land in high rankings in all of these criterias with details below:
1)spontaneous characters

2)amazing fillers that gives depths

3)characters past fully explained

4)hillarious comedy with kon

5)badass ichigo and chad combo

6)a full and touching true friendship

7)everyone gets a spotlight

8)mwahahahhaa. need i say more

9)badass themesongs and soundtrack

10)hitsugaya and gin awesomeness

11) fusion of modern and feudal ways, expecially with chantings

12) steaming hotness without the profanity.

13)one of the rare series that makes me cry, clench my chair, and feel excited like a little boy and make me question myself if i want to publicly humiliate myself by screaming BANKAIIII!!!

on a side note, thats for helping me remember how much i loved this series. definitely something i want to watch in 10-20 years alongside a few other favorites.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Bleach is an anime, not used for cleaning laundry
2. Simple yet a good story line
3. Loveable characters
4. Amazing fighting scenes
5. Even though its an action anime, it has those tearjerking moments
6. One of the few animes that actually manage to keep up the good stuff even though it has so many episodes
7. Transformations of their weapons
8. Beautifully drawn animation
9. They actually put effort into their filler episodes
10. Seperate arc, yet they manage to bind the story together
11. Everything from death gods, to hollows and then to humans
12. Characters with looks well above average
13. Intense soundtracks through every fighting scene and regular scenes.
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Posted 1/29/13 , edited 1/30/13
Reasons 1
Character Development

Reason 2
Each Episode comes with it's own image stating it's episode number.

Reason 3
Each of it's Opening videos are awesomely done not to mention the great songs preformed by great musical artist they used.
My personal favorite are 1, 10, and 15.
Video of all 15 here on youtube

Reason 4
Seemingly unimportant characters have a impact on the story showing that they aren't just friends for the sake of showing that the character had friends before all hell breaks loose.

Reason 5
You will understand why the show is called "Bleach"

Reason 6
This used by Shinigami
,this used by Quincy
and this used by Arrancar
Work differently all high speed movement around the same speed depending on who's doing it but it shows that each faction has it's own power that it uses for combat.

Reason 7
The universe of Bleach is amazing.

Reason 8
Zanpakuto. They are all different and they all have a soul.

Reason 9
The mystery.

Reason 10
SPOILER!! I know this shouldn't be here since this is supposed to be a why should I watch this but you will learn why this is the greatest line ever.

"Yo! You the boss of these little shits?"

Reason 11
The feels! SPOILER but characters will die characters you'll grow to love.

Reason 12
The fights.

Reason 13
The comedy. All work and no play make for a boring anime so here are some of the funnier momments.

The posters aren't lines from the show but are funny if you know the characters.
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1.sweet battles
2.awesome story
3.nice character design the wapons
5.the way the visors are its cool
6.i love the show
7.the arccars are badasses the bankai's never a dull moment because of urahara
10. love the character unohana she is very badass
11.the hallow mask and vasto lorde transformation are cool
12. the comedy is sweet as well
13.the action love it
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
Above all else, I am still so proud and happy that Crunchyroll actually got the show onto here. That was the day that was able to eliminate the last sole fansub I was still downloading. Very memorable, and still makes me happy.

On the other hand I'm still very displeased with whoever had the deciding authority to cancel the anime. While I could write pages about why that was a terrible choice and what things the show was doing right, I'm not here for the contest. Just want to remind CR has earned much of my love and Bleach is one of the biggest landmark achievements.
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1-It has the best animation this generation has seen from a anime show in the big three
2-amazing story ghosts, demons ,hell, etc when aizen betrayed soul society i almost fainted
3-the first anime i watched in japanese
4--The music that kicks in when things get hectic is still bone chilling to me till this day
5-The coolest sword anime ever
6-So many characters to fall in love with
7-Zaraki Kenpachi need i say more
10-The only show that was keeping toonami alive for a long time when other shows were taken off
11-Most enjoyable fillers i have ever seen in a anime
12-the spirit of Getsuga
13-Last but certainly not least is IMPACT this show was the first show i watched on my own didn't get a recommendation like naruto or one piece and didnt watch it because i knew it was good from rumors it was the first show that me seeing its name caught my attention then watching it made me not care about naruto as much as i did at that time i told my friends about the show and little by little we all got crunchyroll accounts and watched till our hearts content until the arrancar arc where i lost track and couldnt finish watching the show and i would really like to finish it
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. It has alot of badasses (Kenpachi, Byakuya, etc)
2. It has alot of action
3. It has alot of hot babes (Rangiku, Yoruichi, etc)
4. It has alot of comedy
5. It has alot of drama
6. It has alot of blood
7. It has alot of Awesome OP songs
8. It has alot of Bankai
9. It has alot of friendship
10. It has alot of Soul Reapers, Arrancar, and Espedas
11. It has alot of great OST Tracks
12. It has alot of Suspense
13. It has alot of episodes
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