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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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22 / M / Philippines
Posted 1/30/13
1Ichigo is Epic
2.Spirit busting never got awesome
3 the Uber-cool Zanpakuto
4.Characters that pop-up randomly
5.Zaraki Kenpachi is badass
6.Sexy kick-butt ladies
7.Aizen is manipulative
8.Fights are epic
9.Dondochakka and Pesche are so funny
10.the title speaks for Itself
11.Espada's kick butt
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Posted 1/30/13
1) Immersing storyline
2) There is always a character you can relate to
3) Has elements of every type of anime so there is always something for everyone
4) Plotlines are always entertaining and energetic
5) Main Characters change as the story progresses always keeping things interesting
6) New characters and Villains on a regular basis
7) Animation and graphics are excellent making the anime look fantastic and amazing giving it that special something
8) Interesting plot twists that keep you on the edge of your seat
9) Of course bleach wouldnt be bleach without Kon
10) The voice acting is absolutely wonderful making this anime one of the most enjoyable and lovable
11) Tons of action, romance and comedy making bleach a fun filled adventure for everyone to enjoy
12) It always keeps you wanting more and looking forward to the next episode
13) Because you just cant hate a show this good
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24 / M
Posted 1/30/13
1. Kenpachi
2. Aizen
3. Gin
4. Urahara
5. Grimmjow
6. Nel
7. Ichigo
8. Chad
9. Kyoraku
10. Ikkaku
11. Byakuya
12. Stark
13. Ishida
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26 / F
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/31/13
1. BEST fighting scenes evah!!!!!! such amazing swords...tite kubo is so creative:DDD

2. coolest characters eveah!!!!! especially Byakuya

and they are funny too!! not always serious..

3. The art gets so much better as the story progresses!

4. Awesome music....the backround music gets people all pumped up and feeling shounen-like

5. HOLLOWS, ESPADAS are so cool!!! The design with the bone masks too!!

6. a huuuge variety of characters~fans have so much to talk about

7. BANKAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8. The swords tranform into people! How cool is that?

9. People fight like they mean it...unlike some shows where they dont even bleed or die....

10. The awesome mascots...Perverted Kon comes out all the time to soften up the moodXD 30 sec after ED clip is awesome

11. Awesome plot!! Did not expect Aizen to be the villain at all at first OwO And funny too~ love the preparation for jump festa

12. Different races and diferet powers: humans, shinigamis, hollows, quincies...etc so much variety

13. Appleals to both girls and guys!!! you want big boobs, go to orihime, you want cute lolis go to ruchia, you want sexy ojisans go to the 8th captain, yuo want hot guys go to byakuya and toushiro!!!!

BLEACHHHHHH~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best anime ever:DDDDDD

Look at the captains' new look!!!!!

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20 / M / Our 3-D world. Or...
Posted 1/30/13
2. Full Hollow Ichigo cause he be beast and raped ulquiorra
3. Arrancars...ya know...cause arrancars
4. Zaraki Kenpachi (Ken-chan/Kenny)
5.All the spanish and opera-ish OSTs cause they be awesome
6. Vizoreds cause vizoreds
7. All the laughs and epic moments
8. When Ichigo goes bankai for the first time and SPEED BLITZES MOFO BYAKUA
9. Aizen...cause and biggest troll of anime history...ya know...cause he's aizen...the best and biggest troll in anime history
10. In terms of shonen battle manga bleach's art is top tier!
12. Some people complain about a series's length, but with bleach there's just more to enjoy :D
13. The original manga author Tite Kubo was married recently, go support him...having a wife can be tough
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24 / M / Karakura Town
Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
I already have a membership but wanted to say that Bleach is awesome. Yeah that's all, I could say more, but, for what? Go watch it. It's awesome.

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25 / M / U.S. of A
Posted 1/30/13
1- Watching Kubo slowly go insane VIA his plot.
2- The fight scenes
3- bankai
4 - the opening theme songs
5- OST
6- Aizen
7- Toshiro's bankai specifically
8- humor
9- Kenpachi
10- Hollow Ichigo
11- the last ulquiorra fight scene.
12- Ichigo V Aizen
13- The show's mercy killing before Kubo REALLY went off his rocker.
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27 / M / Hockeywood
Posted 1/30/13
1: Hitsugaya
2: Squad 10
3: all the sexy Bankai
4: good story even for a traditional Shonen
3:The variety of Swords
4: Variety of characters who are complete different so everyone has someone they can identify with.
5: Awesome merch
6:High & Mighty Color as early season band
7: Rukia
8: Rukia's Drawings
9: Quincy
10: Fight Scenes
11: Hollows
12: Vizards
13: Soft spot for it- it was one of my 1st Anime (that I actually knew it was an Anime)
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F / Australia
Posted 1/30/13
1. Number One is the greatest theme song ever. It's my pump up music!

2. The ridiculous amount of fillers means that I haven't seen at least half the episodes, therefore there are a lot of episodes, and you can have a mean Bleach marathon.

3. It's a great thing to be able to go out somewhere public and say "I love Bleach!!" and then get a lot of strange looks.

4. When there's a good fight going on, I get motivated to exercise!!! Get strong like them!! After the next episode....

5. The art improves so much as the episodes get along. So much.

6. The Bleach references in Gintama amuse me. If there was no Bleach, Gintama wouldn't be as funny

7. Hollow Ichigo's voice

8. Ikkaku's shiny, bald head :p

9. Character development (yay) They have a personality!!

10. Troll cat is not a guy

11. Troll Aizen is troll

12. There are some crazy slaps going on in Bleach

13. There's always a power-up when you need one. I'm looking at you, Ichigo.
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Posted 1/30/13 , edited 1/30/13
1. Kenpachi Zaraki

2. Great soundtrack

3. Soul Society Arc

4. DS fighting games developed by Treasure are great

6. Character art gets better latter on.

7. Aizen being a troll.

8. There are some similarities with Yu Yu Hakusho.

9.Bad ass moments

10.Funny Moments

11. Women/yuri-like moments in Bleach

12.Beach episode

13. It has THE HEART.
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26 / M
Posted 1/30/13
1. Uruhara... Need I explain?
2. Rukia's smartass comments
3. Kenpachi because he's badass
4. The excellent soundtrack
5. The swords are AWESOME
6. Ichigo's inability to die
10. What is this fourth wall you speak of?
11. Rukia's drawings
12. KON
13. Kurakara super heroes
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18 / Teehee
Posted 1/30/13
1: The OST
It is one of the most beautiful osts of any anime I have seen :)

2: Great Character development
Especialy with Rukia and Orihime... I feel like it makes pairing choices very difficult
The characters are done so well, you can really connect to them and feel their emotions.
3: The comedy is fantastic
In the beginning... It makes up for the lack of intense fight scenes.... hehheh

4: Opening Themes~
I love almost all of the opening and ending themes for this show!!!
5: The episodes flow together very well.
When I first watched bleach I could do a Marathon very easily because the episodes were interesting and always made me want more (My record for bleach is 22 episodes in one day )
6: Going along with character development, bleach has LOTS of great characters!!!
I love almost every character because all of them are so different, there is a character that everyone will like.

7: The chibis!!!
Tite Kubo is very good at drawing chibis and making up funny expressions for them

8: The art style!
In my opinion, Tite Kubo's art is very different from many art styles we see now.
9: Going along with 8, comes the Animation!
As far as I could see, the animation of bleach kept it's quality during fight scenes... Which is somewhat uncommon for shonen series.
I love bleach for the fighting (as do most people) The fights are always very unique for each character because no power in bleach is alike... Plus most of the powers are really cool!

11: This anime is one of the "Big Three" (One Piece, Bleach, Naruto)
It is a 'Classic' so it's a great series to start out with if you want to watch anime. It gives you a great feel for a typical shonen series. (I would know because it's the first anime i've ever seen besides DBZ, it got me hooked )
12: Hot Characters
((Alot of people watch anime for hot characters... So if your one of those people, bleach is one of them...))

And the final reason to watch Bleach is...

13: Bleach is Bleach!
Its hard to say why this series is so good... Its epic yet funny, simple yet complicated... And the perfect show to ride along with for 367 episodes!

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19 / F / Stuck in a Star T...
Posted 1/31/13
1. Ichigo
2. Rukia
3. Renji
4. Batlles
5. Urahara's shop
6. BANKAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. ZAN TEN KESHUN TESUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Toshiro
9. Soul Society
10. KON! <3
11. Arrancars
12. How Ishin is a shinigami
13. How Bleach is one of he longest running anime of all time.

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24 / M / Aincrad
Posted 1/31/13
1. Ichigo Orenji!
2 .Rukia's beautiful drawings
3. Orehime's Delicious cooking
4. Amazing sound track
5. Intense battles
6. Ikaku's Shiny bald head
7. did i mention Girls with >.> boobies!
8. Great voice acting in both dubbed and subbed versions
9. Great animation and development from season 1-13
10. So many likeable characters you could fall in love with all of them!
11. The Espada
12. Movies that are amazing
13. Bankai!
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Posted 1/31/13
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