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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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20 / M / Netherlands
Posted 1/31/13
1.Great story
3.Makes you cry (WOOT XD)
4.Many season!
5.Bankai is amazing!
6.Get you go up for the whole night like a crazy bastard :D
7.Has some sad moments (i love sad moments on every anime)
8.Makes you wanna be like them (i love this reason xD)
9.Makes you wonder what is gonna happen
10.Makes you wanna eat something while watching bleach
11.Because its called bleach of course!
12.Its on the top 10 of anime's
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Posted 1/31/13
I. Bleach has some of the best fight scenes.
2. the guy are cute
3. no sex!!!
4. Love the clothes
5. Kon is silly.
6. It is fun to watch ichigo and his dad.
7. Ichigo in hollow form is cool.
8. The old Man is awesome.
9. Kencha is crazy but I like him.
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39 / M / Georgia
Posted 1/31/13
How about the 13 times I've cussed at the anime for quitting before the manga has ended :*(
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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
1. Bankai
2. Bankai
3. Bankai
4. Bankai
5. Bankai
6. Bankai
7. Bankai
8. Bankai
9. Bankai
10. Bankai
11. Bankai
12. Bankai
13. Bankai in HD
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Posted 1/31/13
HA i have a membership!!
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Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
[center]13 Reasons why I love Bleach[/center]

(1) Main character is hot.

(2) Villain(Aizen) fights with brain, not with just power (when he made Ichigo depressed and made all the captains really pissed off that they rushed at him leaving openings. Also, how he has everything planned)

(3) Inner hollow. Every Ying must have a Yang, right? This has a really deep meaning. I love how Kubo shows that Hollows are the opposites of Shinigami. They fight with instincts and brute power. They share no feelings. And most importantly, Hollow are white and Shinigami are black. Pure opposites. Speaking of which, I love the idea of the fully transcended being and how 2 opposites can reach the ultimate power. I can almost relate this to electromagnetism, and have a feeling Kubo is trying to teach his views of fundamental physics :P

(4) Hollow masks. If Kubo was not lazy, he could turn them into true art. I love the designs on both of Ichigo's masks. Every detail.

(5) le so funny le 9gag xddd

(6) Women. Instead of being hot teens like on Fairy Tail, they look more feminine and mature and still manage to be extremely beautiful.

(7) Only able to learn abilities fast when required, just like in real life. (remember the time ichigo was learning his vizard powers and only went from 10secs to 11 in 4months and when he was fighting Grimmjow he improved so much after 1 fight?)

(8) OST<3

(9) Culture mix. (Spanish Arrancar, German Bountou, etc.)

(10) Every character is sooooo unique

(11) The Hõgyoku. I love how the way Kubo introduce him, as if it was a higher being, but it only looks like an inanimate object. However, the most important - evolution. Here comes Kubo's view on the world again, which I really adore :P. Again, the evolution here works just the way it does in real life. Evolution happens whenever it is necessary, eg. a problem. Aizen got betrayed by Gin; evolution, Ichigo overcame Aizen's expectations and standards; evolution. Also, check about the transcended being at reason 3.


(13) Shows how even well organised stuff can get destroyed easily. (Look at Soul Society, it seemed they had everything perfectly fine, sorted ranks, chores, authorities, etc yet when Ichigo came to save Rukia Soul Society basically fell into ruins lol)
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Posted 1/31/13
1.) the characters are amazing!!! I have many to choose from :)
2.) fights scenes are epic.
3.) there are not many orange head protagonists named ichigp(japanese for strawberryxD)
4.) there is always something going on in the story
5.) even the fillers are funny which make the show enjoyable
6.) has its sad moments
7.) the male leads are HOT
8.) the title Bleach is the best title EVER
9.) I love that rukia explains things on a sketchbook with cute drawings
10.) not many annoying characters
11.) ichigo's mask is BEAST
12.) different bankais. So far I love is byakuya's bankai<3
13.) the friendship in this show is strong.
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Posted 1/31/13












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29 / M / Indianapolis
Posted 1/31/13
1. Great Character development
2. awesome story
3.Very likable Characters
4.long running series
5.amazing fillers
6.awesome voice acting
7.very funny
8. very suspenseful
9.really cool art design
10.awesome opening songs (all of them)
11. awesome ending songs (all of them)
12.great battles
13.good plot twists
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Posted 1/31/13
My 13 reasons to watch 13 seasons:

1) Bleach is amazing
2) Bleach is the best action anime ever
3) Bleach is my favorite
4) Ichigo is badass
5) Bleach has awesome battles
6) Amazing Story
7) Bankai changes
8) Has tear-jerker moments
9) Has hilarious moments
10) Has awesome swordsmanship
11) Awesome opening themes
12) Very good friendships
13) Bleach is never boring
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33 / M / North Rukon, Soul...
Posted 1/31/13
There are so many reasons I love bleach, watched the entire series multiple times over. So instead of 13 I will give one...

Because I still get tee-hee giddy when everyone goes bankai.
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36 / M
Posted 1/31/13
1) Squad 1
2) Squad 2
3) Squad 3
4) Squad 4
5) Squad 5
6) Squad 6
7) Squad 7
8) Squad 8
9) Squad 9
10) Squad 10
11) Squad 11
12) Squad 12
13) Squad 0 (just kidding! Squad 13)
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23 / M / Ontario, Canada
Posted 1/31/13
1) Incredible story
2) Amazing animation
3) Interesting and engaging characters
4) Some of the best action sequences in any anime
5) Every story arc has a purpose and is always entertaining
6) Awesome openings and ending
7) Inspires amazing cosplay
8) Incredible swords
9) Some of the best voice actors out there (English and Japanese)
10) Is a big reason why anime has become as popular as it is in the west
11) Balances multiple genres well (Shounen, humour, action, comedy ect.,)
12) Little hints of romance that keep the audience interested (typical of many shounens but Bleach does it very well)
13) And last but not least Bleach holds a very special place in my heart, back when I lived in Texas I saw Bleach on it's North American premier on Cartoon Networks adult swim anime block and instantly fell in love with it (that opening song was incredibly catchy) and because of Bleach I developed a major interest in even more animes.
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28 / M / Cali
Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
1. Great Character Designs
2. Large Cast
3. Great Voice Actors
4. Intense Battles
5. Great Music
6. Multi-Cultural Flare
7. Expansive World
8. Great Sword Designs/Powers
9. Many Surprises with Twists and Turns
10. Great Balance of Drama and Comedy
11. Beautiful Animation
12. Immersive Story
13. All About Sticking Up For One's Friends and What Is Right
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35 / M
Posted 1/31/13 , edited 1/31/13
1. Epic story about a boy, a girl, and monsters needing to be put down.
2. Epic world building aided by cutesy rabbit drawings.
3. Epic father son relationship.
4. Epic female proportions.
5. Seriously some of the most epic first couple seasons of any anime Ive watched.
6. Lovable characters.
7. Despicable villains.
8. Epic action.
9. Hollow masks
10. Fun movies.
11. Zangetsu
12. Kenpachi Zaraki
13. The fact that Bleach isn't over yet and the last installment should be seriously epic indeed.

14. So many fights I enjoy to rewatch. God this thread got me rewatching ichico vs uquira
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