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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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Posted 1/31/13
1) Zangetsu (Sword form, person form, hollow form, you name it!)
2) Awesome theme music! (Reallly gets me pumped for the epic battles)
3) My first anime! This is the one that started me down the path of righteousness!
4) Sexy men! (Oh the fan-girlness...)
5) Tensa Zangetsu (That outfit is BADASS)
6) Ikkaku's Lucky Dance
7) Zanpakuto have personified souls (<3 Senbon Zakura and Zangetsu <3)
8) Kisuke Urahara's comedy relief (Oh Mr. Hat and Clogs, the things you say make my sides hurt on a regular basis)
9)The Kendo Episode (Just remembering the other soul reaper's reactions is priceless!)
10) Ikkaku's secret Bankai (For some reason its one of the best kept secrets. Also quite badass though it needs powering up.)
11) Rukia's Drawings (Oh Chappy...)
12) Karakurizer!!!!
13) The afterlife as the Soul Society (I think its a pretty unique take on Heaven or whatever there is after this. I would love a chance at becoming a soul reaper when I die!)
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Posted 1/31/13
The Top 13 Reasons I Love Bleach

1)Some of the most complex "villains" ever conceived

2)The remarkable friendship between Coyote Starrk and Lilynette Gingerbuck

3)Retsu Unohana "The 1st Kenpachi"

4)The fact smart guys are cool Kisuke Urahara is a primary example

5)Hilarious yet awesome battles for example Ichigo Kurosaki vs Ikaku Madrame Ichigo defeats him then heals both of them Ikaku gets extremely upset. LOL

6)Bankai enough said

7)The Visoreds

8) The fact that Hollow Ichigo is the complete opposite of Ichigo and doesn't mind pointing this fact out nearly every time they encounter each other.

9)Tensa Zangetsu Spirit is ubber cool

10)The fact that Ichigo is akin to messiah like singularity

11)The fact that a blind guy was a peaceful butt kicking captain of course I am refering to Kaname Tosen

12)Kon during the Reigai filler arc

13) The episode during the Sword Beast Arc when Omade pretended to be captain Soi Fong response is an instant anime classic
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Posted 1/31/13
1 awesome
2 awesome
3 aweomse
4 awesome
5 awesome
6 aweomse
7 awesome
8 awesome
9 awesome
10 awesome
11 awesome
12 awesome
13 awesome
Posted 1/31/13

1. fillers
2. fillers
3. fillers
6. nobody dies
7.orihime's awesome lines.... kurosaki-kun! kurosaki-kun!
9. lurichiyo soccer episode
12.explains everything what each of their ability do so enemies can find a way to beat them
13. fillers

This may be the most truthful and hilariously correct post in this entire thread.

+10 internets for you!
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Posted 2/1/13
I had a feeling a contest would show up once all the episodes were up. Now, to actually get around to WATCHING the episodes in my backlog...someday.
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Posted 2/1/13
13. Because you drank one too many chili oil flavored ramune and can't sleep now.
12. You need to run the computer since you forgot to pay your gas bill and now your CPU heats the house.
11. To kill time while you wait for your tamagotchi to hatch.
10. Something to listen to in the background while you sew your Kon costume.
9. It reminds you of that rainy day spent in Fujisan Hostel.
8. Maximize the ROI on your Crunchroll investment.
7. You're certain that one of those episodes has a Peter Venkman easter egg.
6. Because 'Never Meant To Belong' always makes you cry.
5. Research for the Bleach tower defense game you are programming.
4. To be ready for the inevitable day you obtain the powers of a Soul Reaper.
3. Subtitled cartoons are educational!
2. Training, to prepare yourself to watch all 15 seasons of One Piece.
1. Because you haven't yet.
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M / MidWest
Posted 2/1/13
I'm premium so I'm queuing bleach up riiiiight now. I've seen a few episodes back in the day on Toonami but never an entire season. It use to be a Sat night thing. mmmmh Starting @ episode 1 baby lol
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Posted 2/1/13
1. starts off with random kid seeing ghosts suddenly family and sisters in danger
2. Gets stabbed to get awesome powers and a big ass awesome sword
3. Has funny amazing friends that make everyone laugh
4. a girl that draws funny bunnys always punching him on the head for being stupid
5. a girl that cooks crazy food and says crazy things yet loves and protects everyone specially ichigo
6. Ichigo gets stronger and stronger each time he fights as he progresses to protect his friends and family
7. he reaches a high bankai faster and stronger than most shinigami's
8. screams GETSUGA GENSHOU! like a badass
9. His able to, can, does not get in trouble for kicking his dad in the face!
10. has many different forms rather than just your average shinigami, bankai, hallow, demon hallow
11. when ichigo becomes mugetsu the baddest hair style and awesome looking character ever
12. face palmed aizan across the world.. FACE PALMED AIZEN!
13. even loosing his shinigami powers he wants to find other ways to fight! and learns fullbring


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Posted 2/1/13
1. The characters that constantly grow in front of you
2. The common motif of protecting your loved ones
3. The action starts at episode 1
4. Really Great story line (I really liked the flashback arc)

5. Well thought out story pacing
6. Really great animation
7. Really cool battles
8. Filler arcs that were actually good
9. I really liked (I mean REALLY liked) all of the conspiracy type parts. (I'm talking about
10. The funny parts as well (kon)

11. FANTASTIC music (opening / ending themes as well as just bgm)
12. The bad-ass characters (KENPACHIIII!)
13. The sword-shinigami bonds, it really added a whole lot to the story.
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Posted 2/1/13
1- zumpukto
2- ichigo
3- Hollo Ichigo
4- renji
5- the music
6-the crazy battles
8- Fluffy Fillers
9- wakomondo
10- chad
11- Tōshirō Hitsugaya
12- insane property destruction
13- Sajin Komamura
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Posted 2/1/13
1. Ichigo
2. Mr. Hat and Clogs
3. Kon
4. Randy out proud lesbian character (Chizuru)
5. Nemu
6. the fighting!
7. the omakes
8. the opening title sequences (3, 5, 9, 10, 12 and 13. Opening 9 Velonica being may top)
9. Halibel
10. Hiyori
11. Good guys ain't that good
12. It all goes according to plan
13. I like Shonens (it's that simple)
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M / Philly
Posted 2/1/13
1. Character development
2. Storyline is good
3. love the animation
4. Filler Arcs are bearable to watch than other animes
5. One of the first series that I watched faithfully from the start to end since its debut
6. The opening and ending themes are nicely done.
7. No matter how evil the bad guys are, the show somehow makes you Sympathize with them, which makes them memorable villians.
8 A unique world that your somehow immersed in when watching.
9. Orihime of course!!!
10. Each episode ends in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you want to watch more.
11. Because of this series, I started reading manga again.
12. Kenpachi's epicness
13. The Bankai of course!
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Posted 2/1/13
1 its bleach.

don't need anymore reasons cause its that awesome.
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23 / M / England
Posted 2/1/13
1. Story is really nice flowing dont have to worry about plot holes or annoying characters.
2. Badass characters are not the "typical badass" silent strong, crazy, smartass. Bleach does well to make its badass characters seem like real people who could live not just in anime.
3. The animation is to good for words sometimes. Seen mostly in fights like Ichigo vs Grimmjow
4. The enimes in Bleach have a level to them deeper than most. Like how Espada number 7 points out why Soul Reapers have the right to kill Hollows. This adds a whole other side of Bleach's world.
5. characters in Bleach actually care for each other theres no fake feeling love moments. Or strange friendship in return we the viewer can bond with characters and feel for them when they lose someone.
6. All of Bleach is well voiced, its VERY rare to get any voice actors taking on two or more rolls, unlike Naruto or Fairy Tail. And this applies to both subbed and dubbed verions.
7. The over all driving story of Bleach is so well witten. It's hard to get bored of.
8. This is a personal thing but characters like Grimmjow, Shuhei, Stark and Gin are just so cool i could be here all night goin on about them,,,
9. Has hilarious moments though out the whole show.
10. The music does so well to blend with the fight scenes better than any other anime I've ever scene.
11. All realese modes, Shikis, Bankai and Fullbrings beautifuly done.
12. One of my fav parts is how the filler arcs actually help show off the rest of the world of bleach.
13. Lastly is so good to just sit back and watch mostly in a LONG sitting, for I dont know 6 Months or so...*wink wink"*..*nudge nudge*
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Posted 2/1/13
1. the First Episode Is Epic start,
2. Rukia is HAWT,
3. Tite Kubo Brought us an Original,
4. For a 15yr old Sado is a giant Ass kicker,
5. I still have those OMGWTF moments,
6. the Mysteries that had Surrounded Ichigo was Epic,
7. 13 Seasons long with hardly any fillers,
8. the Overpower'd Yamamato still makes me grit my teeth
9. When the Bankai Got a physical Presence in the series,
10.Grimmjow Was the Cool Cat Villain,
11.There was no Cross-Overs
12. Each Season Brought Something Awesome on the End,
13. Bleach isnt about cleaning supplies.
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