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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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Posted 2/1/13
13 reasons to watch Bleach.

1. Funny times
2. Epic battles
3. Good Characters
4. Addictive story line
5. Great Theme Music
6. Unpredictable bad guys
7. Weirdo dad
8. 13 Court Guards
9. Different Hollows
10. Vyzards
11. Kone
12. Ulquiorra
13. Its so great 13 reasons didnt do this anime justice

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Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/1/13
1. This show has a fantastically creative and innovative world created peaks my curiosity with each and every piece unveiled.
2. More than anything in the world, at least when the show decides to provide me with action, it makes it explode in my face like a Cero at the dick for a wonderful amount of time making the three episodes of talking worth all the glorious action worth a smaller fraction leading up to it.
3. More importantly, when it’s not riddled with a titillating amount of action, it reveals a most insightful interesting and wonderful story line that makes me fall in love with the world even more, and hate this one without shinigami, zanpaktou, and hallows.
4. Something I hate more than anything in the world is a lack of running consistency to keep track of story plots of minor characters. And Bleach is one of the few tv series that not only keeps to consistency in story logic, and does a beautiful job making all of their story arcs and movies fall in the Bleach timeline without contradiction.
5. There is a character worth sympathizing with for both the men and the ladies out thar to fan [insert gender here] to their hearts content.
6. The musical composition for the show is so beautiful and honestly is what I use to make me cry, because they emote emotions so perfectly from the sentimental scenes, to the most disturbing.
7. The system of zanpaktous is so frigin’ epic!! Everyone has something interesting and goes through each character, and will have every person dreaming of their own personal weapon to kick hallow ass.
8. I actually do not mind when there are fillers absolutely irrelevant to the main story arc, because they are just as hilarious and entertaining.
9. Everyone should love this show just to see Kenpachi be a total bad ass in everything that you see him do and accomplish.
10. I love this show because they make really intelligent cultural references, intergrating Japanese, Spanish/Mexican, German, and American influenced characters and concepts.
11. This show is amazing because it’s not nearly as aggravatingly anti-climactic in just about everything compared to Naruto and DBZ.
12. There’s nothing more amazing than to see the death of Aizen. It’s leaves so much relief and tears hating that bitch for almost all of the seasons, that one might be inclined to ya know… bunch his laptop screen screaming, “YEAH!!! THAT’S WHAT YOU FUCKING GET YOU CUNT!!!” in the middle of the night on a random Tuesday. Not that I would know…
13. Orihime’s boobs.
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Posted 2/1/13
13 reasons why is one of my favorite shows
1. we have 13 division in soul society (13 goteis)
2. we have 13 captains
3 we have 13 seasons full of fight
4.we have approximatively 13 races(including sub race )
5.13th arc is a side story about the zanpakuto( swords)
6.13 deadly bankai among the captains
7.About 13 part about events that happen in Bleach
8.This show was stream in 13 countries
9.Their was about 13 openings(music) in the serie
10.Is in the top 13 best show on Crunchyroll
11.It is 13 incredible seasons
12. The show is one of my favorite show in the year 2013
13. Amazing fights
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Posted 2/1/13
1. Giant boobs that defie logic
2. Epic fight scenes till season 5
3. Aizen
4, Aizen trolling everyone
5. Genius migit character who can control the weather
6 Trolling you with filler right in the middle of a season
7. Because you can
8. Its looks better than naruto's animeation
9 Because fate zero is over
10. Cus your a hikimori with nothing better to do.
11. sexy vaizard mask
12. Because your bored
13. Last but not least.... Talking cats... Nuff said.
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Posted 2/1/13
Reasons why i like bleach?

1. Ichigo is just awesome! He is a 15 year old that anyone would love to be like. His beliefs and goal to get stronger to protect his friends brings him through many harsh training, but he makes it through and grows stronger every time.
2.Of course, the ladies are all hot, especially orihime. She is kickass and at that the same time beautiful. I also like the 10 squad's vice-captain (forgot her name) because she has a perfect body :D
3. The fight scenes in bleach are just too awesome. They make you feel like your right there with them watching the battle. They have great graphics and all, and also awesome timing for the arrivals of support characters.
4. Sentimental moments? There was allot in the show. One example would be when ichigo was being beaten up by grimjow even though he used bankai. Grimjow over killed him showing him no mercy. Ichigo then didn't know what to do other than going shinji so he can learn to use his inner hollow.
5.bleach also includes very good friendship moments between the protagonist ichigo and other characters like sado and ishida.
6. good swordsman ship between the protagonist and other shinigami's from the soul society (especially byakuya)
7.There was allot of comedy in the show, for example times when ichigo is being attacked by his father, he usually whoops his ass no problem and it's funny because his dad shows up during the worst moments when ichigo's pissed off.
8.there is allot of suspense in this anime. Like it gets you going crazy! and it takes long to discover it too. one example would be when ichigo brakes his sword, they always go on saying that you can only fix it in one way. And takes them like two whole episode to reveal the suspense.
10.well, i'm not really a fan of perverted moments in animes, but if you guys like that then there is allot of harem in the show. Basically revolving around a doll dreaming of girls XD
11.bleach is never boring, it keeps you going and excited. when i used to watch it, i would want to the next episode right away. like it was that good!
12. the opening themes are just so awesome! especially the opening 12 opening theme called "change". It went so good with the story line too.
13. last but not least, the amazing story line!!!! Bleach has an amazing yet unexpected story line. It moves on from ichigo and his little town to him and a big society. But throughout the story you learn that from the beginning, the only thing he wanted to protect was his hometown and it's people.
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Posted 2/1/13
~cool fillers
~awsome animation
~great story line
~comedy i love that
~its one of most popular animes around thats just a must watch
~the questions that just sit and rot in your head like ( where do ppl who die in the SS go to ?)
~sad but inspirational moments
~that it lasted 13 seasons
~that i didnt like bleach at first but my friend sat me there and forced me to watch it (ended up loving it)
~because its bleach nuff said
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Posted 2/2/13
Dang Only 13 Reasons? >.< ok I'll try not to put spoilers in my 13 reasons
1. It's very original
2. One of the best soundtrack ever
3. You never know what's going to happen next
4. Epic fights and moments
5.fillers are some where good
6. Has really funny moments
7. Most characters are likable
8. Doesn't have that much fanservice
9. The Animation is always good
10. Has allot of dimension and races
11.Unique character design
12. The plot is great and only gets better as it goes on
13 All Villains are evil and great
14:voice acting is good subbed or dubbed
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Posted 2/2/13
13 Reasons that anyone should watch Bleach.

One; The characters are effectively developed and each is interesting in their own way. They are also willing to stand up and fight for what matters to them.

Two; The storyline is intriguing. Some parts are tear-jerking, while others are comical. And it is all blended together in a fantastic way.

Three; The unity between the setting, story, characters, and script is phenomenal! Instead of being all different components that make up an anime, they are more like one single element. And it's not often when you see this done so well, over such a long period of time. (There's 13 seasons!)

Four; The series isn't just your plain old action anime, it delves into the more figurative and fantasy related world. (eg: The supernatural.) Along with key components of the plot, it works together to make something that really stands out from the other series of its kind.

Five; The soundtrack is wonderful. It works so well with the animation and storyline, as well as on it's own. I actually have a copy of some of the earlier stuff that I listen to during my free time. It really changes the mood of your day, and can take a relatively boring day, and make you feel like you're doing something with your life.

Six; Even though the series is full of action, at times when the action lapses, it has a really different approach. Allowing you to connect with some of the emotions the characters are noticing. (Okay, I know it's an anime, and it's not based on real events of any such sort, but still, they have real emotions about things that could potentially be happening on some scale to someone!)

Seven; Almost every fight in the show seemed so full of action and had an intense nature about it. But there was also some fights which made me laugh more than they made me sit at the edge of my seat in anticipation.

Eight; Oh the anticipation! Fights would happen, and just as things heated up, something new would pop up. They were able to seamlessly add things into the fray to make the episode even better!

Nine; The best parts of the series wasn't decided in just a single episode. They were able to draw things out in a perfect way, as not to make things too long and get boring, but not too short and have it over with to quickly. (The Arrancar Invasion arc was probably my favourite.)

Ten; I can't make this list without mentioning the battles that graced it. Fights were spectacular and brutal at the same time. Flawlessly molded into the storyline. Some anime just feel like they put in fights for the sake of putting in fights, but Bleach incorporated them very well. I don't know what more to say, as words just don't do them justice.

Eleven; After a large plot development in one direction, it would twist and head in another. Leaving you craving to see what will happen next! I can't even remember how many times I was stuck in frustration because the next episode wasn't availible yet. All I wanted to do was keep watching!

Twelve; The villains of the series were so well done. The creators made it so that not just the heroes despised them, but you as a watcher despised them as well. They were all such well rounded characters and developed so well. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Thirteen; The series was never old. As I watched they kept adding on and making it more interesting. It wasn't one of those animes where people have the same fight against the same people a hundred different times, things pursued through the arcs, and I really enjoyed all of it.

Thanks for all thirteen seasons Crunchyroll! Now if only it could really be done justice in just thirteen different things I liked.
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30 / M / Michigan, USA
Posted 2/2/13
1 great reason
I still watch it after all the stupid random arcs that where placed in the middle of epic battles....

Oo sorry thats 1 reason i hate bleach... other then that one reason Almost everything about bleach is epic about
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Posted 2/2/13

greatace wrote:

1. It's very original

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Posted 2/2/13
IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER (except for #1)

1. Kenpachi & Yachiru
2. Unohana kicks ass
3. Byakuya's Bankai
4. The antics of Kurosaki's dad
5. Kon
6. Rukia's explanatory drawings

7. Noba, the teleporting zipper-face ninja
8. The manliest man to have ever worn a pink robe:

9. Aizen's Superman hair

10. Komamura's awesome helmet
11. Komamura without a helmet


12. Orihime
13. Rangiku

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32 / M / united states
Posted 2/2/13 , edited 2/2/13

greatace wrote:

13 All Villains are evil and great

Well technically, if you think about it. Only Aizen was evil. Everyone else were good people forced to do bad things by unfortunate events. That is actually something i hated about Bleach. Give me more people to hate, not sympathize with!

When Bleach comes into contact with the eyes, it causes blindness.

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Posted 2/2/13
As much as I hate long mainstream anime, I well love anime. Just not bleach and naruto. but hey have a guess pass K5V39ER9XL3 better get it fast.
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Posted 2/2/13
1 ichigo kurosaki
2 kon
3 toshiro hitsugaya
4 byakuya kuchki
5 rukias drawings
6 comedy
7 action
8 shikai
9 bankai
10 hollowfication
11 fillers are hilarious
12 music
13 and last but not least hot chicks

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19 / M / Somewhere in arizona
Posted 2/2/13

igesio wrote:

greatace wrote:

1. It's very original


Hey i never found bleach a copy of yu yu hakusho or any show >.>
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