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Post Reply BLEACH: 13 Reasons to watch 13 Seasons ~ !! We're GIVING AWAY MEMBERSHIPS!
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Posted 2/2/13

Bleach is my favorite anime of all time. i remember waiting for it to come on every saturday night at 12:30am and sometimes at 1am.
I been a Bleach fan for as long as I can remember and could never stop talking to my friends about it. Eventually everyone was in my little group was into Bleach and made so many comment about the characters weapons and what would be a good match between the characters good or bad. I always a Gin Ichimaru and Kisuke Urahara fan how could you not like them? I such a fan that I purchase Shinso and Benihime. I do wish they make more Bleach because I really don't want to say Goodbye after all this awesome years. I want to see more and more... Make a new story line that takes years in the future make new character and enemies I want more...
Reasons why everyone should watch Bleach.
1) The Unique story.
2) The Amazing Characters you met alone the way.
3) The Amazing Battles.
4) The Incredible weapons and Powers every processes.
5) The very creatives names of there powers you just going to repeat over and over again. (Bankai), (Now rise your head Wabisuke), Etc
6) The amazing Transformations in customs, speed, power, style and looks.
7) The awesome Intros. ( you will use them as your ringtones at one point)
8) The Voices and sounds are very well put together.
9) The way this show has everything from Comedy - Action and Love in between.
10) The speed in which the shows moves is very nice. ( It doesn't go back and repeat the story every weeks like most anime whit flashbacks)
11) How the actions music will always get you up and going. ( "If you ready to see some actions" "you have to be the center of a-ttra-ction")
12) The very awesome and clear drawings that make the show very easy to see and enjoyable.
13) You will Wonder why was the show call BLEACH!!! In the first place. ( I personally think because there reapers who reap all evil from the world leaving it clear and safe from Demons, Hollows, and Evil spirits... Just like Bleach does whit cloths gets everything leaving them whit nothing more then white and clean.) We all have different options but this are my personal 13 opinions why Bleach is The BEST SHOW YOU WILL EVER SEE!!!
-By Alex A.M or ZeRoaLeX
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Posted 2/2/13
1. The fights are awesome to watch, and usually aren't dragged out too much
2. Even the fillers are reasonably interesting
3. Ichigo is a badass
4. There are a ton of characters, and you still won't know every single ability of each of them by the end
5. Good balance of comedy and seriousness
6. The humor is often clever and filled with puns
7. It's kind of iconic as a shonen anime, and you'll finally find out what all the hype is about
8. While Ichigo does occasionally get overpowered at points by the end, he's not an unstoppable machine; he does lose sometimes, so you don't always know for sure how he'll pull off a victory
9. Creepy, awesome, badass villains
10. Phenomenal soundtrack (seriously, I just listened to all 4 of the regular soundtracks, the excellent DiamondDust Rebellion (movie #2) OST, and the OP and ED collections over the past week)
11. The dub is pretty decent, compared to most
12. The variety of characters and powers; they rarely repeat themselves, and when they do, they do it in an interesting way
13. Bankai... and the Final Getsuga Tenshou.

The show is a long one, but somehow I never got bored of watching it.
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Posted 2/3/13
1) Compelling Characters
2)Epic Battles
3)Filler that (for the most part) DOESN'T SUCK (Note: There is no episode were they have to bake a cake. It did not happen.)
4)Fun and Exciting Openings
5)Varied and lovable Closings
6)Soundtrack by master composer Shiro Sagisu. Seriously, the man is a GOD OF AWESOME MUSIC.
7)Swords. Swords that transform into more powerful swords...... and other weapons..... or sometimes monsters..... sometimes GIANT MONSTERS.
8) Like Dragonball/Dragonball Z but wish that the storyline would actually SHOW the ongoing character development as oppose to simply one moment having character A mad at character K and then suddenly next time we see them they are married? You've come to the right place.
9) The movies are actually pretty awesome, fun action flicks with some good substance, unlike a lot of other anime films based off ongoing series.
10) Some of the best animation I have seen in an anime lasting longer then ~50 episodes. It may not always be top notch, but it RARELY is ever not good. In fact more often then not it's BEAUTIFUL.
11) The villains (especially the series longest running Big Bad) are a ton of fun to hate.
12) Some great character driven comedy, especially towards the beginning.
13) Admit it, as silly and dorky as it may seem, there is something extremely badass about someone shouting the word BANKAI while striking a badass pose.
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Posted 2/3/13
1. great art
2. great story (especially the first arc)
3. awsome soundtrack
4. amount of episodes out makes for a good long watch
5. alot of good characters.
6. even filler arcs can be good quality
7. awsome battles.
8. makes a good fighting game
9. manages to include comedy in an otherwise serious plot
10. great rewatch value
11. good movies
12. good setting
13. Bankai
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Posted 2/3/13
Well just for the fun of it since I am also a fan of Bleach XD!

01 ~ Bleach: we just can't survive without it, how we gonna wash our clothes D:?

02 ~ Action and Romance, the ingredients for an atomic bomb.

03 ~ Fantasy and Sci-fi, Souls + Psychic Powers?! (that's = Willpowers btw ;D)

04 ~ RACISM! Shinigami: I gonna kill ya Holla D:<! Hollow: Yo motha B, you ain't no killing me! (sorry for the language XD)

05 ~ Look up from this line, then look down... duh?

06 ~ Intriguing mysteries and twists, literary. (I advice you hold on tight while watching)

07 ~ (Lucky number :D) Vizards! Just look at them pull their masks (spoiler) out and come back to this comment, touche.

08 ~ Bleach / 2 = Great Art + Great Story.

09 ~ 366 = too much? WRONG! 366 episodes = too little!

10 ~ Weapons: its a given.

11 ~ Awesome setting: MC gets to go to different dimensions but basically only stays in a small town. (forgot name and if wrong sorry :P)

12 ~ It will knock your socks down, sarcasm? No, saying it's not a sarcasm is a sarcasm.

13 ~ Last but least! (No, I didn't eat the "not") It's Bleach: Awecredipic (Awesome + Incredible + Epic, I had to make up a new word to describe its greatness) soundtracks: OP, ED, OST! Art, Story and a slight spice of additive.

(And just to make it a bit more funny, *BELOW THIS DOES NOT COUNT*, for Ichigo fans:
1. Ichigo (Highschool)
2. Ichigo (Shinigami)
3. Ichigo (Half-Hollow)
4. Ichigo (Rebellion against Soul Society)
5. Ichigo (Bankai)
6. Ichigo (Vizard)
7. Ichigo (Full Hollow: Hueco Mundo)
8. Ichigo (Hell: Movie)
9. Ichigo (Hollow Inverse [technically not Ichigo but meh XD])
10. Ichigo (Adult)
11. Ichigo (Saigo Getsuga Tenshou!)
12. Ichigo (Fullbringer)
13. Ichigo (Shinigami + Hollow + Hell + Fullbring) [won't be surprised if he gets mixed in with aliens later XD] )
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Posted 2/3/13
My top 13 reasons to watch and love Bleach

1. Ichigo never gives up when he's down.
2. There are no 'useless' characters.
3. Bleach keeps your adrenaline flowing and eyes fixed.
4. The awesomeness doesn't change no matter how many times you watch it.
5. The storyline keeps you on your toes.
6. Sometimes your lungs get tested with the hilarious happenings.

7. You never get tired of watching Ichigo beat the he*l out of the hollows and bad guys.

8. Rukia and her Byakuya-nii-sama are adorable.

9. Sometimes Bleach also makes you cry and bleed for the characters.

10. The suggested romance/more-than-friends-but-less-than-lovers plot (left to your imagination) makes your heart skip a beat.
11. You can feel the dangerous situations in your bones.
12. The characters keep evolving to no end.

13. I doubt anyone can deny the coolness of Ichigo when he's seriously pissed!

There are possibly million more reasons to love Bleach, some of which are impossible to put into words, but there is no denying the fact that Bleach is simply awesome. I hereby conclude my case!
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Posted 2/3/13
13 Reasons

1. The openings rock!
2. they story is amazing
3. every character is unique
4. i love the bankais!!!
5. the anime is really interesting!!!
6. There are funny parts as well as dramatic parts
7. the battles are epic
8. the bad guys are sometimes awesome
9. I've read the manga and watched some of the anime
10. i really want to watch the anime
11. the soundtracks awesome!!!
12. Bleach was on jump and thats how i got sucked into it
and finally...
13. Bleach is my favorite series!!!!!
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Posted 2/3/13
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Posted 2/4/13
i just wanted to let everyone know that i love pretty much all there is about bleach. ill just continue paying for my membership. if u are reading this ty for taking the time. i hope every1 has fun watching i know i did and can anyone tell me when the other seasons are coming out in the us and where to get the box sets? im collecting them.
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Posted 2/4/13
13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Bleach

1. I've watched Bleach since I was little. It's a HUGE part of my life now.
2. Character as well as Zanpakutou/ Ability design is amazing and stands out so much compared to other Animes.
3. It's just way too cool. Tite Kubo has a great sense of taste haha.
4. It's got a mixture. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh, and of course it comes with a whole lot of action. And Bankai.
5. Characters not only have a great design, but each one has a moral code for themselves. It is an Anime that portraits human nature so well on so many levels.
6. Bleach is one of the big 3. It's always been and always will be one of the world's greatest Anime series of all time.
7. It's so very original! The concept is like nothing I have ever seen in my entire life.
8. I think Bleach has the best fights of any Anime series. You never get bored because you never know who's going to release their full potential.
9. Their soundtrack is so original and amazing. Like nothing gets me more pumped than a Bleach OST.
10. Ikkaku and his bald head.
12. Rukia's bunny drawings.
13. I'm hoping to see Kenpachi release his Zanpakutou... and if we're unlucky (NOTICE I said unlucky instead of lucky) he'll release Bankai and make the Soul King cry.
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Posted 2/4/13 , edited 11/30/14
13 Reasons Why I Love Bleach

1. Bleach was my Gateway Anime - I think I should elaborate on this a little bit. I did watch other anime before I started watching Bleach. However, this was during my youth when I only watched anime that was dubbed and was aired on television - stuff like the original Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. Heck, I don't even think I knew what anime was back in those days. They were just shows I enjoyed watching. Then I started watching stuff that aired on Toonami like Outlaw Star, Dragon Ball Z, Gundam Wing, etc. Even then, it wasn't like these shows made me go out and discover other anime shows to watch. Although, another factor to that could be because during those days I only had dial-up and lets be honest, you can't really watch anything with dial-up internet (you know, unless you're willing to wait like 10 hours or so just to watch a 24 minute episode.) But then one fateful day in 2004 I stumbled across this new anime online called Bleach and the rest as they say, is history. I was so entranced the day I watched Bleach for the first time, I can't even describe it. It was agony waiting every week for a new episode. So how do I solve this problem? Try to look for other anime that I enjoy just as much. Thanks to Bleach, I started looking for other anime to watch and have never looked back since then. Of course, I kept watching Bleach, through its high points and low points (have to take the good with the bad sometimes). And yeah, I was a little sad when the Bleach anime ended in 2012. I was so used to watching a Bleach episode every week since 2004, it felt kind of empty when there was none to watch. So thank you Bleach for being the start of my love for anime.

2. Availability - One of the things I love most about Bleach is how remarkably available it is to watch. Like only watching the dubbed version of Bleach? No problem, the new dubbed episodes air weekly on Adult Swim. If you want to catch up, you can always buy the DVDs in stores or watch it on Netflix if you have it. Want to watch the newest episodes that aired in Japan with subtitles? Once again, no problem with all the options you have - Crunchyroll, Hulu, Viz, etc. Bleach is easily one of the more accessible animes on the web and I enjoy being able to watch episodes with ease.

3. Music - Bleach has some of the best music of any anime I have ever watched - including Openings, Endings, and OST. After being on air so long, I am honestly amazed that I mostly enjoyed every single Opening and Ending it produced. The soundtrack during an episode blends in almost perfectly with the scenes - it makes battles seem that much more epic, makes heart-wrenching moments that much sadder, etc.

Favorite Opening - "chAngE" by Miwa
Favorite Ending - "Skychord" by Shion Tsuji

4. Diversity - I'll hand it to Mr. Kubo, I do like how diverse the terminology is in Bleach. He does a good job using different cultural/linguistic themes as inspiration for certain things in the Bleach world. Examples include how he uses Spanish terms for anything related to Arrancars or Hollows, German terms for the Quincy, English terms for the Fullbringers, etc. I personally like seeing such diversity in any anime. On a side note, I'm also amused when we get actual English dialogue written by Kubo in Bleach.

Orihime - "Why me sad?"

Classic. Kudos, Mr. Kubo.

5. The Ending Skits - When I refer to ending skits, I'm referring to things at the end of a Bleach episode like Shinigami Cup, Shinigami Illustrated Picture Book, Arrancar Encyclopedia, Quincy Encyclopedia, and Zanpaktou Encyclopedia. I admit, I LOVED those segments. After watching a Bleach episode, those ending skits always put a smile on my face. My favorite ending skit? Why that would have to be the Shinigami Cup at the end of Bleach Episode 63 where we learn that Isane is scared of fish paste (or fish sticks in the dub.) Those ending skits were always a good unwind after an episode.

6. The title "Bleach" - I'll just come out and say it - I like the title Bleach for the series. It is easy to remember, it is not a lazy title, and I find it to be fairly original. I remember talking with a few friends about the Big Three (at the time at least) and their names. Naruto? Easy, its named after the main character. One Piece? Also fairly easy, named after the treasure they're looking for. Bleach? ...WTFBBQSAUCE? Clearly its named, what the heck kind of name is that? Good times. Does it have anything to do with what the series is about? Possibly. Random? Seems like it but I'm sure Kubo has his reason (if I remember correctly I read somewhere he chose Bleach over "White" because it was less obvious. Good call on his part.) Now because of Bleach, whenever I hear anyone say the word bleach, I immediately picture Tite Kubo's characters instead of that chemical that removes color.

"I like Bleach man, why you have the stupidest verse?" - "Remember the Name" by Fort Minor

Thank you Mike Shinoda, I'm glad I'm not the only one. Also, it clearly was the best verse of the song, not worst.

7. Voice Acting - Another thing I enjoy about Bleach is the voice acting, both the Japanese seiyu and the English voice acting. I think the voice actors that they chose to voice each of the characters in Bleach were a perfect fit. I also appreciate how the Bleach dub did a fairly good job matching the voices of the English cast to the Japanese cast. The best example that comes to mind is Mayuri Kurotsuchi's voice. When I heard his voice in Japanese, I wondered if they would find someone to match its uniqueness in English and to my pleasant surprise, they did. I remember watching Mayuri's debut in the Bleach dub and the moment he spoke, I nodded my head in approval. Now, I don't really want to comment on all the voice actors for every character because then I'd be typing here for a few days. Instead, I'll just quickly comment on the voice actors for the main character of Bleach, good ol' Ichigo Kurosaki. I have mixed emotions about Ichigo the character but I'll be damned if I don't like both his Japanese and English VAs. Masakazu Morita does a good job in his role as Ichigo in the Japanese version, as does his counterpart in the English version, Johnny Yong Bosch.

Wait a minute...Ichigo is the Black Power Ranger!?!? Sign me up.

I've been Bosch fan ever since the days he was the Black Power Ranger in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I'd probably watch any anime in English if Johnny Yong Bosch has a role in it. Honestly, is there even an anime or video game Bosch hasn't been in? Lelouch in Code Geass, Izaya in Durarara!!!, Renton in Eureka Seven, Vash in Trigun, etc., etc., you get the point. I can't forget Morita either, he does fantastic work as well, most notably for me Barnaby Brooks Jr. in Tiger & Bunny. That went on a little longer than expected but the main point still stands, Bleach has fantastic voice acting.

8. Characters - The best thing Bleach has going for it, in my opinion, is its characters. There are so many characters in Bleach that anyone is bound to find at least one character they like or can relate to. Now while having too many characters can hinder a series, I feel it doesn't hinder Bleach too much. The characters are varied and distinct. There were a few times in Bleach where I felt the story was going all over the place or was stalling, and I don't blame it too much for that (although sometimes it made me feel like punching a hole in the wall) because it seems to happen to long running series at one point or another. But to compensate for that, Bleach did a good job on introducing new characters and developing the current characters further. Even secondary characters that hardly get any time in the spotlight were memorable

Whether it was Soul Reapers, Hollows, Arrancars, Quincies, Fullbringers, Zanpaktou, regular humans, or the awesome Kon, I enjoyed most of the characters Bleach had to offer.

9. Emotional Investment - I'm not going to lie, at this point in time I don't think I'll ever stop reading or watching Bleach. Why? Because after so many years, I'm emotionally invested in it. That isn't a bad thing, in fact I like it when that happens. That means I'll be along for the ride and see it to its natural conclusion. This ties in with the characters of Bleach. Because of the diverse characters in Bleach and their relatability, its easy to find one or more you can relate to and follow their own story/path while still enjoying the main storyline. The way the characters are developed as a whole allows yourself to attach to them and eventually you become emotionally invested with the characters. Next thing you know, you've been watching/reading Bleach for close to 10 years like I have.

Coyote died too soon. (Stark is my favorite character. /manly tears )

10. Continuity - Bleach does an excellent job building on its continuity. It builds upon what has previously been mentioned and expands upon it. It keeps the characters consistent. That is one of Bleach's greatest strengths, plain and simple.

11. Chemistry - The chemistry in Bleach is just amazing. The manner in which not just the characters, but the voice actors themselves make the conversations and scenes flow seamlessly enough for you to further suspend belief to indulge in the story, regardless of how outlandish certain things may come across. The chemistry makes it that much easier to overlook the bumps in the road, and gives it a breath of life that people generally can really appreciate.

12. Decent filler episodes?!? - I had to include a mention on the filler episodes of Bleach. Whenever I watch an anime series and it arrives at filler, my first reaction is, "Ughhhhhhhhh." Now I understand the reason why series may need to put fillers, but most of them, in my opinion, quite frankly just aren't that good. Most of the times I find myself wanting to just skip an entire filler arc in a series and wait for it to get back to the main storyline. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the case for Bleach. Granted, I did not enjoy all the filler episodes (did we really need to see Hitsugaya playing soccer? Although I bet some people got a kick out of that) but I did enjoy most of them. The Bount Arc, the Amagai Arc, and the Zanpaktou Arc were all great filler arcs that didn't take away from the series. The Bount Arc had one of my favorite fights in the series between Kurotsuchi and Sawatari. The Amagai Arc provided a new Captain's rise to power during a time when the manga had not even hinted at who would claim the empty captain seats, which made me just want to keep watching because I couldn't believe the anime would actually do a filler arc on something that impacts the Bleach universe that heavily. The Zanpaktou arc was just all around amusing to see how everyone's zanpaktous turned out to look like, as well as seeing their personalities. All in all, Bleach did a pretty decent job in delivering filler episodes that didn't turn me off from watching the series for a few months until it got back to the main storyline.

13. The Battle Sequences - Last but not least, a big reason I love Bleach is the battles. You can't become a popular Shonen title without having some epic battles and Bleach does not fail to deliver the goods. The introduction of shikais/bankais really established the groundwork for the epic battles that would take place in Bleach.

Scatter, Zenbonzakura! Now prepare to die via numerous shards of my sword that happen to look like PRETTY PINK SAKURA PETALS. Now thats what I call manly.

Add to that how the main villains of Bleach also have a similar abilities such as the Arrancars' resurreccion and you have a recipe for a bunch of memorable battles. Not only that, but each battle emphasizes the story and further develops the emotional attachment you have with the characters as they grow after each one. Let me use Renji Abarai from the series an example. Renji came off as an arrogant jerk in his first appearance but later developed into this nicer character you sympathized with as the series progressed. And what led to such a progression? His meaningful battles. Renji had some of the most memorable battles in the early life of Bleach. His first real battle with Ichigo was definitely a fight to remember. Despite him being the veteran and Ichigo still being a relative newcomer, he was ultimately defeated. Even in defeat, he asked Ichigo to help save Rukia for him because of his failure. After that battle, Renji was determined to get stronger and began to learn bankai. After achieving this feat in such a short time, Renji decides to save Rukia but is stopped by his captain, Byakuya. This led to another beautifully done battle between the two, as Renji unleashed his bankai for the first time. However, his inexperience cost him this battle as Byakuya defeated him using his own bankai, leaving him almost dead. It was easily one of my favorite fights in Bleach. The battles Renji had with Ichigo and Byakuya really helped his character growth. He kept progressing after each of the fights and at the same time, his battles helped emphasize the story in a nice way. Those are the type of memorable battles I like to see and Bleach does a good job in providing them.

Someday Renji, you'll have another epic battle. At least you'll always have that easy win over Jackie.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'd just like to state that I was honest with my feelings and opinions on Bleach. Whether you love it or hate it, we're all entitled to our opinions. I hope that anyone that read my fairly long reasons enjoyed them to some extent or at least didn't die of boredom. Bleach will always have a special place in my heart, even years after it ends (though I question if it will ever truly end.)
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22 / M / texas
Posted 2/5/13 , edited 2/5/13
So who won?
Edit: Never mind didnt notice it said it ends on the 8th,
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Posted 2/7/13

1. Grimmjow Jaegerjaques
Yes, that man is a legit reason.
Without a doubt he is the sexiest, most insanely awesome master of badassery the anime world has ever seen.
Did I mention he was freaking hot?

2. Best Villains Ever
While we're on the topic of bad guys, Aizen is probably the most interesting villain I have ever come across.
Absolute hypnosis is definitely a fantastic power to have--it makes manipulating others and generally being evil so much easier >:D
3. Brilliant Voice Acting
You know all those wonderful manga out there that have been utterly ruined by terrible voice acting in their anime counterparts?
Well, Bleach is most definitely not one of them.
The voice actors all make the characters their own, and all of them have voices that are so distinct and eargasmic that I can hear them even while I read fanfiction.
Good voice acting = LOVE
4. Fantastic OST's
Bleach has a diverse range of sound track music; from the screaming rock guitar of Ichigo's awkwardly happy battle music, to the soul-shatteringly beautiful and soft piano for Byakuya.
It sets the mood for each scene wonderfully and each track is unique.
5. Art and Animation that IMPROVES
In fact, Bleach's art improves so much that the characters hardly look like the same person anymore.
...And really, it's a very good thing!
Let's take the main character for example.
Ichigo has gone from this: THIS:

Yeah. More insane hotness heading our way~!
6. Epic Powerups and Even More Epic Battles
It is fascinating to see Ichigo's development as the series progresses; from human to shinigami to Vizard to the living incarnation of epic.
Final Getsuga Ichigo is probably my personal favourite; training with his father and battling with Tensa Zangetsu in order to get it was epic, and the final stand against Aizen just blew my mind.
I'm pretty Bleach battles should all be rated for Unreasonable Levels of Epic.

7. Ships and OTP's
In my opinion, Bleach has the most versatile pairings, because all the characters have relationships with each other, and you can definitely support your OTP with any number of screencaps and mangacaps. And besides, they're all ridiculously good looking, so even if their relationship makes no sense at all, at least they look good together, right?
8. Cool Weaponry
Admit it; a sword that can cut through souls, evolves, and comes with it's very own human form is pretty damn awesome.
As an added bonus, it's even part of your own soul!
Zanpakuto are unique weapons that reflect the user's personality, and can be levelled up too!
Therefore, Zanpakuto > your entire arms factory
9. Humour and Comedy
Even though it does get pretty serious and intense, Bleach never forgets to let us have a good laugh (and PERV!)

10. The Plot
It winds around and around, gives us many hints and peeks but next to no answers, and generally likes to leave us all confused and lost.
However, Kubo-sensei does know what he's doing,and does it very well, always managing to drag us to a satisfying conclusion.
11. 3 Dimensional Characters
At first glance, Bleach appears to have a cast of shallow, stereotypical characters.
Yet as the story progresses, they suck us in, and we realise, actually they're not shallow at all.
Each and every character in Bleach has some kind of backstory, and it's not hard to empathise with any of them.
And because I genuinely care about what happens to them, I can't help but love them more.
12. It sucker punches you, rips the heart of your chest, and stomps it into the ground, but somehow leaves you wanting more.
And no, that's not because I'm masochistic.
Bleach is one of the few things that I'm sincerely interested in; I started because I was curious and now I'm an addict.
Even though the anime has a beautiful 'COMPLETE' stamped on it, I keep coming back for more~

13. IT HAS MUSICALS!!!!!!!!
This is literally the best discovery I have ever made--lead me to another fandom where there are LIVE MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS and I will try my very best to love it as much as I adore Bleach.
Byakuya singing? Ichigo dancing?

Bleach is awesomely epic, beautifully produced, and prods my soul in places I never even knew I had.
If Bleach was a person, I'd be happily married ^.^

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25 / F / Twilight Town
Posted 2/8/13
1. The main character is a ginger named strawberry.
2 .He sees dead people. (View episodes #1-366 to witness the fucks he gives)
3. Along the way he meets a talking stuffed animal + calls him Kyon. (No relation to Haruhi’s Kyon, even if they do have the same facial expressions)
4 .The hollow your pockets feel from buying anime actually has a different meaning.
5. The soul society arc forces you to memorize Japanese numerical characters.
6. The fillers aren’t so pointless.
7. You learn all shop keepers may indeed be secret bad asses.
8. Throughout the series you learn the value of having a big sword.
9. Moe characters can be useful sometimes (With the help of super girly fairies).
10. It breaks stereotypes ! Like how not all characters that wear glasses are secretly evil-oh wait…
11. You can be a shinigami without having to write names in a book.
12. Town destroyed the night before? Don’t worry, it was “All a dream” (I used to read word up magazine).
13. Maybe you’ll find out the meaning of why the series is called bleach? It might have some deep profound meaning right?

As you can see, my points have no validity…
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Posted 2/8/13
Thirteen Reasons Why I Love Bleach

1. There’s a strong theme of friendship throughout the anime: One of the great things about Bleach is the multitude of themes that are present throughout the anime. From the color theme with Soul Reapers in black clothing, and the Arrancar in white, to the different cultures each race is based off, there are many themes prevalent in Bleach The biggest one that sticks out to me, and the first reason to love Bleach is the theme of Friendship throughout the anime. The characters in Bleach really care about each other, and would do anything to save their friends. This can be seen many times, such as when Ichigo and the group go to the Soul Society in order to save Rukia, and when they charge into Hueco Mundo to rescue Orihime.

2.The comic relief is hilarious, but refined: The second reason I really enjoy Bleach is because of all of the hilarious one liners, and even the filler scenes and episodes are funny, but even when the jokes are somewhat sexual in nature, such as most of the jokes Kon is involved in, they aren’t too showy. A lot of animes and manga rely on nudity or close to nudity to make the jokes funny, but Bleach doesn’t bother with it. The jokes are funny without any nudity.

3. Strong Character Development: Almost all of the characters that have become important parts of the story have had some major part of their background explained, from Hitsugaya’s childhood, to Kenpachi killing his way to Squad 11’s Captain. The depth that the characters are given is amazing, seeing as some anime will just skim over the background of a character. Another great thing about Bleach is that the characters actual grow as the story continues. They grow as people, and the viewer gets to see them as they grow in strength.

4. Great opening and ending music: I’m a huge fan of Japanese Music in general, but one of the thing I love about Bleach is that almost every opening and ending song has been a good song. Some anime have one or two halfway decent songs, but the music in Bleach is almost all good. Bleach has introduced me to many of my favorite Japanese Artists, such as UVERworld, Stereopony, and Miwa.

5. Special Attacks:Bleach has a lot of fight scenes, as it is an action anime, but one of the things that makes each of these fights great are the “special techniques” each of the characters. In the beginning of the anime, it was just that each Soul Reaper could release their Zanpakuto into its Shikai form. But as the story progress, the “special” techniques got even better, with the progression to Bankai, the Arrancars Zanpakuto release, Sado’s El Diablo attack called La Muerte, and my personal favorite, Ichigo’s Hollow mask and Bankai.

6.Not-So-Special Attacks: This needed its own separate section. There are times when Bleach’s characters take themselves seriously, and then there are times when the characters are meant as more of comic relief. Another great thing about Bleach is that each of the character’s that don’t take themselves seriously have their own funny way of fighting. The best example of this is Charlotte Chuhlhourn, and his “sexy sexy” special attack.

7. Combines fantasy action with actual martial arts: I’ve always enjoyed Japanese Martial arts, and Bleach does an excellent job of sticking to the fantasy elements in their fights, but also relating to Japanese forms of Kenjutsu. For example, when Ikkaku fights with the scabbard of his Zanpakuto, or when the arrancar Patras draws his Zanpakuto and then re-sheaths it before his next attack.

8. Well Crafted Universe:The universe in Bleach is one of the more unique universes than other fantasy anime I have seen, and it really makes Bleach stand out. Instead of having vampires or werewolves, the typical fantasy monster, Bleach creates a universe filled with Soul Reapers, Hollows, Bounts, etc, and even opened up the possibilities of crossing species. With crosses such as the Vizards and the Arrancar, it seems like almost anything is possible in this great series.

9. Suspenseful and twisting plot: An excellent anime has to have a great plot, and the plot for Bleach fills this role in my opinion. While the plot seemed fairly straightforward at the start of Bleach, they continued to throw in additions to move the plot along. I found Aizen’s death unexpected, and what was even more unexpected was it was revealed that he was alive and had killed the Central 46. Since then, I always looked forward to what twists and additions the plot would undergo.

10. Good filler and Movies: As a long series, Bleach was bound to have filler arcs. But for filler arcs, the plot lines are actually pretty good. Most series have pointless fillers, and are really terrible to watch, but with Bleach, I find the filler interesting and fun to watch. I see them as a break in the normal plot, but they still have some great fights and lines. Along with the interesting filler episodes, the movies for Bleach are entertaining to watch. My personal favorite was the Memories of Nobody movie, but they have all been good.

11. Zanpakuto Characterization: Who doesn't love the Zanpakuto and their many different shapes and abilities. But what I really love about them is the fact that they all have personalities of their own. Each Zanpakuto is a minor character in themselves, and this really sets Bleach apart in my mind. Even before the manifestation of the Zanpakuto’s Rebellion in the anime, the characters of the Zanpakuto were all unique and well defined as characters. The Rebellion just expanded on existing characters, and added appearances of lesser known Zanpakuto.

12. Well thought out structure of the Soul Society: Another amazing aspect of Bleach is the way that the Soul Society has been well thought out, and has expanded as the series progressed. The Soul Society started off as just a collection of souls and the Soul Reapers who helped them cross over. By the end of the Soul Society arc, however, the Soul Society had expanded to show the hierarchy of Soul Reapers in the 13 Squads, with Yamamoto as the leader of the Squads, as well as the Central 46 who give orders to the Soul Reapers. Even in the Arrancar arc, the Soul Society expanded with its Monarchy, showing how the Soul Society is more like an alternate world to the human world.

13. Yachiru Kusajishi:Everyone has to have a favorite character, and in Bleach, Yachiru is by far my favorite. After she was introduced, she has just been hilarious, with everything from misleading Kenpachi around the inner Soul Society trying to find Ichigo, up to kicking Ichigo inside of Hueco Mundo. She’s just an enjoyable character to watch, and I find it hilarious that she is so strong, despite her appearance and actions.
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