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Anime references you can use in real life.
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Posted 6/3/13
"There are no such things as heroes on the battefield"-Kiristugu Emiya

"People die when they are killed"-Shirou EMiya

"Life is gift, and you don't deserve it!"-Kenshiro

"Yare yare daze"-Joetaro Joestar



"I'll give you 300 yen if you..."-Gintoki Sakata

"Rotten luck"-Toma Kamijo

"Its not [insert what person just said here] its [insert your name here]!"-Katsura

"Sword get longer!'-Kuwabara

Just imagine you getting into a fight and when you start swinging just scream ORAORAORAORAORA at the same time.

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Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/3/13
Tomboy2436 mentioned the "People die if they are killed!" quote from Fate Stay Night.

I'd probably say this while playing a multiplayer FPS, because I'll follow it up with:
" stay dead!"
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Posted 6/3/13 , edited 6/3/13

AnimeKami wrote:

Over the years of watching anime, rather looking at the computer screen, my eyes have been completely worn out. So at the beginning of December of last year I've been starting to say:

"I'm losing my light, I'm slowly being consumed by darkness." Naruto reference btw

I've been saying this to my friends family for a good while now then having to reexplain that I no longer have 20/20 vision.

So it comes to my attention what kind of anime references can you use in real life? without mentioning anime.

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Posted 6/3/13
"I only know what I know"- Bakemonogatari
"Over 9000" -DBZ
"I can see the ending"- TWGOK
The laugh from that genius in Sket Dance, "Kakaka"
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Posted 12/3/13
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