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Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/2/13

Posted 2/1/13 , edited 2/2/13

February first, two thousand and thirteen -- 2:13 pm.

It's been the same routine since living here, and I'm slowly getting tired of it. This site has also been the same, no one new to speak too, no one new to meet, and no one new at all. They're all the same; fakes, liars, cunts, and bitches. Stupid, isn't? Don't you all get tired of being who you're not? It's pathetic actually. Never on this site, have I met someone who was actually who they said they were besides the ones I've met in 2008 and 2009. What happened to those people? Why did this stupid site change so damn dramatically? Well, now I know, to think twice before even trusting somebody on this pathetic little site we used to call 'home'. Or at least I did. Ha.

Xoxo, Jeanie.
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February second, two thousand and thirteen -- 11:30 am.

I guess it’s time to let go. I’m going to stop worrying about you, and I’m going to stop myself for falling for your words anymore, it’s time to actually fall for your actions. If you cared, you’d be here at least trying to communicate with me and if you liked me like you said you did, you’d be here. You honestly don’t realize how much I’ve fallen for you, and how much I actually wanted to just settle for you. Did you know how many times I’ve cried over you? Did you know that every time you’ve led me to disappointment, I break slowly? Do you know how pathetic, and more depressing I feel when you leave me hanging? I guess not. Because I doubt I even matter to you anymore, even though you say I do, show it. Please. Because I need a sign. I need to know if I should keep trying, or if I should just let go and make you feel what I feel now. So tell me, should I stop or should I keep going?
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February fifth, two thousand and thirteen -- 9:57 am.

[style size=9px"]I can say that I’m happy now that I’ve met you. Things have been getting rough, but at the end of the day just talking to you makes me smile and it makes me happy. I’m grateful you came into my life, and right now I don’t wanna lose you. I don’t wanna seem clingy towards you, I don’t wanna make it seem like I’m desperate or anything, but I just don’t want to push it to were you’re fed up with me and then you leave. I don’t want that to happen. These past nights and mornings talking to you have managed to make me happier throughout the whole day, and guess what? It was all because of you. I don’t think you even realize how much you mean to me, how much I don’t want to lose you, how bad I like you, and I guess it’s a little disappointing, plus me being the chicken that I am, I’m scared to even confess to you. You’ve made me smile just talking to you, and when you say those cute little remarks it makes me happy and gives me butterflies. That night we were talking, and you ended up saying those 3-words out of no where, jeez, it made me smile and I couldn’t even sleep after all that, though I doubt you even meant it in that sense. Again, it’s okay though, if there’s someone else out there for you, that’s okay as well because I know you deserve better than me. I just hope in the future, whether it’s with or without me, you’re happy.
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