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2. All characters must be approved before you start roleplaying.

3. No harassing or bullying of any kind. Light teasing and joking around is fine, but keep your offensive thoughts to yourself.

4. Don't denounce other rps or other people's interests! Be tolerable and please if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. Please, it actually makes my life harder when fights break out.

5. Do not force a character into a relationship.

6. No killing characters without the user's consent.

7. PG-13 on sexual themes if you absolutely must do it, take it to PM.

8. Have fun.
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Stats: I thought about this for awhile and we need stats. There will be a 200 stat average for everyone else who is not a leader. A gang leader of the four leading gangs will have the stat average of 250.

Strength: How strong your physical strength is. This affects how strong your physical attacks will be so the higher it is the stronger your attacks.

Speed: This will determine how fast you and your physical attacks are. The high the stat the fast you are.
Durability: How well you can take attacks. The higher it is the more hits you can take and withstand strong attacks.

Reflexes: This will determine your reflexes. Reflexes mean how good you are at dodging and how nimble you are.

Hand to hand combat: How good you are at hand to hand combat. The higher it is, the more skilled someone is at hand to hand combat.

Weapon: How good you are at using weapons. The higher it is, the more skilled you are at weapons

Contract Power: The power you have when you have a contract, like if your contract with a demon grants you fire this will determine how powerful your fire is. The higher your stat, the stronger it is.

Stamina: This will determine how long you can last before you are exhausted. The higher it is, the longer you will last before you give out from exhaustion.

If you don't have a contract you still keep that stat at 0, but distribute the points to other stats.

For underlings: Those with 200 stats will overall have 1600 in total. You can modify it as much as you like as long the total is 1600

Example 1:

Strength: 200

Speed: 200

Durability: 200

Reflexes: 200

Hand to hand combat: 200

Weapon: 200

Contract Power: 200

Stamina: 200

Example 2 contributed by Samreaper

Strength: 300

Speed: 240

Durability: 260

Reflexes: 260

Hand to hand combat: 290

Weapon: 0

Contract Power: 0

Stamina: 250

For the 4 kings in this rp have 250 points in each stat which adds up to 2000 points overall in total.

Example 1:

Strength: 250

Speed: 250

Durability: 250

Reflexes: 250

Hand to hand combat: 250

Weapon: 250

Contract Power: 250

Stamina: 250
= 2000

Example two
Strength: 300

Speed: 275

Durability: 275

Reflexes: 270

Hand to hand combat: 100

Weapon: 300

Contract Power: 230

Stamina: 250

STAT RE-ALLOCATION is only allowed if your character hasn't fought against another player-controlled character yet.

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Stats continued:

There will be two ways of how your stats will increase.

1. Every saturday all players will get 25 points to distribute into your stats.

2. With ever fight you get into you will get 5 points, but this only happens for one fight for that day! Say you got into a fight and then you got in another fight. You will only get those five points for the first fight. This may not seem to be much, but if you got into a fight every day you will either get 30 or 35 points along with the 25 points you get on Saturday then you will get a big amount. You can only get these points by fighting a human controlled player!

Okay I feel like I'm gonna confuse you so please tell me when I do. The points you get for fighting will be stored up until Saturday and then you distribute them to to your stats. This will be kept track on something called the fighting tracker.
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