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Camp Half-Blood is a Greek demigod training facility located on the Long Island Sound, directed by Dionysus, whom the campers call "Mr. D"; and Chiron, the activities coordinator. It is also the Greek counterpart of Camp Jupiter, a Roman camp in San Francisco, California.

Chiron, the camp's activities director
The camp has magical borders, which are enforced by the Golden Fleece, found by the satyr Grover, the Cyclops Tyson, and demigods Percy Jackson, Clarisse La Rue, and Annabeth Chase. Stolen from Polyphemus' island, it was placed on Thalia's pine tree, ensuring that no monsters could get into camp. The Fleece stays on the tree, guarded by the dragon Peleus, it's magical powers protecting the camp.
The camp is described as being the only safe place for half-bloods

The half-bloods live in cabin (one for each Olympian), and eat at the dining pavilion. There is also an archery field, a sword fighting arena, a climbing wall with lava for training, an amphitheater, stables, an armory, and the Big House.

The camp's cover name is Delphi Strawberry Service, a reference to the name of the Oracle of Delphi.

Dining Pavilion
The Dining Pavilion is an area of Camp Half-Blood where the Demigods, satyrs, and camp directors eat their meals. The pavilion is framed in Greek columns on a hill that overlooks the sea. There are no walls or roof that cover the mess hall. Torches blaze from the columns and a central fire burning inside a bronze brazier the size of a bathtub. Each table has a white cloth with purple trim.

The pavilion's goblets are enchanted, and, on voice command, will be filled with whatever drink you desire (except Mr. D who is forced to drink Diet Coke). Another quality of the goblets is that they never empty. The types of food in the Pavilion include BBQ, grapes, apples, strawberries, cheese, and fresh bread, that the wood nymphs serve.

The tables in the Pavilion are arranged so that there is a table for each god, similar to the Cabins. Therefore, children of Hermes sit at the Hermes table, children of Aphrodite at the Aphrodite table, etc. Although Big Three children often have to sit on their own anyways, it is expressly forbidden to sit at another god's table.

Every night the half-bloods tribute a portion of their food to the gods by burning it in the pavilion fire.

Archery Field
The Archery Field is where archery is taught and practiced at Camp Half-Blood. This subject is taught by Chiron who sometimes has the help of Apollo's cabin.

Climbing Wall
The lava wall, a climbing wall, is said to pour lava out for an “extra challenge”. If the camper does not get to the top quickly the walls clash together and the camper's clothes are soaked with lava (actually torn to only threads).

Camp Borders
The camp borders are designed to keep mortals, monsters, bad weather and many other things out of the camp. Only campers, satyrs, gods, some mortals and monsters who were given the permission by a camper may enter through the border. Once, the border was protected by many things, the most notable being a strong copper dragon.

This is where they store the pegasi (and horses). All of Poseidon's children can read the pegasis (and all equestrian's) minds since he father created the horses. The Demeter cabin is in charge of the pegasi riding lessons, but Aphrodite's cabin helps every now and then. Every few times, some demigod(s) would take pegasi lessons from one of the other demigods from Aphrodite's cabin.

This is where the campers get their weapons. It is a big metal shed around the side of Athena's cabin. It has quite a large collection of swords, spears, clubs and even shotguns. Every camper gets a weapon, but the Hephaestus' cabin makes their own. The armory is confused as the camp forge.

Camp Forge
There are white marble columns lining walls stained with soot. Chimneys on the roof pump smoke over a gable with carvings of gods and monsters. The forge is located at the edge of a stream, with waterwheels spinning bronze gears. Always, campers hear machinery working, fires crackling, and the sound of hammers against metal. Inside are tables full of projects and weapons, and there was also a big wall map of the camp, used to plan traps to catch the bronze dragon. Hephaestus' children are often, or always, working in the forges.

The Big House
The Big House is a large sky-blue house which serves as the main administrative building at Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D, Chiron, and the other Camp Half-Blood staff members meet with the cabin counselors there. Also, it serves its purpose as the camp's infirmary, which is needed quite often. There are four floors including a basement and an attic in the Big House. It is home to Mr. D, Chiron, and Argus.

Camp Traditions
The camp has several traditions derived from its Greek roots. Winners and victors are given laurel wreaths and paraded around camp. More poignantly, anytime a camper goes on a quest, their siblings/cabin mates weave them a funeral shroud in case their sibling does not survive — if the camper has no siblings, another cabin may volunteer to do it, should they return victorious, they get to burn the shroud.
But the most prominent tradition is the camp beads. At the end of every summer session, the senior counselors vote on the biggest event of the summer and paint it on the bead.
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