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Drunkest you've ever been or experienced someone being?
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27 / M / Maryland
Posted 6/6/13
Never been drunk before I drink but don't really see the point in drinking that much. Probably the most drunk I've seen someone was a guy at a football game who got kicked out for throwing beer on someone. Then while being escorted by the police from being so drunk he tripped and almost fell over the rail which was 75ft above the level below. If the cop hadn't grabbed him he probably would have died.
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F / in my living room...
Posted 6/6/13
I've never drank alcohol before, but I do smoke marijuana on a daily basis.
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Posted 6/6/13
i never been so drunk as to not remember what i did ...
but i remember living in the toilet for hours and had a terrible hangover ..... -_-
that was my first and last, never gonna do that again >_>
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18 / F / California
Posted 6/6/13
Well, I was passing a bar and this drunk couple were having a hard time walking.
They were what looked like dance walking through the street and tried to call several cabs. When the finally got a cab, they started to walk toward it, but because they were drunk and could hardly walk, they fell over when they were halfway there and they were this close (imagine me with my thumb and pointer finger touching) from getting hit by a car.

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28 / M / Your friendly nei...
Posted 6/6/13
This one time, I got so wasted, I posted in this terrible thread...
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44 / F / Tacoma, WA
Posted 6/6/13
Duh! I don't remember! Thats why I don't drink anymore
Posted 6/6/13
I got so drunk on my 21st birthday that I layed in the bathtub with the shower on and started drunkedly calling my ex who I was still with at the time... Then I went outside with some eggs and went in the middle of the road and threw them up in the air and ran. Good times... Good times.
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19 / F / USA
Posted 6/22/13
I'm only 14 so I haven't been drunk myself but I've seen some very funny drunk people. Although a lot of them were relatives...
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Posted 6/22/13
this girl I knew played a drinking game with a whole bunch of her friends at someone's house (hey were all underage) and she kept she ended up chucking down the whole bottle of vodka. She threw up and set up a domino effect for everyone else to purge.....the mom ended up cleaning the mess LOL
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26 / M / Colorado
Posted 6/24/13
Me and my buddies went to see a movie, but it had been out for awhile and the only showing was at 11pm. So we went and bought a bottle of pineapple gin, I don't know why, but it wasn't as bad as it sounds. I ended up somehow drinking most of the bottle and don't remember going into the theater. Apparently, I was screaming compliments at people as they were basically carrying me to the car. Apparently, some, in my friend's words, "big ass, steroid, skin head guy" didn't like compliments and almost beat the bejesus out of me haha. I've never been that drunk since and never plan to be again haha.
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23 / F / Dat place up Norf...
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
Couple friends and I were walking home from a street dance, one friend ran into a moving car Not hurt, but it was hella funny.
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28 / M
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
EDC week in god...

Day 1: Arrived in the afternoon and had a real meal,
drank 2 Monsters and alcohol intermittently in a room with friends (waiting for everyone else to arrive),
went clubbing where I rolled and had more drinks,
thought I lost my wallet and wandered the strip alone in a drunken haze for 2 hours,
returned to room where friend gave me my wallet he picked up,
drank 4 doubleshots of Jameson to celebrate,
got super plastered and kept trying to wear the wrong shoes,
could not put on my coat, told friend to f*** off and that I could walk by myself,
collapsed on the hallway,
was escorted back to my room (I do not remember anything past the 4 doubleshots)

Day 2: Woke up wondering where I was,
not hungry from roll so had Monster and a few shots of Jameson for breakfast,
had 2 tall glasses of iced coffee for lunch,
attempted to eat a french fry,
chewed said fry for a good minute and had to swallow it 3 times to keep it down,
had jello shots, had a Rockstar,
rolled again,
arrived at pool party,
had a Monster and a few glasses of wine,
cuddled random white girl whose bikini top strap had a clasp that suddenly broke,
attempted to repair bikini clasp in drunken stupor while everyone stared at us,
put my shirt on giggling girl,
had a bottle of orange juice for dinner,
had a fat tuesday while wandering strip with friends,
had a Monster, went to a bar and had half a drink,
fell off my chair and collapsed on the dance floor completely blacked out,
got myself and friends kicked out of bar for being too drunk,
got separated from friends because everyone was drunk,
got back to the room somehow...

Day 3: Woke up and had shots for breakfast,
made kandi bracelets,
had giant cup of ice coffee,
had one meatball,
had about a gallon of water,
bought EDC ticket from person downstairs,
drank more coffee and alcohol while everyone else was resting in preparation for the night,
bought a random snack wrap and forced myself to eat it (second real meal in Vegas),
went to EDC,
traded kandi bracelets with a million random people,
got lost with one other friend for an hour,
somehow found group and reunited,
traded more kandi bracelets with another million random people,
got lost by myself this time,
walked 3-4 miles around the entire structure after EDC ended and only stopped when I figured out that the parking lot number friends gave me did not exist,
waited half an hour for tired friends to locate me

Day 4: Held in piss for 2 hours on the horrible trip back to the hotel,
planned to hang out in friend's room,
got lost in the hotel for half an hour and never got to the room,
took 2 showers,
helped everyone move out of their rooms,
had coffee and a smoothie for lunch, went to another friend's apartment,
did K,
drank sake,
had a Monster and 2 Starbucks doubleshots,
went to pool party,
did K and drank for next 7 hours,
gave scalp massage to girl I met at EDC and somehow ended up meeting there again,
girl KOed completely and didn't wake again til the morning,
force-fed myself some food,
smoked out,
carried KOed girl inside,
smoked out more,
random chat with friends,
went to sleep for the first time in the trip without being blacked out from alcohol (but only for 3 hours)

Day 5: Monster and a gas station tuna sandwich for breakfast,
knocked out on the drive back to Cali,
drank coffee,
drank tea,
felt funny so stopped drinking tea,
had a bowl of noodles with friends and went over our EDC weekend trip together,
told funny stories and recounted the tales,
thanked fate for not allowing any of us to die,
went home.

For the next few days, I'd get dizzy for about 3 seconds every 10 seconds or so. It was weird. No more drinking or anything for a month, at least. I need a break...
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29 / M / Toronto / Canada
Posted 7/14/13

Oliviamayhem wrote:

Duh! I don't remember! Thats why I don't drink anymore

lol same....only thing i can remember saying to myself was prolly shouldnt have had these shots if im on percocets (which for after a motorcycle accident people not a druggy lol) and thats all i remember
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26 / F / In my bed!
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
2 stories!

1st story:
When i was 17 i was visiting my cousin in another city, about 1 and a half hour away from where i lived, i had to stay there for a week. The last night i was there we decided to throw a party (we could buy alchohol at 16 at that time, but they chanhed that to 18 a couple of years ago)
Anyways we decided to throw that oarty and bought toooonnnnssss of vodka and beer and loooots of alchohol and invited some of her friends over, i ended up clearing two bottles of vodka out withing an hour, and thats 2 liters in an hour, then i went to the 7/11 store downstairs and boght two more bottles and so i finished 1 1/2 bottle out of the two and i took my bed covers went to the bathroom and locked the door because i was afraid of throwing up in the bed, i then went on to fall asleep in her bathroom and two hours later they picked the lock, for two hours they couldbt find me, so they carried me to ed, and i ran back to the bathroom and we kept that up for and hour until i went out cold at midnight!
The next day when i had to go home i felt too sick to get on a train and i had to stay in her apartment for 4 extra days due to alchohol poisoning xD

2nd story:
2 years ago i went to a japanese inspired school, which only lasts 5 months per semester, so instead of normal classes we'd have japanese lessons and martial arts classes throughout the day, we lived at the school and held parties in the weekends!
At one party me and a group of friends decided to get drunk... Like... Really wasted drunk!
And so we did, after a couple of hours of drinking, 3 of us were so drunk that person B, he went into a toilet stall to throw up but first he pulled down his pants and then sat on the floor and threw up, he put his pants back on but didnt zip them, he then look at me and my roomate (drunk person G) and he started talking like a girl with a lifted pinky, and then he passed out... My roommate and i proceeded to out room and i woke up later that night because she had gone out and gotten even more drunk and when she came back she started dismantling her bed taking the madrass and pulling it and dragging it away, i tried to stop her, kind of hard when i was still drunk, and then some of the guys from our hall came out to try and help, but she refused and threw herself on top of the madrass and we coulnt pull her off, then when we were discussing what to do she stood up and broke into a run, and ran up the stairs to te second floor and into an empty room and threw herself onto the bed without a madrass, we tried to move her but she refused. She then turned around and we saw 7 used condoms in the bed she was laying in... Or the frame of it at least ... We tried even harder at getting her out of the bed and she still refused saying that was her bed and she liked it, and while we couldnt stop laughing she pushed us out and locked the door, i didnt see her before the next day when she came downå to our room and sleep some more, she couldnt remember a thing.
She herself did karate, taekwondo and judo, and so i couldnt do much to her since i was on the japanese course, even the martial arts guys had trouble with her, all in all ... It was hilarious!!

I just want to add, that i havent had a sip of alchohol since the school end party at that school two years ago xD
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24 / M / A complex society.
Posted 7/14/13
i have had a few but nothing compares to my grandpa when we were going to eat dinner at the stratosphere here in vegas he got really wasted and there was a wedding going on at the time and right as they're were about to say they're vows he walks up to the bride in front of everybody and says don't do it it's a big mistake you're gonna regret it the rest of you're life i had to walk up there and pull him away from the bride so as to stop giving her life advice
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