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Posted 2/9/13 , edited 2/9/13
So, you have this awesome bar that advertises site features to newbies, non-paying-members and the general public. It also has that handy X button to close it. However, in recent weeks, it's been annoying me and I do not want to see it any more. Not only is the information outdated, not relevant to me, etc...the last few have been begging me to sign up for a free trial to see episodes from days gone by. If I hit the X it means I don't want to see it on the next page, either.

Now why would a premium member need to get a free trial, anyway? Could the premiums get an option to streamline the site browsing experience without the bar up top?

Yes, I know this is a bit of a nitpicky thing, but Crunchyroll is just so full of awesome, organized things...and there is this obtrusive, annoying text ad bar put on the top of the page.

If you can't put in an option to disable it, I'll understand...just means I will have to write a filter to block the line of code from loading. And I don't like having to modify page elements, too much stuff breaks later.
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Posted 2/9/13
I agree that the fact that there is now an xbox app is a bit outdated, but I think the other messages that have shown up in the past week or so are just an error in that particular message's scope. Both of these problems have been sent to the dev team already and they should fix them at some point. I myself only see the xbox message like 1/20 times if at all as I have not seen it for a little while. However, given that the div has an id of message_box you can very easily hide it all the time with 1 line of css without fear of breaking anything.

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