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Why do some ex's keep trying to come back?
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Posted 2/9/13
As I've gotten older and dated different women, I have noticed that some here and there attempt to make comebacks.
By comebacks I mean its been 6 months - 3 or 4 years since we broke up and they want to "Work Things Out". Some I do actually think about trying again (mostly for sexual reasons) but in the end I know It would only end in failure. Just like the first time we tried. So WHY KEEP TRYING? I don't get it. Some of them don't care that I'm already in another relationship. Basically they're willing to be a sideline ho. Smh. Sad.

Btw not all of these breakups I'm talking about are mutual happy breakups. I'm talkin all out soap opera drama in the middle of the street screamin at each other because somebody cheated so now I don't want to be with her anymore type breakups. I'm throwing her stuff out the door while she cries and yells and eventually tries to hit me type breakup. The ugly stuff.

So my question is this: Do any of you have that problem? What would you do? How many chances do you give? Is a cheater always a cheater? How many times do i have to call her a b***h for her to leave me alone?!

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Posted 2/9/13
Plenty of reasons - nostalgia always filters out or dampens the bad and just leaves the good, she could just be lonely/horny/whatever, or maybe if you ended it she wants to start back up again long enough to dump *you* this time.

Who knows. People are crazy.
Posted 2/9/13 , edited 2/9/13
They want to find some kinda meaning through ya and for you to put them out of their miserable little lives.

It could also be that you look like nate dogg which is cool
Posted 2/9/13
She said she wants that D
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Posted 2/9/13
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