Particle Physics: String Theory And The Nature Of Our Reality
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For thousands of years humans have attempted to explain the fundamental particles from which all matter is made up of, today we call this particle physics. It’s the examination of matter and how it interacts at a subatomic level to create all things that make up our physical reality. It attempts to identify what all matter is made out of and the forces that determine the way particles behave. Looking at things on a small scale level like this may help us understand reality on a large scale level, because on a physical level, everything is made up of matter which are tiny particles that are influenced by a force that physics is constantly trying to discover. We are all matter, tiny little particles that are vibrating at a certain frequency. When we look at what determines our behaviour, we have to include thoughts, feelings and emotions, which are all non physical phenomenon that are usually not included in determining the behaviour of particles. It’s my opinion that the underlying forces that influence the behaviour of all matter are influenced by non-physical phenomenon, like consciousness. Particles have consciousness, because we have consciousness, and we are a bunch of particles. You can read more about how consciousness creates reality here.

It’s human nature to contemplate and question the reality that we perceive to be surrounding us and to dig deeper and find out as much as we can with the resources that are given to us. I often wonder what scientific discoveries are found within the department of defense who pump trillions of dollars into black projects that go unaccounted for, and a large majority of it is to develop technologies that the human race cannot yet imagine. Obviously science is a big part of that world, a world we do not know of. I’ve always wondered how far behind mainstream science is from that world, maybe one day soon we will find out. At the same time, our gift of intuition can really reveal to us everything we desire to know. When you let go of the need for proof, the proof reveals itself to you. Recently, Garry McKinnon performed the biggest military hack of all time, maybe this can help you better understand information and the science that goes behind it that we do not yet have the privilege to learn, thus keeping us stuck in old concepts of reality. Click Here To Find Out More About Gary McKinnon

Ancient civilizations like Leumeria, Atlantis, Summer and the Maya had a tremendous amout of knowledge with regards to the true nature of reality. Their knowledge often dealt with the non physical world and how it influences our physical reality. Even the predecessors of these civilizations pondered the makeup of the physicality that we see all around us, from ancient philosophers like Epicurus who knew of tiny atoms that were invisible to the human eye, to Plato who was aware of the immaterial world, physical and non physical all the way up to modern metaphysics and philosophy. It seems that all of the matter that makes up planet Earth has been engaged in the pondering of what is. Humans (matter, energy, vibration) however you want to consider a human being, is conscious, it is perceiving and thinking, it has emotions and all of these affect the vibrational frequency of the matter that makes up the being. I believe that particle physics, and our attempts to explain the behaviour and matter that make up our physical reality are influenced by non physical things, and that’s why science has such a hard time explaining the true nature of reality, but continues to creep closer and closer to truth. I also believe that groups on the planet have tapped into this non physical reality, and understand it very well. Lets take a look at another popular theory of reality, string theory.

The Holographic Universe (Part One):
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This info, My brain!
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Is this another lizardman conspiracy deal? Coming from you, it automatically is, and the eyes of children are being shielded by their mothers from it.
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