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Post Reply Grant a Wish to the Person Above You
Posted 8/2/14
Wish 2 granted ^^
1. wish to marry one of my favorite characters
2. wish that all my friends can play and watch what I do
3. be older
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14 / F / Wherever you want me
Posted 8/5/14
Wish 3 granted... in 10 years....
Sorry I'm really mean >.<

1. Become less anti-social
2. Get at least 75 anime husbands
3. Become a YouTuber
Posted 10/3/14
Wish 2 granted because I wanna see how you can handle having 75 spouses.

1. Bill Gates to give me his entire wealth
2. Min Ah <3
3. Unlimited more wishes because yeah
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36 / M / one mile from a d...
Posted 10/7/14 , edited 10/8/14
I grant #3, but you have to wait until 3 more people post after you and then again for 3 more after that and so on...

1. I wish I could watch anime while I sleep.
2. I wish for the powers of a technomancer
3. I wish I wasn't lactose intolerant

v....this spoiler is for your number 2 wish

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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 10/7/14
I'll grant #1 but the episodes will all just be reruns of 2 of your fave animes.

I wish:
1. for anime stuff
2. to be better in drawing
3. to not be a NEET anymore
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25 / F / not here
Posted 11/18/14
Your wish number three will come true apply at miniature golf

i wish:

1. to hug every cat
2. to meet an alien
3. to have a clone/twin so I can always tell if i look fat in that outfit
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21 / F / Wanderer in Texas
Posted 11/18/14 , edited 11/18/14
I grant #3, every cat needs hugs now go forth! :3

I wish...

1). I will never have to work with idiotic people ever again.
2). To teach my dog to talk, because I really would like to hear his opinion on things.
3). For the ability to teleport to get food rather than drive there.

VVV That is so cruel, but I'll take it! lol.
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23 / F
Posted 11/18/14
I grant wish #3, although when you are teleported you only have 2 min to get your food before you are right back to where you started!!

1: I wish i could talk to my cat through our minds,

2: I wish i could, when ever i felt like it, use the Alstate guys voice as my own.

3: I wish unicorns were real >3>
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22 / F
Posted 12/5/14
I grant you power to speak to your cat friend via mind powers.

1: I wish to feel wind on my face.

2: I wish to see the night sky in all it's beauty.

3: I wish for the perfect cup of tea.
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F / Antique bookshop
Posted 4/17/15
i grant you your number one wish because that's such a humble wish.

1. i wish i have enough money to travel around the world.

2. i wish i am suddenly blessed with the ability to play any musical instruments.

3. i wish i can speak/ write and read 10 other languages .

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19 / M / Magical World
Posted 5/12/15
Wish number 2 is defiantly granted ( I like that wish ).

1. I wish I can grant my own wishes

2. I wish that wish number one comes true

3. I wish that wish number two comes true
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19 / F / LaLaLand
Posted 5/12/15
I grant the first wish..which doesn't really matter anyway

1. I wish I was a mutant with the powers of telekinesis.
2. I wish I was in the Shinobi world.
3. I wish people didn't have to die
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