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Post Reply Grant a Wish to the Person Above You
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22 / F / Wanderer in Texas
Posted 5/3/13
You seem to be an innocent soul, I shall grant you #2. Now, go show them who's boss.

1) I wish to win the lottery.
2) I wish I was 21.
3) I wish to be a spoiled cat and not worry about a damn thing.
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Posted 5/3/13
3rd wish granted, come be my pet!

I wish for ice cream.
I wish I could fast forward to the first day of summer vacation.
I wish for some peace and quiet.
Posted 5/4/13
First wish is granted.

1.) A star
2.) Your love
3.) A kitty
Posted 5/4/13
you get 3. the kitty on Marsev page that i don't want anymore

1. 2 komodo dragons that i make fight for my entertainment
2. a communist flag
3. a tarot card reading
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20 / F / Behind you.
Posted 5/4/13
The 3rd one. I love tarot cards. : D

1) A bug exterminator (Way too many of the gross things...)
2) Unlimited bandwidth
3) A new victim~
Posted 5/4/13
Wish one granted go an exterminate all man kind of these creepy crawlies

1. unlimited toilet paper where ever i am

2. free access to any concert with an unlimited expiration date

3.unlimited cash money
Posted 5/4/13
First wish granted. Obviously the best of the three,

I wish for three more wishes

I wish for eight more wishes

I wish for two more wishes
Posted 5/4/13 , edited 5/4/13
Unlimited toilet paper! Im sure ive been the kindest person on earth granting ur dearest wish.
What would we do without toilet role?

1. To get the food i crave for instantly!

2. To be able to morph into whatever whenever

3. Visit the planet i truly came from, thats been hidden from me.

Ediiiiiit: im always so slow, i change one of my wishes
to actually beat someone to a post!

To answer:
i grant u the most wishes if u promise to grant allmy wishes!
Posted 5/7/13
Number one is granted.

1. Guest pass.
2. Star.
3. Your body.
Posted 5/7/13
3. Is granted, you can have it when i get fat.

1. Ugliness
2. Ugliness
3. Fatness
Posted 5/7/13
3 so he can fulfill that wish he just granted.

1. A time machine.
2. 10 extra hours in a day.
3. More Saturdays.
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69 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 5/7/13
3 is granted. Have fun tagging subway cars and buildings

1. You scream
2. I scream
3. We all scream

...for ice cream
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Posted 5/7/13
i shall grant your 3rd wish for ice cream

1.wish for planet of ice cream
2.wish for planet of cheetos
3,wish for planet of cookies
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M / Middle of the 7th...
Posted 5/8/13
I grant you a planet of ice cream, so I can visit. ;)

I wish:

1. To be transported to the world of Gargantia

2. For a sailboat

3. That I was just famous enough for you to know my name
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69 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 5/8/13
Wish number 1: recalling episode 5 foot race with the cross-dressers::San Francisco as it might have been in the early '60's over in the Tenderloin district. Quite colorful, to say the least.

I wish for

1. selective housing run by Wackenhut for most of our House of Representatives, US Senate, and beyond

2. selective successful recalling of political hacks

3. return to free market instead of repressive totalitarian tactics protecting the designated few over the unconnected many

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