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Does Writing Your Own Stories Come Easy For You?
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Posted 10/6/13

CrayMeganeChan wrote:

I was just wondering because for some reason I can't write stories. And by that I mean actually writing it out. I have no clue where to begin/start the story off. I have the idea about what I want it to be about but that's as far as I have gotten. Another problem I have is characters (coming up with their names, making personalities for them, etc.) This is just coming up with my own stories. With Fan Fictions, the characters are already made and it's just putting them in your own story for them. Anyway, just wondering if anyone has ever made their own story and how'd you go about doing it. Were there difficulties at time with trying to come up with how to progress the story further?

I don't have problems with overall arcs. I have issues with details. Like the day to ay action or dialogue. I can come up with what happens on a grand scale over years. but It's way more difficult for me to tell you what happened in a day.
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Posted 10/7/13

boha1000 wrote:

Could it be that you might have too much story ideas and don't know where to start on them?

Holy shit! That must be my problem!

*thinking about it*

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Posted 10/8/13
Writing used to be my strong suit because I thought I was good and then once people started criticizing me, I just stopped all together. I recently picked it up again once I joined a writing group. I'm working on how to deal with criticism.
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Posted 10/8/13
while writing an over-aching plot is pretty damn difficult, i can write episodic stories as well as writing realistic character dialogue, i.e., slice of life, it just doesn't get interesting unless i'm acting like character that i'm writing for.

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Posted 10/25/13
It feels difficult until inspiration hits and then things get a little crazy and a story just roars to life. It takes time and patience. I have to force myself to write even if I don't like what i'm writing but eventually it starts flowing and then the floodgates open and there is no stopping it. For me I just have to force myself to write and eventually it gets finished! Takes a lot of patience.
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Posted 10/27/13
I have a complex where I try and write a short story for a one shot but I always develop way too much material and back story and I get too many ideas and I wind up making it too complex to condense into a one shot...... -_-.....
Posted 11/1/13
Nope. But I can tell that everyone in Writer's Corner is amazing!!! XD
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Posted 11/3/13
No. IMO there's that certain stimulus that encourages you to write. It can be anything from music, something you've recently watched/played/read, where you are, your mood...If it goes away, the determination to write feels off, more so the effort to encourage yourself...

There's this thing I call "Trance" where you write and write and before you know it you've actually written a lot. This happens to me when I stimulate myself with music related to the kind of story I'm writing. I don't always do this though, nor does it always work since I also like to play video games, it usually comes first than writing.

Not to mention all the re-writes I do when I re-read what I've written. Also all the dead ends I encounter when I try to spell a word I don't know how to spell or try to write about a scene, event, situation or action I can't write about but can act out and many other stuff that sends me to a dead end. When there's no one around to ask...jackpot.
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Posted 11/17/13
when I'm writing the story, the hardest thing in my mind is how to describe the character... because i don't have a lot of vocabulary... so, i can only write a little description and the rest is based on your imagination... hahaha... by the way, I've finished my own book.. I'll really appreciate you guys if you have the time to read it...

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