Why Is the PS3 App Still Garbage?
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Posted 2/14/13 , edited 2/14/13
This is really irritating anymore. I've never, in my entire time as a PS3 owner (day 1), experienced crashing issues until I started using the Crunchyroll PS3 App. Amazon doesn't do it (never has), Netflix doesn't do it (never has), games (I have played) do not do it. It has been about 6 months since the last update, or hell, any mention of the app and its status. What is going on with the PS3 application? Why is my PS3 still crashing, why can't Crunchyroll handle running for more than 2-3 hours at a time?

Come on, we're paying you people to provide a service, it'd be nice to have you provide it. If I wanted to watch Anime on my PC I'd go do it for free, you're not doing anything for me there. I don't need your subs and I don't feel the need to pay for free television programming unless it's giving me something I want; for example, sitting in my Lazy Boy watching Anime on my 50 in. T.V. instead of sitting in my computer chair and watching on my 25 in. monitor.

So how about step it up and quit crashing my PS3 already, that or go take a hike on your $7 a month 'cause it isn't worth it at this point. For Pete's sake it's 2013 not 1994.

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Posted 2/14/13

You've given me no actual issues to address...
That said, I'll pass your feedback along to the engineers.

Also, please use the PS3 thread.
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