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Do you Fret over the target Audience of Anime's?
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23 / M / Lost in the Inter...
Posted 2/16/13
Well looks like we are all true anime fans and we all don't give two shits about what people say...that is very good
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from the South Bay
Posted 2/17/13 , edited 2/17/13
Target audience? ... thats marketing lingo .

I watch what I like whether I am the target audience or not. I ussually educate others who has no clue what anime I watch when they give me a "What?" look. I sometimes give them the reason Dean from Supernatural would say "Its art man" but of course he watched hentai :lol:

Besides I need to watch other cartoon every Saturday morning for my other line of work... to be
Posted 2/17/13

seekerperson7 wrote:

So true. Everyone should just watch what they want to without worrying about demographics. I think most anime fans are ahead of the curve on this one.

What I find hilarious is when fans say "I'm a guy and I like this show" for series that are actually aiming for that demographic. My favorite example is Lucky Star, which I believe is actually a shonen or a serien if i recall correctly.

Like guys watching Yaoi?
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25 / M
Posted 2/17/13
Eh, who cares?

The target audience of bubbles is somewhere around children 5-12, but I still enjoy dicking around with 'em.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 10/1/13
It's literally been over a half a year, plus 2 months since this was last posted in. Feel free to recreate if you so desire. Closed due to inactivity.
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