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Post Reply Favorite Old School PC Games
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14 / M / Estonia
Posted 8/31/14
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory by a long shot.
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28 / M
Posted 29 days ago
I love old school flight sims, like the Red Baron, A-10 Tank Killer, Aces Over Europe and Aces of the Pacific, Comanche and the like. I also really loved the more story driven space flight sims like the Wing Commander franchise.

Then there's modern stuff, I really love Wolfenstein: The New Order and South Park: The Stick of Truth, and I play the bejesus out of Mechwarrior Online and Diablo 3 at present.
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25 / M / KL malaysia
Posted 27 days ago , edited 27 days ago
snatcher on pc88/MSX.and lot of game for the x68000,diablo/starcraft, on windows
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24 / M
Posted 26 days ago
GAIA online xD
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34 / M / The good ol' US o...
Posted 20 days ago , edited 20 days ago
Hmm...Do sharewares count?

Betrayal at Krondor - Despite being "loosely based" on Raymond E. Feist's works, it was one of the best RPGs at the time, with a great plot, fantastic CD music (which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you play this game compared to the chinsy MIDI version!) neat use of graphics and gameplay that actually makes you THINK for once. Oh, and "Ach, what is it now!?". Lol! Makes me wish RPGs these days are like that...

Epic Pinball - Very close to the real deal and downright fun to play. And the music just makes it more epic, whether on the original or Super Android table. :D

Birthright: The Gorgon's Alliance - An interesting strategy-game concept based on the Birthright campaign setting of a Dungeons & Dragons board game (<------THAT part I didn't know about!). Unfortunately, in my view, the majority of the gameplay consists of throwing random numbers at the situation and hoping it works. And the archers...Man, how well can you break the game with so many archers. Lol! Ahh well, at least it was interesting while it lasted and the Doom-style adventure missions were a nice way of kicking back.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops - I haven't played Prophecy, but judging from playing this, I can imagine how well made and awesome Prophecy can be in terms of the Space Combat Sims (Something that one level in Halo Reach would've been like if it had it's own console game. ). And it's amazing how the Secret Ops event predates the STEAM program in terms of digitally downloading your games/episodes. Wished I was on time inputing Talos IV in the website though. :(

That one point-and-click adventure game that I forgot the name of. You start out alone in your house on a rainy day (night?) and you receive a package of your adventure game, which you then use on your computer (And YOU input all the actions at that time, including bringing a sandwich with you from the kitchen to your room.). It constantly breaks the 4th wall as you go through the various worlds of that game, with great CGI stills and animation of the time. It's got voice with the dialog (including the meowing cat) with occasional live action stills. Oh, and your name is Doug. :P

Death Rally - Fast paced, CGI awesome, epic music. What more can you ask for besides getting the people standing in the middle of the road to GET OFF THE STREET!?!? >_>

Warcraft II - Although just messing around, it is a blast to play! Great CGI portraits and graphics, music and that epic feeling that you are part of the gritty world of that game. The shareware version is very cleaver too. :lol:

Starcraft - Can't go wrong with this one! Makes for great LAN parties!

Counter-strike 1.6 - And this one too!

Diablo - Just played as the warrior, but the random levels, nice abilities and hidden room as well as the creative loot made it very enjoyable...until the next installment came in. That's probably just me though. >_>

Castle of the Winds - An oldy, but goody Roguelike based on the Norse mythology.

And let's not forget about Tyrian! That's a fantastic and very flexible shoot-em-up that we wished many shoot-em-ups these days are like.

That's all I can think of at the top of my head for now.
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21 / M / Southern California
Posted 20 days ago
The Neverhood
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Posted 20 days ago
Lego Loco
The Sims
Meh that's all I'm posting xD
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Posted 20 days ago
I liked DinerDash.
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22 / M / Prince George, BC
Posted 16 days ago
The first "game" I owned for PC was Flight Simulator 98, Even had a joystick where you had to plug it into the Printer port, (Remember those?), I played it for hours because it was amazing to me, then I had the first Train Simulator, It was pretty much my gateway into PC gaming but there was a huge 12 year gap between that and my recent computer capable of gaming.
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21 / M
Posted 10 days ago
My favorite PC Games would be...

•Delta Force: Black Hawk Down
•Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
•Gun Metal
•Battle Engine Aquila

Yeah, these are pretty old.
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20 / M
Posted 8 days ago
SimCity 4 FTW.
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Posted 4 days ago
Thief trilogy
Deus Ex
Half Life
Medal of Honor Allied Assault + expansions
Call of Duty 1 + United Offensive expansion
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