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Posted 2/18/13
Apparently obtaining a visa can be difficult. I've heard that applying on a Friday gives you better chances as the people working there want to go home so they're more likely to just approve you.

Anyway I was approved for a visa, I think I listed my reason as working in Japan to help cultural growth on both sides or something like that. While working my visa renewal reason was for stability of the children I was teaching so they wouldn't have to change teachers mid year, but I was denied renewal.

Any experiences or suggestions?
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Posted 2/28/13
I'm no authority on this subject, but I've heard that having a sponsor makes all the difference in the world. One of my friends worked at a cafe that liked to employ native English speakers at near-minimum wage. The guy didn't have a degree or any special qualifications, but with the cafe owner employing and sponsoring his Visa, he was always able to get renewals. I believe he's been in the Kansai region for nearly five years now.
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Posted 2/28/13 , edited 2/28/13
Having a sponsor and a university education helps, as does having visited Japan before. If you have a criminal record of any sort you probably will be denied. If they know you love drugs, you will be denied. If you have an N2 level or higher on the JLPT you are given preferential treatment.

Of course, you could just marry a Japanese citizen :p
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Posted 10/1/13
It's literally been over a half a year, plus 2 months since this was last posted in. Feel free to recreate if you so desire. Closed due to inactivity.
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