Oyasumi Punpun
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Posted 2/18/13 , edited 2/19/13
Have any of you guys read it to me Oyasumi Punpun is one of the greatest coming of age stories told in any form of media. This story is a very relative tale of alienated youth riddled with heavy accuracy. The story is very well developed and is partially due to its long timeline spanning from Punpun's life in elementary school to his early 20's. It deals with many mature issues like sex and depression all told in a frank manner that is coated with a strange dark sense of humor and supreme melancholy.

To those who have read it, what are your thoughts on it.
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Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/20/13
Punpun is ridiculous. It's amazing how sympathetic Punpun was at first--we watched him grow from tiny bird to total monster.
With every volume I think "Punpun can't get worse than this," but somehow he does! Asano is a master of crushing, twisted, depressing stories.
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Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/20/13
While some depressing things happen in Solanin, the overall message was very positive. It should be interesting to see where Asano goes with the remainder of the story.
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Posted 2/20/13 , edited 2/20/13
PunPun is a really good manga, powerful and emotionally stirring beyond what most mangakas can dream of. The drawback is that for many, it is too powerful. Personally, I'm not sure if I can even bring myself to catching up to the manga and finishing it. I will probably be destroyed by its ending.

It's like cold hard truth, laced with some realism and spiced with humour of several variations. The fact that the protagonist is drawn so plainly probably helps miles on making readers self-insert into PunPun and therefore creating a stronger effect on you than a properly drawn protagonist would have done.
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Posted 6/20/13 , edited 6/20/13
I'm glad I found this thread.
I wasn't expecting Oyasumi Punpun to be as emotional and somewhat relatable as it is.
I can't even explain why, but I found myself crying as I was reading, and I just couldn't make the tears stop.
Oyasumi Punpun should get more attention for what it is.
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