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Post Reply what romance type do u prefer to watch/read
Posted 10 days ago , edited 10 days ago
I voted straight, but I like yaoi when it's kind of like a plot twist. Example: Kaworu in NGE, and Akise in Mirai Nikki. Being a straight dude, living in a predominately straight society, it took me by surprise when those two showed their feelings to the main characters. Made me question who I really wanted to see end up with the main character. I haven't seen any actual yuri, but the shows I have watched that hint at it make it all cutesy which is fine I guess. I just prefer the way that yaoi is done in the shows that I've seen.
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15 / F / I dont stay in on...
Posted 10 days ago
my my~ many fujoshi roam on cr
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16 / F / The Far Shore
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it doesn't really matter to me as long as it's done right

most yuri is filled with fanservice, because the audience is widely straight men so it's not very enjoyable unless i find the right thing

i just like yuri and straight content as long as it's not ecchi, perverted, sexist, etc.

i like yaoi too, what i don't like about it is that it depicts rape and sexual violence a lot of the time which i'm obviously not okay with
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